Monday, May 31, 2010

Skins for Guys, Fashion Freaks Hunt and Other Stuff (May 31, 2010)

Miss Murder
Tons of free skins and avs for all!

Mr Poet
1 dark and 1 pale skin on the lucky boards here, somewhat ambisexual really, nice shirts (100L) including off-shoulder ones (with tank included) (150L)
– very hot
Free tank and boxer set and wide scarf here on the wall

One 1L and one 20L jewellery 'gifts'

Fashion Freaks Hunt (FFH) Gift (dark pink lolly swirl sculptie)
Prize pics

Ok here’s what happened. I went to the first website (2nd listed website here) and thought the numbers on the pics were the location numbers which I then looked up on the 1st site. Oops, wrong! I went to those all these places and didn’t find out until later that none of them were prizes that I wanted! I did find a few free and cheap things in those shops though and they are below!

Maybe I’ll get around to doing the hunt again, this time in the right places!
More help:
Much clearer website with the correct numbers on each prize!

Free keychain, group skin gift, MM

Dark Katz
Hunt Gift
Stuck on rabbit’s head here

Pretty Stick
MM and LB

Group gift – blue bikini here

ICED Jewelry
Subscribo gift in subscribo

Shadow Moon
Free stuff on counter and MM nearby on wall

Para Designs
Free tattoos

[E.B] Prims & Poses
LB & MM’s, gift pose

Much, much later…I looked at those blogs and decided that I wanted some of this stuff after all!

#16 Ducknipple
Dark purple sweater with big collar right here

#18 [Insatiable Fashions]
Black top and pants

#25 *evie*
Purple dress

#27 Snowpaw Fashions
Turquoise dress
LB’s and MM’s
plus gift on counter near by

#39*~ Sassy! ~*
Blue outfit

#58 **Malizz Yiyuan creation**
Brown cardigan and jeans
Look up high and to your left on the frame of a shelf

#63..:: Adoring Charms ::..
In the girl’s mouth
Group and store gifts

Artsy jackets
Look up on the picture frame

That’s all for that hunt!


50% sale til June 6 – cute stuff
Also 5 freebies in store – look for the little off-white free signs
And group gift T with undershirt

2000L shopping spree raffle – join group and go to shop to hit the silver ball

Cute black slip top in subscribo

1L red clogs
Hint from:
“The best hint I can give you is: look for a sunlit double door w/ mailbox slots next to it. Walk AWAY from the door, around the corner + you will see some grates in the floor underneath some stairs. Fall down thru the grates to a hidden room, with a fireplace + the clogs next to it. You'll just have to explore!”

Once I finally located this (you have to jump up under the stairs to find another grate and walk to the end of the little hall, then you’ll fall), it was fun!
Apparently the whole place is riddled with little hidden apartments – I saw some…but was too impatient to check out the whole place! Hint: click everything! I ended up on the floor in front of the TV with an arrow in my back! Great photo-op.

I didn’t find the free skybox tho….

I did buy the spectacular new *booN XFE275 hair blonde! It’s got a giant hair rose on the side and long braid. This boon hair is so cool and unusual. Only 200L.

][AWRAM-VIIE][ and .:*WAvE.:*outlet[AWRAM-VIIE][ and .:*WAvE.:*
New 1L one piece polka dot bathing suit on hanger here
Outlet and freebie wall (blogged before)

Group Gift[[May]]
Long shaggy bob in several colours here as well as 3 other group gift styles
And 50% off sale! All hairs 75L. Nice guy/unisex hair too

Artilleri mainstore!
Subscribo welcome gift
I discovered that I could unsubscribe and subscribe again to get the gift that wasn’t there when joined (I think!)

Cute cropped tartan jacket in MM

KAT Mainstore
Sweet cropped red jacket, lace top and pants in MM
Stuff in LB too plus several hunts going on here

Discovered The Wall – the wall of the names of those who died and disappeared in the Vietnam War – well the non- Vietnamese ones of course
It’s a beautiful cherry blossom sim. Having been a youth during this war, it made me extremely sad
Thanks to this blog:

Dollar and free on cart outside shop – new cute skirts!

Dark Mouse VIP Group Gift – Camisole – May 2010 – Join Dark Mouse Vip group and check notices

5th & Oxford
Beautiful clothes and skins
Splurged and got the almost whole Seaside Sweetie set of shorts, halter and tight skirt total 340L!!! There is also a striped tank top for 100L but I held myself back!
It’s gorgeous and worth it for the great fit and fine details! I so love aqua and will hopefully blog a pic when I’m ready! (I went back and checked out her other stores and got the aqua (blue) lingerie for 250L. Then I went back to the main store and got the striped top too! LOL!

+Lika Ruby+
Free group gift white and aqua diamond patterned Chinese style dress, beige and black dress on wall as well
check downstairs for loads of other Chinese style dresses and other things as low as 60L!

Hair sale 50% off meaning many hairs are only 40L!!! There are also some 2dollarbies!

New hair (Red Queen) on lucky board. It’s Me hair (big, black) still there. Amazingly I got the red one after only one board change! I already have the other one and love it!

Dollarbies here

[ bubble ]
Group gifts here – skin, necklace, lollies

Vibrant Skins
Three dollar skins here as opening gift

Nice free “Silent Eyes” with prim shine as well as fat packs of eyes for 50L

Long row of group gifts here including new light blue flowered babydoll top

Enjoy your free second life!!!


PS I got an html error when i posted this but all the links seem to be working so please let me know if you come across an error!

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