Monday, April 26, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction Travel and Stuff in SL April 26, 2010

Hi All,

How ya doing? Haven’t yet heard from anyone (except G) that you are getting my notices or the free stuff! Lol! So give me your feedback, eh? Just a quick im will do!

Remember to feel free to post your notices on here and talk about MSGFA if you like!

Japan Kansai and others
Virtual Japanese sims, I used to live in Kansai but it only looked vaguely familiar! I put on a kimono and went there. It was nearly deserted and absolutely gorgeous!
Go there!
Gabby and me in Japan Kansai

Creator Amiryu Hosoi is a Dutch student who uses SL for her projects in RL.

a little gift box we found
hm…seems to be an lm that doesn’t lead to gift! Let me know if you find something!

OK, for Gabyy apparently the lag wasn’t too bad but for me – ARG!!! I couldn’t take it and decided to go on to explore Thai places. I am so often homesick for these places. The only question was whether I should wear flip flops or shoes. I went with the flip flops.

Royal Thai Gallery
there is a free book about Thai Buddhas next to this display (right side), oh and another free book on the other side!

Pattaya’s Night Bazaar
Free box of photos
nearby is Wat Thai

Purple Moon
Free group gift – lovely pink ballet dress with orchid

Tiny Bird hair
Do this poll and get a free gift!

Your Skin & Your Shape
Free group gift skin here

The Dressing Room
Cheap designer deals – a new cute pair of shutter shades here 70L, an another called The Player, also 70L

10 free group gifts in a pile here with group joiner. Note you pay the 1L and the owner pays you 1L back

Group dollarbies and profile gift

Mirrors Mainstore
Free gifts for members - tops, pants, shorts, stockings

Donna Flora
Free pink dress, shoes and gold earrings 1L

5L fatpack of seasonal trees, free beanbag chairs

Free skybox – furnished 1L, unfurnished 1L, furniture 1L

Pink Posh
My friend Lois Millgrove’s new shop of corsets – found out about this on a blog!
LC here with cool corsets! I got lucky and there was an “L” on the board when I rezzed! So I got the cute pink corset.

KMH Mainstore
Free short hair in sand, LB’s next to it with cute red hairs. managed to get both here before too long!

Have fun!


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