Monday, May 31, 2010

Skins for Guys, Fashion Freaks Hunt and Other Stuff (May 31, 2010)

Miss Murder
Tons of free skins and avs for all!

Mr Poet
1 dark and 1 pale skin on the lucky boards here, somewhat ambisexual really, nice shirts (100L) including off-shoulder ones (with tank included) (150L)
– very hot
Free tank and boxer set and wide scarf here on the wall

One 1L and one 20L jewellery 'gifts'

Fashion Freaks Hunt (FFH) Gift (dark pink lolly swirl sculptie)
Prize pics

Ok here’s what happened. I went to the first website (2nd listed website here) and thought the numbers on the pics were the location numbers which I then looked up on the 1st site. Oops, wrong! I went to those all these places and didn’t find out until later that none of them were prizes that I wanted! I did find a few free and cheap things in those shops though and they are below!

Maybe I’ll get around to doing the hunt again, this time in the right places!
More help:
Much clearer website with the correct numbers on each prize!

Free keychain, group skin gift, MM

Dark Katz
Hunt Gift
Stuck on rabbit’s head here

Pretty Stick
MM and LB

Group gift – blue bikini here

ICED Jewelry
Subscribo gift in subscribo

Shadow Moon
Free stuff on counter and MM nearby on wall

Para Designs
Free tattoos

[E.B] Prims & Poses
LB & MM’s, gift pose

Much, much later…I looked at those blogs and decided that I wanted some of this stuff after all!

#16 Ducknipple
Dark purple sweater with big collar right here

#18 [Insatiable Fashions]
Black top and pants

#25 *evie*
Purple dress

#27 Snowpaw Fashions
Turquoise dress
LB’s and MM’s
plus gift on counter near by

#39*~ Sassy! ~*
Blue outfit

#58 **Malizz Yiyuan creation**
Brown cardigan and jeans
Look up high and to your left on the frame of a shelf

#63..:: Adoring Charms ::..
In the girl’s mouth
Group and store gifts

Artsy jackets
Look up on the picture frame

That’s all for that hunt!


50% sale til June 6 – cute stuff
Also 5 freebies in store – look for the little off-white free signs
And group gift T with undershirt

2000L shopping spree raffle – join group and go to shop to hit the silver ball

Cute black slip top in subscribo

1L red clogs
Hint from:
“The best hint I can give you is: look for a sunlit double door w/ mailbox slots next to it. Walk AWAY from the door, around the corner + you will see some grates in the floor underneath some stairs. Fall down thru the grates to a hidden room, with a fireplace + the clogs next to it. You'll just have to explore!”

Once I finally located this (you have to jump up under the stairs to find another grate and walk to the end of the little hall, then you’ll fall), it was fun!
Apparently the whole place is riddled with little hidden apartments – I saw some…but was too impatient to check out the whole place! Hint: click everything! I ended up on the floor in front of the TV with an arrow in my back! Great photo-op.

I didn’t find the free skybox tho….

I did buy the spectacular new *booN XFE275 hair blonde! It’s got a giant hair rose on the side and long braid. This boon hair is so cool and unusual. Only 200L.

][AWRAM-VIIE][ and .:*WAvE.:*outlet[AWRAM-VIIE][ and .:*WAvE.:*
New 1L one piece polka dot bathing suit on hanger here
Outlet and freebie wall (blogged before)

Group Gift[[May]]
Long shaggy bob in several colours here as well as 3 other group gift styles
And 50% off sale! All hairs 75L. Nice guy/unisex hair too

Artilleri mainstore!
Subscribo welcome gift
I discovered that I could unsubscribe and subscribe again to get the gift that wasn’t there when joined (I think!)

Cute cropped tartan jacket in MM

KAT Mainstore
Sweet cropped red jacket, lace top and pants in MM
Stuff in LB too plus several hunts going on here

Discovered The Wall – the wall of the names of those who died and disappeared in the Vietnam War – well the non- Vietnamese ones of course
It’s a beautiful cherry blossom sim. Having been a youth during this war, it made me extremely sad
Thanks to this blog:

Dollar and free on cart outside shop – new cute skirts!

Dark Mouse VIP Group Gift – Camisole – May 2010 – Join Dark Mouse Vip group and check notices

5th & Oxford
Beautiful clothes and skins
Splurged and got the almost whole Seaside Sweetie set of shorts, halter and tight skirt total 340L!!! There is also a striped tank top for 100L but I held myself back!
It’s gorgeous and worth it for the great fit and fine details! I so love aqua and will hopefully blog a pic when I’m ready! (I went back and checked out her other stores and got the aqua (blue) lingerie for 250L. Then I went back to the main store and got the striped top too! LOL!

+Lika Ruby+
Free group gift white and aqua diamond patterned Chinese style dress, beige and black dress on wall as well
check downstairs for loads of other Chinese style dresses and other things as low as 60L!

Hair sale 50% off meaning many hairs are only 40L!!! There are also some 2dollarbies!

New hair (Red Queen) on lucky board. It’s Me hair (big, black) still there. Amazingly I got the red one after only one board change! I already have the other one and love it!

Dollarbies here

[ bubble ]
Group gifts here – skin, necklace, lollies

Vibrant Skins
Three dollar skins here as opening gift

Nice free “Silent Eyes” with prim shine as well as fat packs of eyes for 50L

Long row of group gifts here including new light blue flowered babydoll top

Enjoy your free second life!!!


PS I got an html error when i posted this but all the links seem to be working so please let me know if you come across an error!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hair and Skins! May 29, 2010 MSGFA

Lotusland in the Sky Gallery
Wearing some freebies...aDiva red dress (skirt)blogged yesterday, free red jacket from K*S set (can't find lm)::: I CE COCO ::: Scarlett freckles skin(below), Baby Monkey Lola ankle boots in Lucky board (below), Pixel Doll Belle red waist Cincher (group gift no long available), Miss 80's tights (no longer available), Yak & Yeti bracelets (shop still open and still free but not fully stocked) and new Maitreya Zoe hair 5 colours for 295L. The big gold pool ring is free at Lotusland in the Sky!
Dorthy red hair from Imagine (below), Mother Goose shallot skin 1L (below)

Hairy Situations
Closing Sale
Hairs in 10 pack as little as 25L
Loads of other deals!

Mother Goose
1L skins and lucky boards

.::: I CE COCO :::.
Free Scarlette skin in group notices, free to join
If you have trouble finding in search, double click in the owner’s profile:
Leona Olivieri

pop tart
3 free skins in subscribo, just click it (on the wall beside the chairs

: Heart Sick :
Two New skins: Yume and Wish – 2 packs for 50L each
Free shape in white bag on the floor

Thanks all for now folks!


Friday, May 28, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May 22-28, 2010 and gallery opening!

Hey All,

How are you?

At last I’ve pulled it together to let you know my new gallery, Lotusland in the Sky has now opened. There may even be an official opening event in the near future! Please take a look anytime. There may be a few scattered freebies here and there but I haven’t really organized that yet!
Lotusland in the Sky and New Location for My Secret Guilt Free Addiction Salon

And also finally managed to finish this lil notecard with loads of cool freebies!

Free AO’s and lots of other free and cheap things plus MM’s

Corrupted Innocence
Cool lovely shapes on the MM’s (these appear to be skins but they aren’t tho some of them are made to fit certain skins available elsewjere)

3 pink and grey gift boxes with clothing and pose
shop also has very nice hair and clothing at reasonable prices

Free Jess hair fatpack and free “hair” ribbon

Project Tent
Charity for Haiti, lovely sim with rain
Free pose
pearl jewellery 1L
free bikini
free shirts (paper bag)
Loads of other cool little shops in tents!

Lulita Skins
2 skins for 1L!

BlakOpal Designs
Blue steam outfits for male and female on either side of the staircase

In Her Shoes
New free flat boots for guys and girls here
This is like two shops full of free stuff in case you haven't been here yet!

.:i *Towa* i:.
Join group and check notices for lovely free dresses
Plus one more in the store (purple)

White Armory
Gorgeous blue grey gown as free group gift

Free hairs here in the courtyard here

Mischief Fashions
Halter tops in subscribo here

Gift bag (looks like 2 bags but is only one object)
on window sill area here – capris and other things

Onika (Pymarid Island)
Free Veronica Beach skin (follow beacon)

Male and female skins 1L

Group gift male and female skins

Free detailed medallion 1L
Dark Katz Hunt Gift black cat’s head on dress maker’s form

free red dress and bag in subscribo history

Happy hunting!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Provocative Gallery Opening ROCKED!!!!

Me killin myself laughin! That butter beer! Sheesh!
Wearing a former group gift dress from Bliss Couture, GF boots blogged before 190L, Truth Imogene hair 250L for 5 shades, new Dutch Touch group gift Isis skin (250L to join), GANKED free turquoise jewellery, free mod stockings from Dawn Design
Maidy's lightshow1
Maidy's lightshow2

Well, I'm so sorry if you missed this party folks, seriously. It was a blast! Totally groovy! We will do something like this again tho, so next time I promise to give more notice...tried to take some pics of Maidy's lightshow but they can't do justice to the actual SL thing! And the DJ, Sisely who has a blog here: The Toolbox Chicks,
was incredible and played for like 4 1/2 hours. We danced our asses off as everyone passed around gifts such as dances, jewellery and starry particles! Soon, once I start to get better I will probably blog about free things again soon..and if you missed any of my free stuff, im me!

My show Best in Blue will be there for 3 more weeks so I hope you'll go and buy something so I can keep on doing this! hehe!



Best in Blue Gallery Opening

OMG, I forgot to mention yesterday that the one gallery I have left at the moment is opening today at 2:00pm SLT (Sunday, May 23, 2010).

Provocative Gallery

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi Folks,

How's it going?

Have had some setbacks in rl and sl and not been around too much lately. That could change today....?

Also lost the MSGFA Salon location...oh well.

Freebies to come?


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nice and Free!

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May 13, 2010 Nice and Free

Join group and go upstairs – bunch of stuff including skins here

[kik] hair at Rhizome
Cute hair with long long bangs free here
LB and 30L hairs over on the table

SSH Designs
Pride Hunt gift
Stand here and look up – get the lightbulb! There is a guy’s aloha shirt and jeans in it!

Lucky boards with Lolita shoes, white hair, ankh necklace, skin

Mirai Style
Broke down and bought the Ofif hair when I saw it one another avatar with the same last name as me! It’s love! Only 250L, huge with a colour change hairband

Have you checked out the ton of free poses here? Very handy for picture taking and also handy for your friends to have the same ones so you can pose in unison!

Free group gift ballgown in subscribo

Mostly shoes, loads of MM’s and such, also free white coat here

ultra high purple heels with lace socks free group gift

Sangre Noir
2 cute dresses on MM and LB’s

House of Beningborough
Free sculpted dress in lime

Donna Flora @ Palamos
Free mother’s day gift – pink glasses

2 free lace rompers
Free group gifts – hairs, tiger girl outfit, skirt in LB

Parallel Love
Sweet yellow and purple baby doll

more free stuff on the shelf to your left
lots of other cute clothes 50L and under

FREE STYLE pay what you like
Cute flowered dress – I paid 1L, red and white checked dress too
scads of other free and pay as you like items!

Pookie Promenade
Free grey blazer, jewellery set, pumps

Maschienenwerk – almost the whole shop
Loads of free stuff, mostly for guys but girls can wear it too!

Virtual Diva
Free skin on counter – purple and white box
and MM skin

Lil’Lace (new part of Alphamale and Black lace)
Two free lingerie gifts on the floor here

Free skin, cute skins only 250L

W&Y hair
4 1L hairs on the back of the tp sign as you enter

Alli&Ali hair
Free group hairs here (at door and on table)

LP Design
Free gifts if you join group

Free and group hairs at front

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Cool Stuff

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May 12, 2010

First up today – catch it and them while they are still out!
The Deck One Year Anniversary Celebration
Tuli skins
Sayuri collection free

There are a few other gifts still out. Sale was supposed to end May 8 so run quick!
Hilarious emoter hud in the corner – at aDorkable poses

Magika Hair
Huge discount sale, limited time (u/k), gorgeous fatpacks 99L each!

Mother’s Day group gift – cute Madeline style blue coat free

Kuri Style 0L-2L stuff
Free boxes as you enter, go to little room for other stuff

Hudson Clothing
Group gifts and LC – supposed to be a nice yellow and red dress in one of these packages

Planter with tulips and succulents in May Day Hunt
Look for brown basket on the floor to the left of the fire place

boon hair
60% off everything making all hair 80L per colour
The free hair is still here too!

Crystal line
Free colour change rose necklace for subscribing

Two free tattoos, 50L tattoos and others for 75L CUTE!!! And I almost never wear tattoos!

Join group Sindecade via Search and get cute free skin with violet lip

Free cool black party dress – join group and get in store

Origin of the famous free jewellery – check it out – 4 free items

Buddha Art
Free buddhas and stuff in a box here

Join Annoying Japanese Children group and get a free necklace and earrings

Sweeter than Candy
Two 1L skins – cute

3 lovely pairs of sunglasses - free

Free hair and Free Skin [name of shop!]
Some free hairs, skins and spiders here
plus you can join a contest to win the whole store!

That's all for now folks!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Still Building...

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May 11, 2010 More Free and Groovy Stuff

Oh sheesh, my friends, I’ve gotten caught up in building and haven’t been freebie hunting much at all lately. If you’ve joined DSN though, as I blogged before, you should have received some interesting stuff!

The big news is Dutch Touch Skins! Whoa. I hope you all joined it for free a little while ago when I suggested it cuz the join fee’s back up to 250L now. And of course, there is a new, gorgeous group gift skin out, free for members and it’s so worth the 250L join fee if you love skins. It comes in 5 tones with at least 10 variations each! Yes, it does have the typical slightly greyed tone that DT skins do but it’s minimal and the facial features are absolutely amazing!

There is also a member discount on some of these Isis skins and that brings the price down to 500L. That is a little more than I want to pay now!

3 free white tops here
3 white tops and a dress free on the second floor

Aurora Shop
Adorable Twiggy skin free

Loads of cute flowy clothing by Japanese designer all under 100L, mostly 50L and under

Burned Rice
2 cute wooden chairs, 1L each

Zen Serenity
free Japanese furniture

My Little Shop
Black sheer shirt

Ray Skin
Dollar sunglasses 5 colour, with radar
big fluffy group hairs

LB‘s with clothes too
Regular hairs only 100L

That's all for now! Remember to put up a notice for the group if you have something free to share and glad to answer any questions!


Friday, May 7, 2010

My Rebuilt Skypad

At my skypad in Bronze Shores: just rebuilt to look like a beach!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May 3-4, 2010 Free & Cool in SL

Studio M dress - was free... (new gifts there now...), Persé green boots 150L, Heart Softens gift hair SUN, Mango Mango Snake Charmer skin 1L below

flowey sunbeams: new W&Y updo with sunglasses in LB below, Phuket dress, Strumpet skin, Miss 80's tights (former free gift) - defunct, R2 "Anela" yellow boots also below!

Heart Softens – Main
Japanese made hairs, super cute!
3 fast changing 5 minute LB’s, blond bob with fedora group gift
All hairs only 60L for one colour! I got two!!!

Heart Softens – Tsukiji
Two more LB’s with tattoos
dollar hairs

Mischief Boy
4 free short unisex hairs CUTE

Wall of cheapies over here

free guy’s long sleeved striped T – three colours

another wall of 2L’s – clothing

7Seas Fishing Game
Thought I may as well give it another try! I got a rod like over a year ago and I think I deleted it in a fit of pique. Come down here and at least get the 1L demo rod good for 5 casts…common white goldfish, Maine lobster, missed, common pink banded fish, missed! Surprisingly quiet little beach!

Some kind of tattoo presents for V2 only
Subscribo members discounts – gorgeous light green and beige pairs are only 149L after you’ve been in the subo for 14 days so join now! Discounts on tops, dress and pumps also available
Just read she has her black boots on for 50% off until tomorrow midnight

LeeZu Couture Dresses
Join either the subscribo or the update group and put the shop in your picks. You then stand a chance to win 500L daily! It says….
BTW if you tried this slurl on the blog and had trouble, it’s now fixed
Her main website

Mango Mango/Aqua
Dollar skins – some in unusual colours!
skin LB’s
clothing presents at the entry and front desk of the main shop
new subo gifts as well!

Crop top and jeans free in subo at

Join group and get free skin in notices! No shop???
From this blog

It’s Arlei Demina’s rez day – find four black and red gift boxes with bikini, jeans, sox, top
2 inside shop and 2 outside until tomorrow midnight

join group for free skin in notices

Join group and touch three presents upstairs
also skin gifts and sunglasses for 5L opposite wall

Savoir Hair
Designer hairs for free or a dollar
New and free from Here Comes Trouble (HCT) Vanessa and Adam hairs in all colours – cute pompadour (with pony for the girls)

White Well
Cute updo

many others

Cute green bustier free – has been here for at least a month now

green and pink dresses on the MM 84/125

Sassy Kitty
MM’s, a ton of different purple tops in the middle of the main floor, tops and skirt in the subo
discounts in the yard in front

Two gorgeous new 50L skins and a free shape

free and dollar skins and stuff here – some for guys too

adorable sunbeam skybox – pay what you like – as little as 1L

Happy House
Everything under 100L including sweet skybox for 100L

That’s all for now folks!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May1-2, 2010 Free SL

At Waka&Yuki LB

Me and Ruby in front of a new sculpture at Provocative Gallery where my new show Best is Blue is located

A unicorn, Ruby and I @ Michael Jackson Memorial Park

Hey All,

How’s it going?

Mr. Poet
Free vest and boxers and free wide scarf in 10 colours

Curious Kitties
Curious Kitties is a Japanese Lolita type shop with tons of cute stuff. Known for constant flow of new stuff.
Special limited editions for Golden Week (a week of Japanese holidays now – like Spring Break)
Gorgeous black and gold dress, eyes, jewellery, prices vary. The dress was only 200L and very detailed.

Free wall some cute dresses, anime-like eyes, bracelets, blindfold, shoes

Gbberish Boutique
Houndstooth shorts and jacket suit 0L

Also a 50% off sale going on here

Next over is Osborne
Free scuba dive outfit and diving

Michael Jackson Support Group & Memorial Park
Free poems
free dances and fan gifts
Valentine’s gift

Designer Showcase Network (DSN) Drop Box
Tons of stuff delivered to you free of charge. Go to the site in world and join the subscribo. I’m not sure if you can get the stuff out of the history but try – let me know cuz I haven’t been there for a while, just getting loads of cool stuff I thought I should let you know about it. You are given a choice of a number of categories of goods and you can join as many as you like. Of course I joined them all! Just got a really nice
Clever Things: subscribo location

Bunch of free stuff including some cute purple bead earrings in the subscribo here,
Cupcake, random prize giver

what next – low prim home furnishings
group gift some cute suitcases and stuff

Happy Finds
Join the group Annoying Japanese Children for free and get the lovely bird pendant and earrings in notices

Magika Hair
Juliette B&W pack 20L
Every Monday a different hair and colour pack for 20L!

Love Soul
Two pairs of yellow shoes and a pair of yellow/green boots @ 99L each here

Edge Graphica
No need to spend ages looking for this tiny shop – everything free is on XStreet

Strumpet for Project Themory
Norma Jean skins 75L each – I’m in love with the non-crying one! Gorgeous red lip

Two free gift bags on the counter

Crazy Clothes
gift outfit here 1L

adorable “Phuket” mini only 150L

had to have it cuz I used to live there a long time ago!

Ctrl Shift H
Dark Mouse new satellite store
Free bottle with bag and another gift inside!

Waka & Yuki
Cute new updo in 6 colours, LB

Thanks all for now folks!