Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction FREE & Deal in SL April 21, 2010

We believed that freedom was fundamental to the environment and freedom is not something you can split hairs on. Second Life, like the Internet, is open to all, and what people want to do there is their own decision.

philip linden ...
Yesterday, I was talking with two seldom seen friends for most of the day and hardly got one free thing except from XStreetSL, which I will try to mention today (or tomorrow), lol.

I did go to a class about the basic edit window and I was happy to learn there were only a couple of things I hadn’t noticed! Hehe. That’s at Learn Avatar. Join the group to get the schedules, take a minimum of 1 class/week and get your 512 m2/117 prims, more if you teach. Nice small friendly group. Individual tuition available. All free.

Today Emerald won’t load inventory…so I am using SnowGlobe rather than SLV2 and it’s, well…there’s no double-clicking.
MM 78/150 @ 5:42pm SLT
Blue and white oxford platforms, cute
Note: dollarbies still on the baggage claim
Cupcakes Main
Romance skins 100L
Cupcakes Bakesale
Skelly skins, black lip 50L
other nice non-Cupcakes things for 50L too

Any size of mega prims imaginable FREE
Go to page and enter size, click get it, click send, click the verify notice in your local chat and the prim will be sent to you.
Fabulous Fashion TV Studio
Finally found the designer freebie wall here!
Update on Emerald
Someone from Learn Avatar suggested downloading Emerald via Firefox (I use Chrome) and it worked! I installed in and my whole inventory of 63,177 was fetched. Yay!
Remember you have to download the new version by April 30 to be in compliance with SL’s new TOS.
*G Field* Main Store
Gorgeous Victorian boots in many colours here 190L-220 (for white and black with colour-change inserts)

Also free lavender version was sent to subscribers at least!

I bought 3 pair! They are as nice or better than BAX’s ankle boots at a fraction of the cost.



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