Friday, April 30, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 29 2010 Free in SL

Details below

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 29, 2010 Free SL

Hey All,

How’s it going?

Hope you got the GoldenBuddhaEarrings I made and sent you. Three pairs, full perms, so free to give to your friends. Remember to make a copy before you modify. The earrings can be found in notices in My Secret Guilt Free Addiction. Let me know if there is any problem with them please!

Prim & Pixel Paradise
Marrakesh Indian style outfit – I got it for free as a pick gift and am wearing it today for the first time as I intend to do the Mashooka Hunt. It’s now 500L here

EdelStore on XStreetSL
A whole bunch of free and dollar promo hairs for men and women here. Use Search term ‘Edelstore’ if this URL doesn’t work! LOL!

I’m wearing the Maria in ‘majestic’ (purple) and it was free there not so long ago. You can still get the Maria hair on XStreetSL in basic colours at 220L as well as other of her hairs. Here’s the red

She has an in world store too here

The purple ankle boots were on for 50L on a Friday not so long ago….
I couldn’t find them in the shop today.
There is a pile of free gifts here tho if you haven’t already got them – cute clothing all!

Buy Me Skins
1l geisha type skin and 60L pale skin

GOVIL hair
Brown hat hair here

Dutch Touch
Join group for free until May and get this cool caramel toned skin from the SjOrS range! How I adore Dutch Touch and have been wanting to join but putting off the former 250L join fee! Yay! Now I’m in all my favourite skin groups: Belleza (#1 right now), Cupcakes, TULI and now Dutch Touch!

Kuri Style
Green flowered and leopard print dresses 2L

Two other free gifts there

Free poses here, left and right side of platform

free pose piano

free pose fence

YOME SHOUJO – lovely shop
Free skin gift AnLi doll and AnLi freckled – cute and pale

rainbow starry gown in LB

Lunas Boutique
Classroom – 499L

male and female school uniforms

Dollar and free hairs here

older free hairs here

Mashooka Hunt
21 boxes easily found in the courtyards

Happy Hunting!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

at project z

in the air above the crooked buildings in Lennox Hill. wearing the peach dress blogged below and the Mirai Manm Hair, also below.

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 27-28, 2010 Free in SL

BeBe Doll
Rose and peach Barbie dress free in suscribo – cute!
free bikini and dollar t’s here

Modavia Fashion and Kungler’s gifts at Lombok

Apocalips Japan
5 prim soft bed 1L with pose kit

Musa Makeup Salon
Especially makeups for V2
Fatima skin on the lucky board here

Really big nice hairs 200L

M & M Female Hair and Clothing
Free straight hair, coral at XStreetSL
in world – one of her shops is here
there is a MEGA FREEBIE BAG in a clear violet cylinder here as well as at least six LB’s containing women’s clothes

Oceane’s Body Boutique
Group gifts – free skin and ‘dress’

AWRAM-VIIE and WAvE outlet – cute and cheap clothes
LB and dollar clothing – cute! Also Jason mask it looks like…

WAvE’s giant free and dollar wall

Posh Pink – my friend Lois’s new shop
She’s put six of my paintings up in the garden here.
also check in store for her LB and fantastic corsets. These lovely outfits have been selling like hotcakes! I’m so happy for her!

Free welcome mat – trans but only one per avatar
EXTREME CAVE MM – already locked down at 5:10pm SLT!
From this blog
come back tomorrow, lol

There are supposed to be some free water features here but I couldn’t find them. Have imd the owner….

KDC Mall
Lots of little shops – follow my red beacons. Also lots of mm’s around here.
TP Point
so what men’s shop
Free unisex outfit
[Fairy Tail] Ring 1L

Lennox Hill – project z
An art installation with very unusual buildings, great for photos
there is a 1000L clownfish you can get to ride on, otherwise I didn’t see anything free!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please sign this anti-whaling petition

The goal was to gain 500,000 signatures. Here you can watch the chart as the number of signatures goes up in real time!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction Travel and Stuff in SL April 26, 2010

Hi All,

How ya doing? Haven’t yet heard from anyone (except G) that you are getting my notices or the free stuff! Lol! So give me your feedback, eh? Just a quick im will do!

Remember to feel free to post your notices on here and talk about MSGFA if you like!

Japan Kansai and others
Virtual Japanese sims, I used to live in Kansai but it only looked vaguely familiar! I put on a kimono and went there. It was nearly deserted and absolutely gorgeous!
Go there!
Gabby and me in Japan Kansai

Creator Amiryu Hosoi is a Dutch student who uses SL for her projects in RL.

a little gift box we found
hm…seems to be an lm that doesn’t lead to gift! Let me know if you find something!

OK, for Gabyy apparently the lag wasn’t too bad but for me – ARG!!! I couldn’t take it and decided to go on to explore Thai places. I am so often homesick for these places. The only question was whether I should wear flip flops or shoes. I went with the flip flops.

Royal Thai Gallery
there is a free book about Thai Buddhas next to this display (right side), oh and another free book on the other side!

Pattaya’s Night Bazaar
Free box of photos
nearby is Wat Thai

Purple Moon
Free group gift – lovely pink ballet dress with orchid

Tiny Bird hair
Do this poll and get a free gift!

Your Skin & Your Shape
Free group gift skin here

The Dressing Room
Cheap designer deals – a new cute pair of shutter shades here 70L, an another called The Player, also 70L

10 free group gifts in a pile here with group joiner. Note you pay the 1L and the owner pays you 1L back

Group dollarbies and profile gift

Mirrors Mainstore
Free gifts for members - tops, pants, shorts, stockings

Donna Flora
Free pink dress, shoes and gold earrings 1L

5L fatpack of seasonal trees, free beanbag chairs

Free skybox – furnished 1L, unfurnished 1L, furniture 1L

Pink Posh
My friend Lois Millgrove’s new shop of corsets – found out about this on a blog!
LC here with cool corsets! I got lucky and there was an “L” on the board when I rezzed! So I got the cute pink corset.

KMH Mainstore
Free short hair in sand, LB’s next to it with cute red hairs. managed to get both here before too long!

Have fun!


My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 25, 2010 Free and Cheap in SL

Me this morning - go there! BTW - do I look like Wilma Flintstone? Lol!
Sayawan Paradise & Beach Club
Gorgeous tropical island in the virtual Philippines

*ICING* Mainstore – vintage
Grey dress, black dress, mauve dirndl skirt, colour- change wedgies, long hair, pearl bracelet, goodie bags and complete avatars (contain recycles materials) FREE here

hoorenbeek clothing and boots
Lucille boots on sale 200L
Freebie offers for subscribo members of two weeks or more, however even though I’ve been on the subscribo for more than two weeks, I couldn’t get the gifts and I didn’t bother to message the owner!

Bliss Couture
Black feather skirted tutu dress group gift

Shiny Things
Beautiful clothes and jewellery
Blue denim Zimmy Flats free in subscribo here

BTW, apparently Philip Rosedale aka Linden has left SL!
Unfortunately I can’t remember where I read this.

Green gladiator stilettos – skin matching HUD
Free group gift

Heaven’s Wind, Japan Mainland
full male and female avatars – group gifts

Black male avatar – group gift

Free on XStreetSL

Free men’s ao
sneakers (limited time)
flat red shoe – unisex
men’s diamond earring
green bead necklace on leather cord
blue hi heels
small gold earring template
fancy gold earrings

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction FREE & Deal in SL April 21, 2010

We believed that freedom was fundamental to the environment and freedom is not something you can split hairs on. Second Life, like the Internet, is open to all, and what people want to do there is their own decision.

philip linden ...
Yesterday, I was talking with two seldom seen friends for most of the day and hardly got one free thing except from XStreetSL, which I will try to mention today (or tomorrow), lol.

I did go to a class about the basic edit window and I was happy to learn there were only a couple of things I hadn’t noticed! Hehe. That’s at Learn Avatar. Join the group to get the schedules, take a minimum of 1 class/week and get your 512 m2/117 prims, more if you teach. Nice small friendly group. Individual tuition available. All free.

Today Emerald won’t load inventory…so I am using SnowGlobe rather than SLV2 and it’s, well…there’s no double-clicking.
MM 78/150 @ 5:42pm SLT
Blue and white oxford platforms, cute
Note: dollarbies still on the baggage claim
Cupcakes Main
Romance skins 100L
Cupcakes Bakesale
Skelly skins, black lip 50L
other nice non-Cupcakes things for 50L too

Any size of mega prims imaginable FREE
Go to page and enter size, click get it, click send, click the verify notice in your local chat and the prim will be sent to you.
Fabulous Fashion TV Studio
Finally found the designer freebie wall here!
Update on Emerald
Someone from Learn Avatar suggested downloading Emerald via Firefox (I use Chrome) and it worked! I installed in and my whole inventory of 63,177 was fetched. Yay!
Remember you have to download the new version by April 30 to be in compliance with SL’s new TOS.
*G Field* Main Store
Gorgeous Victorian boots in many colours here 190L-220 (for white and black with colour-change inserts)

Also free lavender version was sent to subscribers at least!

I bought 3 pair! They are as nice or better than BAX’s ankle boots at a fraction of the cost.



Leonidas Dress @ KOOK

This free dress was blogged KOOK: Victorian style ankle boots from G Field posted above!

Outside little gallery....

Wytchy and Her New AIF Bengal Kitten, Beauty and Tentacles

Artificial Intelligence Friends for the most adorable cats and dogs 900L

cake and Alkahest sims for the most adorable tentacles 33L. Please note, mountain sides are steep here so you may need to fly in. The slurl is in the air.

Ruby with Tentacle

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leonie's Little Gallery, With Cats

Sylvia, me and Lolita at my home gallery.
A Girl and Her Tentacles - my avatar today...wearing the pink suit from JE*REPUBLIC I mentioned yesterday, love it!

A Girl and Her Tentacles

A Girl and Her Tentacles

KOOK where I got the rose dress...

Sky High Freebies downstairs

FREE My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 19, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 18-19, 2010

Galleria Szczepanski
No, it's not my new gallery! I just got a notice from one of my groups and figured I'd check it out. Of course I arrived after the party was over but what the hay. Nice gallery! Lots of great pics and a hopscotch ani with hopscotch game on the floor!
Cool sim with a train, boats and lots to see.

Magnifico MM's
red boots
black boots, green oxfords, Guess & Win (I won! first time!)

The Artist Who Did Her MA on SL - cool video

Sky High Freebies
some freebies that I had never seen! Free textures, furniture, 'art'

Richard Stallman's website
learned about the inventor of GCC (coding language used all over the place and open source) (originator of project GNU to create a free Unix-like operating system) and American Activist in a class by Marion Gearbox, an instructor at my new school, Learn Avatar ( ). Loads of good info and petitions to sign if you are American.
"most people have a mistaken idea of what we hackers actually do and what we think"
"Stallman pioneered the concept of copyleft and he is the main author of several copyleft licenses including the GNU General Public License, the most widely used free software license.[3] Since the mid-1990s, Stallman has spent most of his time advocating for free software, as well as campaigning against both software patents and what he sees as excessive extension of copyright laws."
And this is somehow related to Linux!!! Lol! Sounds like my kinda guy!
"In 1991, Linus Torvalds, a Finnish student, used the GNU development tools to produce the Linux kernel."

TLE Educational Network
classes on various things including writing and the arts, free

Luciella & June Arg Gallery
Top & Bajo exhibit by luciella Lutrova
distressed black and white photos 1300L/pop
gorgeous tropical sim
Small market here: nice free vases and cushions

Free Public Sandboxes (free bike ride to go around and check out the place: caution - only the forward arrow seems to work - you kinda have to drag it to turn)
female and male free boxes here. looks like your basic free clothes.

Wonderful Denmark Sandbox
my fave, generally very quiet, only the occasional griefer! lots of space at ground level and in the sky, nice grassy field on the sea.
there was that once i came here and there were no prims left cuz some doorknob had rezzed GIANT teddybears all over the entire sim! Ew!
kewl sim, looks like what you might imagine Denmark would
Here's the SL wiki on video tutorials - there was an ad for it at the sandbox but the url just went to the general SL wiki page by my hero Torley Linden, free content creator extraordinaire
a short flight across the channel and you're in the town at the Freebie Factory, a huge rather novel free store, dollar jewellery vendor, costumes, animations, vehicles, animals...

Doctor Asp's blog: Danish!

new free gift Dael skin now out: smooth skin with very pale lip
also free shrug, tank, jeans, mani-pedis, gorgeous shiny classic Exodi eyes, Woe - sweater, jeans

Opening gift – men’s leather bracelet, cardigan (in smaller box set on desk), group gifts,
Took ages but I finally found the Make Him Over Hunt prize; look for a black male sign scultpie on the seal on the upstairs floor here. It’s a stone washed car coat for guys, cute.
( )

New group gift on group gift wall, far right: flat black ankle boots

Fortune Diner, Harajuku
Free Japanese classes for beginners

“Hello"/ "Kon nichi wa"

A.L.A. (Accuras Language Academies) is a language learning group in Second Life launched in April 2007 by Accura Kurosawa, the Principal.

We are starting free Japanese lessons (3 sessions) as below as trial experiences of our metaverse learning system in Second Life.

ZONE 1/ Americas time zone
4/12 (Mon) 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm SLT
4/19 (Mon) 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm SLT
4/26 (Mon) 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm SLT

ZONE 2/ Asia, ASEAN time zone
4/13 (Tue) 6:00 am - 6:50 am SLT
4/20 (Tue) 6:00 am - 6:50 am SLT
4/27 (Tue) 6:00 am - 6:50 am SLT

ZONE 3/ European time zone
4/15 (Thu) 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm SLT
4/22 (Thu) 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm SLT
4/29 (Thu) 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm SLT

There will be exact same curriculums for each zone at Fortune Diner, Harajuku.

In order to join the lessons, you need ;
*Voice Chat activated (should be able to listen to at least)
*Headset (if you don't use it, your pc picks voices in-world and it produces annoying echo)
*to be able to see & type japanese on your PC. Here you can find some useful information as below.

No applications or registration are required for the free lessons, so just come and join us and we look forward to seeing you at the Fortune Diner in above schedules.

If you have any questions, please send an IM to Accura Kurosawa.

Kind regards,

Accura Kurosawa
Principle of A.L.A.”

**Catch: you need to have Japanese language installed and I didn’t have my Windows XP CD in order to do this! Dang! I might go and check it out anyway….

Fabulous Fashion
Web based sl tv show with Angie Mornington, 6:00pm weekly
Lacii and I were in the audience and we heard the word “gifts” but we didn’t see anything…cool show tho!

On Lag

note that the ARC numbers are completely meaningless! LOL!

Sculptie rose dress “Leonidas” hidden in picture on table in here, free
Gorgeous, sunny skybox, doesn’t seem to be for sale, dang

Urban Steampunk building (boxed)

That’s all for today folks.


FREE My Secret Guilt Free Addiction

FREE My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 16, 2010 (a little behind!)

[Elysion optic]
tortoiseshell sunglasses and tree stump chair free at this underwater location, cool music too

Glam Affair
Men's and women's skin 10L, plus tons of 10L clothes for men and women
there's also a Zombie Popcorn (red and white striped popcorn) bag here with a nice woman's skin but i couldn't find it - let me know if you do

free ao

Chop Zuey Couture
Here's the kind of jewellery that goes for 899L. LOL! Love it!
pic on blog:
Where is my rich boyfriend? LOL

April 18, 2010

Phantom Rose Opera House
Went to live opera today! I'm not even an opera fan but it just seemed so amazing to hear live on SL. I put on my crown and cape -- it was fantastic! Dancing on the veranda followed!

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO - La Perla Tapatia - replica
free donkey ride! Puerto Vallarta Beach is here too!
Another project of the Opera Joven
tp point:

Juicy Shapes
here's the pink diamond princess engagement ring just like JLo's!
It's not copy and only 1L so makes a great gift! I always pick up a few copies for friends. A statement piece! A few other free and dollarbie poses and such here.

Yesterday I went with my new avatar SaveMe Ogura to meet at the original SaveMe Oh's new Avatar Lab! Everything is kinda creepy and interactive like the Avatar Juicer and the Dead Cats Singing but uber cool. As far as I know, SaveMe Oh is a Japanese-Dutch woman who likes to create art to see and do. You can get in her physical grey eggs while sperm floats around you and someone (or yourself) gives your av a whirly ride! We danced our asses off to the kunekune (bending back and forth loosely) dance and we all looked a fair bit like the original Oh!!! I will send a copy of the kunekune dance to the group.

You too can be SaveMe Oh for free. There are 33 of us now! Just get a new avatar with the first name spelled "SaveMe" and the last name beginning with any "O" last name! For some unknown reason this is especially hilarious in SL. Just im SaveMe Oh and she'll meet you at her lab and give you a skin and shape and some stuff so you can look just like her! Though I admit, I gave my new av 250L so she could get the new TULI group gift of a fantastic Asian female skin! Check it!
And check SaveMe's interactive exhibit too! Two Fish is the name of the sim and there's a bunch of other artists there too!

Also yesterday I was fooling around with this prim and suddenly up popped a crown shaped prim! I put a golden fractal texture on it and now it is a virtual crown. On a whim, I went to visit SaveMe again and asked if she would like one and to pass it one to the other SaveMe's. She did so i gave her one and she gave the group one. The group is called YouTag and you have a number of choices as to what your tag can be. So I sent one to MSGFA as well. Hope you enjoy it and wear it when you see me!

FigBash Snook at The Basement Gallery
hm...fractal nudes. well it is very very basic Apophysis fractals attached to a female av's body. I am sad that this is what people see when they are told about fractals. They are SL photos, seemingly unshopped at 750L/pop. Wow!

you can join group from search and get this amazing fuchia skirt suit with gold buttons (present sitting on leaf here )
as well as this rose and leaf necklace gift and a 1L hair - red!

*mikan hair
2 cute black dollarbie hairs are still here: a bob and a side buns style, really more like mouse ears.
The Lucky board has another hair with bigger buns!
Other hairs 88L!
my letter didn't come up but i finally got the carrot top hair at D!VA after stalking LB for days.

i saw this adorable retro-y leopard print bikini on this blog and had to have it. 150L, oh well, summer's coming. There's also a brown 50's style dining table with fruitbowl and magazines for 50L.

Any feedback welcome! Get your own notices on MY SECRET GUILT FREE ADDICTION!

Leonie S.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nearly a Year

Hi Folks,

How are you all doing?

It's been nearly a year since I posted in here and since then, I haven't been doing too many things in rl.

Second Life is just too much fun! You can be political there if you like but mostly I'm artistic.

I also love to find cool places and excellent deals in SL and have started a group there for the purpose: My Secret Guilt Free Addiction. Please feel free to join in world from my profile. It's ok if you just want to join and pick up the notecards and then leave. The group is very young.

I'm thinking of posting my notecards here too and see how much of a hassle it is! Lol!

I might even use this blog as an excuse to post pics of my adorable avatar and friends!!! LOL!!!

Have fun,

Leonie Szczepanski aka Leonie Zurakowsky