Sunday, May 23, 2010

Provocative Gallery Opening ROCKED!!!!

Me killin myself laughin! That butter beer! Sheesh!
Wearing a former group gift dress from Bliss Couture, GF boots blogged before 190L, Truth Imogene hair 250L for 5 shades, new Dutch Touch group gift Isis skin (250L to join), GANKED free turquoise jewellery, free mod stockings from Dawn Design
Maidy's lightshow1
Maidy's lightshow2

Well, I'm so sorry if you missed this party folks, seriously. It was a blast! Totally groovy! We will do something like this again tho, so next time I promise to give more notice...tried to take some pics of Maidy's lightshow but they can't do justice to the actual SL thing! And the DJ, Sisely who has a blog here: The Toolbox Chicks,
was incredible and played for like 4 1/2 hours. We danced our asses off as everyone passed around gifts such as dances, jewellery and starry particles! Soon, once I start to get better I will probably blog about free things again soon..and if you missed any of my free stuff, im me!

My show Best in Blue will be there for 3 more weeks so I hope you'll go and buy something so I can keep on doing this! hehe!



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