Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr.G.D.Agarwal's fast to resume

It seems every place in the world is now determined to dam its rivers. We know that river dams do untold amounts of damage to the land and water. We aren't even running out of electricity and there are many safer ways to make it.

Dr.G.D.Agarwal to resume his fast-unto-death

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07 July, 2009
Press Release

1.The state government of Uttarakhand promised immediate suspension of all works on the two projects Bhairoghati and Pala-Maneri in its letter of 19th June, 2008 and expressed its full commitment for conservation of River Bhagirathi in its natural form ‘from Gangotri to Uttarakashi’. However construction work on the projects (particularly on Pala Maneri project) leading to destroy Gangaji is going on in full swing. The above makes all assurances to us and to Maa Gangaji look as mere jokes.

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