Monday, April 19, 2010

FREE My Secret Guilt Free Addiction

FREE My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 16, 2010 (a little behind!)

[Elysion optic]
tortoiseshell sunglasses and tree stump chair free at this underwater location, cool music too

Glam Affair
Men's and women's skin 10L, plus tons of 10L clothes for men and women
there's also a Zombie Popcorn (red and white striped popcorn) bag here with a nice woman's skin but i couldn't find it - let me know if you do

free ao

Chop Zuey Couture
Here's the kind of jewellery that goes for 899L. LOL! Love it!
pic on blog:
Where is my rich boyfriend? LOL

April 18, 2010

Phantom Rose Opera House
Went to live opera today! I'm not even an opera fan but it just seemed so amazing to hear live on SL. I put on my crown and cape -- it was fantastic! Dancing on the veranda followed!

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO - La Perla Tapatia - replica
free donkey ride! Puerto Vallarta Beach is here too!
Another project of the Opera Joven
tp point:

Juicy Shapes
here's the pink diamond princess engagement ring just like JLo's!
It's not copy and only 1L so makes a great gift! I always pick up a few copies for friends. A statement piece! A few other free and dollarbie poses and such here.

Yesterday I went with my new avatar SaveMe Ogura to meet at the original SaveMe Oh's new Avatar Lab! Everything is kinda creepy and interactive like the Avatar Juicer and the Dead Cats Singing but uber cool. As far as I know, SaveMe Oh is a Japanese-Dutch woman who likes to create art to see and do. You can get in her physical grey eggs while sperm floats around you and someone (or yourself) gives your av a whirly ride! We danced our asses off to the kunekune (bending back and forth loosely) dance and we all looked a fair bit like the original Oh!!! I will send a copy of the kunekune dance to the group.

You too can be SaveMe Oh for free. There are 33 of us now! Just get a new avatar with the first name spelled "SaveMe" and the last name beginning with any "O" last name! For some unknown reason this is especially hilarious in SL. Just im SaveMe Oh and she'll meet you at her lab and give you a skin and shape and some stuff so you can look just like her! Though I admit, I gave my new av 250L so she could get the new TULI group gift of a fantastic Asian female skin! Check it!
And check SaveMe's interactive exhibit too! Two Fish is the name of the sim and there's a bunch of other artists there too!

Also yesterday I was fooling around with this prim and suddenly up popped a crown shaped prim! I put a golden fractal texture on it and now it is a virtual crown. On a whim, I went to visit SaveMe again and asked if she would like one and to pass it one to the other SaveMe's. She did so i gave her one and she gave the group one. The group is called YouTag and you have a number of choices as to what your tag can be. So I sent one to MSGFA as well. Hope you enjoy it and wear it when you see me!

FigBash Snook at The Basement Gallery
hm...fractal nudes. well it is very very basic Apophysis fractals attached to a female av's body. I am sad that this is what people see when they are told about fractals. They are SL photos, seemingly unshopped at 750L/pop. Wow!

you can join group from search and get this amazing fuchia skirt suit with gold buttons (present sitting on leaf here )
as well as this rose and leaf necklace gift and a 1L hair - red!

*mikan hair
2 cute black dollarbie hairs are still here: a bob and a side buns style, really more like mouse ears.
The Lucky board has another hair with bigger buns!
Other hairs 88L!
my letter didn't come up but i finally got the carrot top hair at D!VA after stalking LB for days.

i saw this adorable retro-y leopard print bikini on this blog and had to have it. 150L, oh well, summer's coming. There's also a brown 50's style dining table with fruitbowl and magazines for 50L.

Any feedback welcome! Get your own notices on MY SECRET GUILT FREE ADDICTION!

Leonie S.

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