Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction April 27-28, 2010 Free in SL

BeBe Doll
Rose and peach Barbie dress free in suscribo – cute!
free bikini and dollar t’s here

Modavia Fashion and Kungler’s gifts at Lombok

Apocalips Japan
5 prim soft bed 1L with pose kit

Musa Makeup Salon
Especially makeups for V2
Fatima skin on the lucky board here

Really big nice hairs 200L

M & M Female Hair and Clothing
Free straight hair, coral at XStreetSL
in world – one of her shops is here
there is a MEGA FREEBIE BAG in a clear violet cylinder here as well as at least six LB’s containing women’s clothes

Oceane’s Body Boutique
Group gifts – free skin and ‘dress’

AWRAM-VIIE and WAvE outlet – cute and cheap clothes
LB and dollar clothing – cute! Also Jason mask it looks like…

WAvE’s giant free and dollar wall

Posh Pink – my friend Lois’s new shop
She’s put six of my paintings up in the garden here.
also check in store for her LB and fantastic corsets. These lovely outfits have been selling like hotcakes! I’m so happy for her!

Free welcome mat – trans but only one per avatar
EXTREME CAVE MM – already locked down at 5:10pm SLT!
From this blog
come back tomorrow, lol

There are supposed to be some free water features here but I couldn’t find them. Have imd the owner….

KDC Mall
Lots of little shops – follow my red beacons. Also lots of mm’s around here.
TP Point
so what men’s shop
Free unisex outfit
[Fairy Tail] Ring 1L

Lennox Hill – project z
An art installation with very unusual buildings, great for photos
there is a 1000L clownfish you can get to ride on, otherwise I didn’t see anything free!

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