Friday, May 28, 2010

My Secret Guilt Free Addiction May 22-28, 2010 and gallery opening!

Hey All,

How are you?

At last I’ve pulled it together to let you know my new gallery, Lotusland in the Sky has now opened. There may even be an official opening event in the near future! Please take a look anytime. There may be a few scattered freebies here and there but I haven’t really organized that yet!
Lotusland in the Sky and New Location for My Secret Guilt Free Addiction Salon

And also finally managed to finish this lil notecard with loads of cool freebies!

Free AO’s and lots of other free and cheap things plus MM’s

Corrupted Innocence
Cool lovely shapes on the MM’s (these appear to be skins but they aren’t tho some of them are made to fit certain skins available elsewjere)

3 pink and grey gift boxes with clothing and pose
shop also has very nice hair and clothing at reasonable prices

Free Jess hair fatpack and free “hair” ribbon

Project Tent
Charity for Haiti, lovely sim with rain
Free pose
pearl jewellery 1L
free bikini
free shirts (paper bag)
Loads of other cool little shops in tents!

Lulita Skins
2 skins for 1L!

BlakOpal Designs
Blue steam outfits for male and female on either side of the staircase

In Her Shoes
New free flat boots for guys and girls here
This is like two shops full of free stuff in case you haven't been here yet!

.:i *Towa* i:.
Join group and check notices for lovely free dresses
Plus one more in the store (purple)

White Armory
Gorgeous blue grey gown as free group gift

Free hairs here in the courtyard here

Mischief Fashions
Halter tops in subscribo here

Gift bag (looks like 2 bags but is only one object)
on window sill area here – capris and other things

Onika (Pymarid Island)
Free Veronica Beach skin (follow beacon)

Male and female skins 1L

Group gift male and female skins

Free detailed medallion 1L
Dark Katz Hunt Gift black cat’s head on dress maker’s form

free red dress and bag in subscribo history

Happy hunting!


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