Saturday, May 23, 2009

Close by Martina Cole

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I was reading this book called Close by Martina Cole while thinking about the election and came across these interesting paragraphs.

In the first quote, the writer is musing on the character of the crime boss Lenny and his sort of step son Lance:

“Lenny bit on his bottom lip; his fat face was red and bloated and he looked like he wasn't capable of anything that could be construed as even remotely out of order. Lance, like most people who got to know Lenny well, knew that was his strength. As the years had gone on though and no one had stepped in to challenge his authority, Lenny had stopped pretending he was a nice guy. In fact, he was making the mistake a lot of men made when they finally reached the top of their professions; he had stopped caring what people thought about him. He thought he was above everyone around him and that he could disregard the opinion and the goodwill of the people who actually made it possible for him to pursue his ideals. Or, in Lenny's case, earn his daily crust.” p. 324

In this part the Lenny’s ex-mistress and mother of his several children speaks to Jambo the father of her last child, then he thinks about the situation of women.

“’Just give the child the time of day, not every minute of your time. I know that you can’t do that. But just for once in my life, I want one of my kids to feel that someone other than their mother cares for them. That is all I want. No more than that, Jambo. Just a visit occasionally to let them see your face and know who you are.’
“Jambo nodded and he felt so sorry for her then. He knew how hard Lil’s life had been, knew how much her family meant to her and had even guessed how much she resented them at times as well. That was real life, though most people wouldn’t admit that. Women were so unlucky; they were left in charge of a human being, sometimes a crowd of human beings, and they had to be seen as doing the best they could. They had to make sure that all of these people were taken care of in every way.

“No one ever allowed for them to be tired out, to feel abandoned or just be plain pissed off with what had befallen them and just because they had allowed a man to get too close. Because they had just followed their natural inclinations and produced as nature intended them to. Then they were left on their own, and the man leaving them was in the same condition he had arrived in, physically and mentally. The women they left behind though, were now the grand owners of stretch marks and a screaming baby and their lives would never be the same again.”
p. 383 Close by Martina Cole 2006

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