Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revealing My New Model Xion ("Shawn")

Haha! At last Xion agreed to model for me - howsabout that!?!??! Sweet!
He's wearing the new board shorts from Swim (free), Stand for Something Timberland T (former freebie from Pariah Incorporated which is now defunct unfortunately), along with the orange Chucks from magi take (free), booN DDD370 hair black (from recent sale 80L), the stunningly realistic Max skin from Tellaq, worth all 1000L of it!

Just look at that face! Tank came with the Swim outfit, Vetro Eyes by Exodi, 150L/8 pack (no copy, come in both large and small, with and without veins, make a great gift!). Oh and I made that fantastic shape for him! Lol! IM me if you're interested! In the shape I mean!
BTW, just click any pic for a larger version!

Cool Motorcycles at Darkfold

Wow the horrors on SL today! Every kind of error you can imagine and more – I have never seen it this bad even when I was a pure noob!

Darkfold Designs Bike & Neko Store
There are 4 MM’s and a LC all with free motorcycles in them and they ROCK!!!
You may need to join group to hit these – due to lag, I’m not sure!

Sinuous Shapes
Big Sale – pretty much everything (skins, shapes, clothes) 50L and under

The Black Market
Freebies and dollarbies of various kinds, mostly clothes, here in the boats

A number of clothes and other freebies here announced today – supreme lag when I was there!

Magika Hair
50% off sale – so that means all hairs are 99L, even the new releases!
(Question: why is this lovely hair (including demos of course) scripted for texture changes whereas there are no scripts allowed in the store?)

Enky’s Dollar $tore and Freebies
Everything you can imagine for your avatar
Lots of designer stuff including shoes from Enkythings

Sensuelle (correction)
Rory Rives’s flea market here (opening June 30, 2010) – mobs of cute dresses and gowns marked down to 50L and less
In shop: opening deals on emerald shoes 5L, plus free orange and aqua green bikinis and black and red swim trunks for men here

.nami dasshu.
Good Shit Hunt
Adorable black and brown cocktail dress with nice big belt!

Free Penang rust coloured bikini on the table here
Good Shit Hunt – aqua bottle – look up a little
Gorgeous turquoise cocktail dress

Show Me on the Doll
Good Shit Hunt – gorgeous black cocktail gown (midi and mini) with peeptoe shoebooties included! (Caution: why are the most stupendous things made to fit a size that is somewhere below 0 (zero) with no musculature whatsoever? And no mod or resize script?

Good Shit Hunt
Turquoise slashed one-piece swimsuit here includes hat and flip flops

Free black stilettos, black lace up boots with colour change socks, little black dress here (first two gifts blogged before)

Floydian Territories
Free and dollar items here – cute clothes, jewellery and other items

Shape Me
Free male and female shapes and eyes!
MM with black bikini
4 packs of 8 eyes each free

Cool blue high waisted shorts with belt as free group gift here

Club Epic
Lag free techno dance club

Alchemy Immortalis
If you aren’t getting their free gifts, please join DSN (Designers Showcase Network, blogged before), they have the most amazing stuff. Go into this shop today and take a simple survey (takes a few seconds) and you’ll get this gorgeous dark gold ring with blue moonstone

Sent a pack of groovy red hairs to the group this week – this hair is called Lovely and is a cool frowsy updo that comes in tons of colours for only 200L/5 pack, comes with diamond head band
– also have out a new free gift: Mistress jeans and belt (black and gold package on the floor by the couch)
MM with diamond and platinum set SHYAYN
(so don’t buy them for 250L unless you’re rich)
Don’t forget the new gift in the LC – wide blue gown with fuchia roses!
Excellent discount deals to be had here as well
Yes I love this shop!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NO Way, More Cool Stuff June 21-28, 2010

Well they say it’s thanks to the 21 new SL7 birthday sims that SL has been so messed up for the last week! I’ve hardly been able to do a thing! So it’s not just my connection or the size of my inventory. Here are a few things I’ve come across recently.

Laqroki Skins
Free avatar: female eyes, hairs, skins and shape (older design, I think because not like her current skins)
Six free low-prim female and one male hairs as well as black and white outfits for both right here
The Fling II is only 5 prims I believe, perfect for shopping and laggy places!

Table with free white and colourful bracelets and earrings
Also full wall of freebies – tattoos, jewellery and mouthies
Everything else cheap, as low as 10-20L

White Amory
New Victorian long gown every Sunday as group gift here

Very cute peach babydoll top as free group gift here

Good Shit Hunt
object is a blue and aqua soda bottle shaped scultpie and quite easy to see using wire frame view (ctrl>shift>R)

Just stand right here and see the bottle in front of you for a cool free skin!
There is also a free group gift skin on the easel here (both are light tones)

::Umedama Holic::
Lovely mauve/blue eyes – look for one of the objects in the glowing fountain behind the hunt sign

Dark toned skins here (look carefully in the corner here)

Cute pink plaid shirt here free as hunt gift – just look for a BIG RED ARROW

Pig Shop Mainstore
Cute unisex open sweater in Rubics cube here
Good Shit Hunt: Plain off-white unisex shirt here

Three free skins here

Unusually styled aqua ruffle dress here

Aqua and yellow bikini here

Flippers and goggles in several colours

Poetic Colours
Summer wheat eyes here
Nearby to your left is the purple free eye

(end Good Shit Hunt) – I advise that you google “Good Shit Hunt Second Life” for more blogs and information

Berries Inc
Free grey and brown summer beach tote here

Free orange bikini as group gift here
(Ed Note, June 29, 2010 went to check this again today and nothing but water here! - however there is another Sensuelle here - details coming up soon!)
Other lingerie sets only 150-250L

G Field
New location
They have the famous floral babydoll top for a free opening gift here in olive green! Get it!

D!VA Hair
New opening – bunch of free gifts, bags and poses here
Three hair LB’s here in a kind of pinkish tone, 4 more on the opposite wall
Other hairs still only 100L, lots of new ones!

KANIVAL [sic] Leona Rozen (Quality varies)
(I have got her stuff before – then was Noir Lolita)
There are a bunch of 1L dresses and things here
as well as some tattoos, sunglasses and accessories on the other side here
then some bikinis, dresses and jeans for 1L and group gifts here

Dollarbie orange and yellow swim sets for guys and girls! Cute patterned accents
Discount Area
Men and women’s swimsuits in red – LC’s

Fashion is Love Hunt
Cute little red bodysuit in transparent and solid
Look for the ironing board

Thats all folks!


Friday, June 25, 2010


Mystitool (free) smile, Truth Chalice hair, PC Ocean eyes, Lara Lucy skin (pale, smokey, red), Boom bikini

Sam from the giant communications company was here at last this afternoon and yes, my system is now steaming ahead at ADSL TURBO speed! So please, never again tell me (this means YOU Second Life) that the lag is due to my internet connection! HAH!

I am back on, up and running at least for a while this afternoon and then maybe later tonight for all those of you who noticed I was missing for the last 3 days!

SOOOOO glad to be back even if my bff Ruby will be gone for 3 months! ARGGGG!!!

Ruby, Sis (from the blog SL Toolbox Chicks and Onyx DJ fame) and myself unison dancing long after all the guests went home - this was Ruby's last night of dancing! AW! I'm so sorry I couldn't get a pic with Sis's face - will try again soon! Wearing just a conglomeration of things! Notice Sis and I are holding Smirnova Icee coolers. I made them, free, full perms! IM me inworld or here if you want one!

Moi in one of the new Tik Tok skins found at the Black and Blue, Boom eggplant hair from the Dressing Room Blue and I forget where the other stuff is from. Standing in my beloved Kook sim!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lag, The Horror

What the dickens is going on with SL these days? Can't do anything and the lag is abominable! Hear loads of ppl are having me and let me know your experiences and I will blog them for you! LOL!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tableau Summer Festival, Fashion is Love Hunt and Many Other Things!

Lag not bad unless you have a dual core with 2 gigs RAM or less, lol, I advise using reduce lag tactics! That includes me!
Nice set up of carts in the street here and very cute sim!
There are deals to be had and freebies as well…
You’ll just have to go and walk around the whole thing! Lol!

-(fashionably dead) lemon and white print tank free
-Yummy has adorable sun-shaped drum for 10L – get several as they are no copy and make great gifts for your friends – you can then make music together! (BTW, I have a great conga drum and HUD that I got at the Burning Life Taiko Drummers performance a little while ago. IM me if you would like a copy too!)
-Clawtooth has a flat straight yellow blonde hair for 1L – her style is a bit like lamb
100% of the proceeds on some items goes to The Center for Cultural Diversity
Also a variety of moustaches in 5 styles and 6 colours, even pink
-Tres Blah has a gold and white unisex sports T 1L
-Pig as usual has the loveliest things for free: a grey and brown unisex shirt and a set of bikinis in 6 colours! Wow!
-Nylon Outfitter has the cutest little gifty things for 1L each, again no copy so they make great presents for your buddies! Nice big tasseled badge for your shirt, ridem ladybug, this cool stick with a sunflower and leaves on it – a summer welcoming stick (we still don’t have summer this year in Vancouver so it’s nice to see these things!) – and a wacky spiky golden mask – save for your next masked ball!

Pacadi Jasha
Lovely new skins in 4 lighter tones – they include
- 2 different Eyebrows
- Prim Lashes
- Eyelenses
- Manicure
- Facelight
-Eyebrow Shapes
Though you don’t need the facelight if you have the proper windlight settings. I found the eyebrows a little close set for my taste but overall a very nice design with a lot of different makes and only 250L/set

Also some lovely lingerie, dresses and shoes for very reasonable prices. My only objection is that the demos are 1L each for all demos in store. I understand why designers do it but frankly I don’t like to pay to try on goods
I also super indulged my av and got the Armadillo Plateau shoes in Ocean. I saw these when they first came out in a multi-coloured texture for like 100’s and 100’s of linden. These new ones are in somewhat more solid tones (plus purple, green, black) but still with that great scaly texture! And only 195 now! They are a club-type boot, the sculptie for which must be for sale somewhere cuz I have seen variations on this shape and got some free ones at Sole Sisters the other day though they were only 1L, I was not as happy with the white/silver texture as with this one

Broken Doll new shop
Two t-shirts (one for guys or unsex) in black and a black tutu dress with red tights here free as well as a Yummy Cupcake prize which I did not get!

Still has free hairs for guys and girls near the door. Seems like every time I go, I see a new hair I love. Today I got the Laya for 250L. It’s a large dramatic updo with two rolls in the back and straight fringe. There are also a separate set of dready type braids to add along the bottom AND a great pair of eyelashes too! I say great because they are the first pair of eyelashes that I have tried that fit with only a tiny adjustment and they are gorgeous! My first chance to wear prim eyelashes (since I found out the eyelash adjustment in the Appearance Editor has been borked since whenever!). I suggest checking the exact contents before you buy as I haven’t seen a hair here that comes with eyelashes before. This Laya comes in all colours, the demo purple is especially nice! I got the light blondes and am soooo happy.

Now I have bought 4 new hairs just this weekend! ARG!!! I’m supposed to be deleting inventory! Yesterday I spent hours reinstalling Emerald when I couldn’t even open the viewer at all when I got online. Then there were 20,000 items less than usual (57,000 something) and it took forever to refetch my inventory. So everyone is telling me I have to delete! ARG!!! Maybe I will just put some of it in boxes!

And speaking of new eyelashes..
*LP* design, .:::GARAGE:::.
Has 10 styles for 45L each. I didn’t try them – let me know how big your head is and how they work for you! Lol!
It’s now 80L to join the group tho there are some lovely gifts for group here. There are also some sweet skins for free

Fashion is Love Hunt gifts

The hunt object is a gold sculptie with a big dark pink jewel in it. They call it a “piece of gum” though it doesn’t look like gum to me, more like a rounded square – quite thick but in varying sizes. Much credit for this info (cool pics!) goes to SiselyBella at SL Toolbox Chicks blog

-*LP* design
There are two dark pink dresses here, one tight mini and the other a chiffon babydoll with jeweled bodice
One gold and pink square of gum near the floor here
another one on the shelf above and in front of you
This is the first find I have made on the hunt – there have apparently been some withdrawals…so please have fun!

Fashion Freaks Hunt – top of pink lollie here behind phone (skins)

Fashion is Love Hunt
Two objects embedded in the shelf here beside the presents
Finally located the grand prizes of skins! It is high in the air and there was a security orb on that kept saying in chat that I had been kicked. However I didn’t get kicked and as able to get the two objects here:

-Sassy Kitty
Object on top of stair rail upstairs – two cute little dresses

Two skins in this prize behind the pillow behind the bunny

-Rock Me Amadeus
Panties in this one

-Love Soul
I found the prim nails and ring using wire frame (ctrl>shift>R) and bought it but couldn’t find it again! It’s on the ceiling somewhere!
and it took me forever too

Green pumps here
Also adorable bathroom shelf set as a profile pick – add to profile picks, come back in 2 days and get the gift. Caution it’s 30 prims but oh so cute!

Bikini here

-The Whore
Tiny blue and white mini here on the couch

In the corner on the side of the shelf is long pink skirt and bikini top

Lovely lilac and white bikini
Down on the floor under the table

Ripped jeans on the counter

-Before Sleep
Gift is on the 1L shelf behind the pink deer
There are freebies nearby as well, and lots of other reasonably priced things including clothes, skins and furnishings

Bodysuit here in red I believe

(Hints page)


GIA Sim Opening
-Mina hairfashion
Free red hair here

Summer bikini 1L

-Nefertiti Kimagawa
Click vendor for free black dress

-Bolero Collection
10L dress (red feathered pattern), free red bolero

-Purple Moon
Free pink dress

There may be more free gifts on this sim, let me know if you find them!


Modern Gypsy
Lovely dotted olive green sheer summer dress free here

Sn@tch Main Store
This is the free and cheap section – there are tons of new things as well as the old faves!
There is a free retro TV with some interesting stuff in it as well as a box of 1000 of her clothes

YAY! New shop opened and there is a 5 present hunt here. They are well hidden so you’ll have to use wire frame, cam a lot, use your object finder and Emerald Area Search (under the Emerald Menu at the top of the screen). There is also a Fashion is Love gift here (pink and silver ring). The gifts from Tik Tok include clothing and a free skin!

**mischievous cat** Main Shop
Several group gifts here – lovely watched and rings

Niven Collection
Get black dress outfit for free along with a number of 10L specials

new shop opening gift couple pose

Magika Hair
Don’t forget Magic Mondays at this great hair shop! TP in to get the lovely long straight and flowing hair with a couple or three bobby pins – Jenna! Today only (there is a new one every Monday) 7 shades of blonde, 20L!!!

That’s all for the moment folks! Have fun and tell us what YOU find. Feel free to post on the group My Secret Guilt Free Addiction! Yay!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

ROCK ME! MSGFA June 20, 2010

Hey All,

Since the Paris Metro gift is finished today, I decided to just post this short one for now! Get it!

Paris Metro 5th Avenue
Last day for the beautiful purple and blue floral Central Park Gown

Fat pack of 4 short Asian style mini’s here for 1L!

*!* Thalia's Fashion Collection - Chic & Sexy Clothing *!*
Join group for loads of cute and fun clothes, footwear and skins. There is a wall of group gifts, MM, LC and pick gift here.
Bunch of LC’s outside to the right of the entrance
Her regular stock is very reasonably priced and there is a huge variety
Also really nice stuff for guys

Amazingly huge (up to 60 pieces) oufit for women – FREE. There is a men’s hoody as well.You need to have been subscribed for at least 15 days. If you can’t get it for free, it’s only 200L. Also you may come back in 15 days and likely it will still be there – they did that last time


Everything From Shoes to Hair and Back

Gorgeous black and red leather pumps here free!

ChiChickie! Headquarters
My friend Chiana Meredith has a free gift in a green box here as well as a bunch of free hairs in the subo. Seems like every message in the history has a free group gift hair!

.+*Heart Softens*+
Two gorgeous group gift hairs here, one on this wall and one on the opposite wall where there are also 8 LB’s for hair, all hairs 60L for one colour. I got the Ecel in ash
Four more hat hairs (same as at Mainstore)
LB’s at the Tsukiji location, gacha hairs 30L/try

Lara Skin
Adorable free group gift skin with fuchia lip, gold eyelid and tiny beauty mark
Join group and go to shop to get it

The Dressing Room
New Opening – all new designers!
Everything 70L or under

New Tanya preview skin gift here as well as the older Kalista
You need to join the group which is 250L (well worth it for all the free skins you get – around once a month) to get the Tanya but not to get the Kalista or the new Gem Eyes!

J Coug
Washington State University
Lovely free uni merch! All free: track suits for both, Cougar logo skins for guys, even a foam finger!

*Luxurious World*
Camp 30 minutes for a red striped bikini and pareo (sarong)
Find the peace symbol in the Groovy Love hunt with a lovely puffy blue-green dress inside! Also some logo wear, free
There is a bunch of 6 1L boxes on the other side of this wall. They didn’t have pics on them so I was reluctant to try but you never know. Other items in this store marked as low as 5-15-100L and prices in between, regular price slightly higher. Men’s things upstairs

Cheese sim
Wacky and wild shops with every kind of avatar and oddity you can imagine and much you can’t! Great use of simple solid textures. Photo op! All inside a 768x768x768 mega sphere. There is one free avatar here, found it in a box a couple of places around. Lots of other stuff over 100L tho!

** Pink Posh **
My friend Lois Millgrove’s shop is growing like crazy! She still has the LC for the Burlesque Corset set in several colours including black and teal. She’s also added some wide belts, ripped tights, gothic skins and more corsets so have a look!

LB for azure babydoll top

In her shoes
New colour change flowered flip flops FREE CUTE

Lingerie Boutique
Animal chemise 10L and group gift black lace lingerie set 10L

Mother Goose
Skins and stuff
Beautiful modern Japanese-made skins, many suit all looks. Regular skins are priced lower than the average and she has a ton of 1L and cheap skins and clothes and well and 8! fast sin herkin LB’s here

Hunt well folks! Post any new stuff you find!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yep, this is my little avatar, wearing that sweet little latex thing we got free from Vextra, Nouveau Miranda Amazonian hair (free)and Strumpet Norma Jean skin (former dollarbie, no skins available in store now), whew...but for how long? Lol!

Best in Blue

The Provocative Gallery is closing tomorrow so today is your last chance to get the free painting AquaTorso here!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stop Being a Dickhead!

Just heard this song! Yay!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black & Blue Again June 15, 2010

Black and Blue Fair
Make sure to make it to the bathroom here which is full of free and discounted items all under 50L and most about 10L!

Another floral romper in short and long pants has been released as a group gift here

The Dressing Room Blue
How did I miss this? There’s another Dressing Room and everything here is 70L or under too! Worth it to go for the 4 pack hair by boon for only 70L! This includes the rose hair in a deep aubergine-brown tone.

Safe Hub
Cool teleport device that can send you many well-known places

Black leather dress as free group gift right here (among the regular merch). Wear group tag and hit touch after right clicking on the dress
Other cheap and cool stuff here – have a look!

Sole Sisters!
Wood heeled sandle with leather upper – so cute – only 1L! here
White snakeskin and diamond Alexandra white club boots here 1L

Look for more white dollarbies and other little things in the store. There’s also a discount room where fatpacks of shoes are 100L

Big sale, everything 100L or less. Hairs for as little as 25L!

*YS&YS* YourSkin & YourShape
Beautiful new light Evelyn skin as group gift here - free

Gold belt and skirt in subo – sweet!

New Trails
Plants and stuff
Free bonsai oak tree here

Purveyors of Accidental Love
Join group and check notices for this adorable off shoulder red cardigan sweater from Pig

SLC Couture
Cute pink babydoll dress as group gift here (box on extremely interesting table – check it!)

TrendStyle Mainstore
Short-sleeved fuchia babydoll top here as free gift.

Has Been - Vintage & Alternative Inspired Fashion
Upstairs – discount room, LB’s and mobvend
Big Fat pack combos for 60-99L and a purple corset set in the subo here

1L Hello Kitty panties and tank
1L White sequined dress

Free set with pink top, yellow and green leggings to the right of the door
Free red gingham top and shorts on the table

:Visionaria on KOOK
In April I blogged about the glorious tan coloured dress of roses here inside a sunshiny sky cottage. It’s still there! Free!

Then today I was looking there to see if anything had changed and I noticed a little tony tper that says “under the tree” and tpd. There is a free music box under the tree at water level!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the tper to go back up! Here is the slurl, the lovely dress is still on the table – look for the two photos stuck together

Picture here
Just a lovely looking little place, great for photos! Cool sounds and music

Big whack of 50L skins here (well there were yesterday!)

magi take shop
Huge wall of great group gifts here free. Includes loads of purple and green clothes, hats bags, shoes, glasses, for both men and women

Join group and receive a nice little cow patterned bag from notices
Otherwise pay 75L
I couldn’t find the group joiner so I just edited something and went to the owner’s profile and joined from there. There are also LB’s and dollarbies down here.
There is a tper to the free and super cheap discount area as well.

Buddha in silver necklace 1L here

.:: S@BBiA ::.
Join group and collect these diamond pants, stripey skirt dress, red dress, black mary-janes and some cool socks, all free

Apple May Designs (AMD)
Free skin in subo – 8 variations in total and these are amazing!
Room full of cute stuff for avatars 30 days and under only!

A fully free and dollar store of designer stuff! (Quality varies)

Saddam Triskaidekaphobia (= fear of the number 13)
Go to this guy’s page on Xstreet, and change the sorted for price to “low to high”,
and you’ll find some pages of free stuff – such as a jukebox, furniture, loads of vehicles including cars, scooters and planes!

NaMiya's Fancy Goods (Low prim fairy, small angel goods shop)
Last minute tip from Maidy!
Lucky boards and camping chairs for fairies/faeries! Whoo hoo!

Please remember everyone is free to start chat, post notices and post freebies!

Lotusland location being revamped again! Info soon!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mirabella Mall reopening and GANKED and many other cool things! June 12, 2010

GANKED has some new jewellery for free and discounted in the new Mirabella Discount Area.
(discount area)
(Ganked) and still has a lucky chair and a present of a yellow set of jewellery here.

T18 Templates & Dummy Wear
Shop full of pretty cute stuff for guys and girls. Don’t believe the prices on the vendors. Every outfit is 10L!

G&T Creations
Group gift belt for females and 1L gift behind counter, also soccer gift on counter
Found the shoes here – guy’s and girl’s flip flops, join group

Jaimie Earst Fashion
Bunch MM’s tons o’luckies, cute clothes

Free gestures in group notices – here to join. Can also put in picks and get other gesture prizes. Land info sign says that if you put it in picks you’ll get 20L/day but I saw no evidence of this.

LionSkins by Leezu Baxter
Free skin here on the counter. It say group members only but I’m only in the subo and got it!

LB’s contain cute little dresses and a yellow and blue track jacket

YunA’s Hair
Three sweet boards tho the hair is apparently different from what’s on the outside! Only a 5 minute wait! There is also a shooting star hair prize in here but you have to walk toward the yellow light particles, then frantically copy and paste "/7 catch" (without the quotation marks) in local like 20 times and then finally you might get it!

This find I located on where Silver Milneaux, a simply lovely avatar had posted it. Oddly I couldn’t get to the place from the slurl tho, seems YunA has moved or something…anyway, Silver was so kind as to tp me to the place and I got two L’s on the boards also immediately! Yay!
All the other hairs range in price from 50-80L!
Ed Note: I put these lovely hairs on and discovered that they didn’t fit and that I couldn’t resize them to fit. Wondering what was going on, I contacted the maker who told me that essentially there was nothing she could do about it. English was not their first language so I felt it was a communication problem. Yes, it was. Mine! I found there was a notecard with one of the hairs I bought that said the best head size was 30! My av’s is big, well over 7 feet (2.28 meters) most of the time and my headsize was 63! Poor thing was shocked and I was disappointed. Final solution? I made a brand new avatar shape and especially changed the head to size 30. The hair fits beautifully and now I’m so glad I got it. In fact I may even have to go back and buy more! Lol!
Morals: perhaps think about reading product notecards even when it seems a waste of time and maybe it was time for a new look! My av is now 5’11” (1.77 meters). Well for the time being!
So I sent an apology notecard to the designer along with some of my paintings!

Free group gifts and dollarbie here – leggings, socks and stuff! Check this cute shop!

Library – check it out dude!
Yes this is the system folder below your other main folder “Inventory”. Just in case you haven’t looked at the new SL sign up page, you’ll find the contents for all the new avatars (well since May or so I think, maybe earlier) in your library. There is some designer stuff here: check out the creator’s name by right clicking and clicking properties (on the item in inventory) (useful function for finding out more about your stuff especially when you didn’t keep a landmark) and you’ll see well-known names like hair designer Truth Hawkes. Some of the items in the Library section don’t work like usual ones. Like they may not go on when you double click to wear and may not even show as being worn sometimes. However they are copy and mod and no need to transfer cuz everyone has them! This kind of pre-fab stuff quickly acquires a stigma much like Ruth has (in fact did you know that there is an SL religion called The Eternal Cult of Ruth!?!??!) and people don’t bother looking in there. I have discovered quite a few really nice pairs of boots among other things, including this black super-domme super pointy stiletto boot that I just can’t get enough of! These are the Female Student boots (5 pieces).

To get to this part of your library, click on the Library folder, then Clothing, Initial Outfits and there you’ll find all 12 (6 female and 6 male) of the brand new avatars complete! Unfortunately as these folders stand, you can’t right click and wear. However you can use the “Make Outfit” function found in all viewers under appearance! Also when you wear the item, another copy is automatically put into your regular inventory. It’s a bit weird and confusing.

RezIpsa Loc
Dollarbies here – tank for girls, jeans for girls and T for both

Shoe Fly Shoes
Group gift of grey leather sandals here. Also this shop always gives out free gift cards, usually worth at least 150L. You can use one per pair of shoes and get a great discount!

Equilibrium Design
Guy and girl gifts here as well as some cool clothes in MM’s

Crystal Gadgets
Home of the free Builder’s Skybox which rezzes a great big skybox for private building and photography, the Frame Wizard to put frames on any prim, the Relative Mover which is handy for moving builds longer distances, and the Texture Atlas that optimizes the loading of textures onto multiple prims! Now this could really be whoo hoo!

Crayon Design
Freebie wall here includes adorable tintable sequinned dress
There are some hunt gifts in here but I couldn’t find them!

Help People Island
A great place for beginners or if you just need a review. Seems to be all sorts of things going on here. At this spot you’ll find a big white present with a red box that contains a bunch of free gestures.
Looks like self-taught classes here..including tutorials on GIMP and making flexi skirts

Group gifts of poses and two green straw bags
Whole ROOM full of freebies here including shoes, jewellery, clothes for guys and girls and 6 sets of poses! Yes all free! Really cool suitcases and bags too!

Curious Kitties
Group gift of dark grey pants and a skirt here

June Bug Hunt
Paris Metro
Find the June Bug #024 here – inside a lovely flowery summer dress

And at the main shop, sit in the flower here and see the bug below for another cute outfit!

June Bug Hunt
Look up in the tree – see bug, free skin!

Two cute swim suits here, free

Free squatting pose ball and free Study Hard desk set with poses here

free and dollar shirts, skirt, necklace

L&H Clothing Collection
4 LB’s with dresses and T’s
Lime and pink original outfit – camp for 20 minutes and get it free while checking those boards!

Get out there and find that now!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Las Arenas Rosadas

Las Arenas Rosadas Amazing group of sims. Start here and click the fruit bowl for a notecard with all the best places to explore!

Here I am relaxing on this beautiful sim (one of 5!) in the group...lying in a little rowboat with the sea spray behind me and a bunch of adorable little creatures around. I'm wearing one of the 1L bikinis from First Look , a pareo (blue one tinted green), (can no longer find at AQUA) (but there is a long/short white a pink dress free here), former free bracelet set from Mehndi , Ofif (with texture change scarf), hair from Mirai 250L, the new free skin Wish from Heart Sick (below) and free from lassitude & ennui, the white flip flops which also come in brown and black. (There are some earrings here free as well! and the other shoes are lovely too but not free!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yet More Supreme Stuff MSGFA June 8, 2010

My Friend Chuisle Alecto of Bess is having a moving sale. Four big boxes of stuff for 10L each including clothes, eyes and manicures. There are also some nice glasses on the wall for 5L each.

Danger Bike Works
Free motorcycle on MM and it is NICE!

Adorable gacha items here for 20L, the Classic Rose ring is still here as well as two LB’s with a shelf and a sofa set. There are lots of cute clothing item, accessories, houses and furniture (some Japanese style) also available here for reasonable prices.

NEW China Tang sim
Lovely old fashioned Chinese build

Cute little black and pink dress here in subscribo (#1 in history)

Stunning black leather stiletto boots with red dragon deco – FREE
Most of her boots are at least 700L but she has a wall of novelty boots and past freebies for 99L/pair.

Vinyl Café at Dominion
Little shop with lots of cool freebs including shoes and boots and stockings
VC group gift of tiny high waisted skirts here

Join the FEMDOM group and get a gift of some really shiny pants and stuff here
Dominion: cool sim!

Ameni M Hana - Skins, Clothes, etc...
Assortment of free and group gift items here including bikinis, pareos, colourful new jacket!
Another pink pareo to your left on the floor
Lucky boards upstairs have cute little dresses in them

[glow] studio
Three dollarbies: wings, flowery pants (blogged before to MSGFA group) and a shape here
Lucky chair right here too – with gloves, face décor etc

Heart Sick skin
Two beauties free here, and a shape

+DV8+ Main Store
Riot Room: Whole wack of clothing and other group gifts in here as well as three lucky boards with the most amazing boots pewter (almost black) or moss (also black!) you’ve ever seen: Velvet Union Boots – Pewter
They are so fantastic there was a guy, a dark grey woman with a mask and a cute dog, as well as Bast, all waiting to get lucky on these boots! BTW, there is the same pair of boots in green amongst the freebs too!

PurpleMoon Creations
Fantastic Purple gown as free group gift here

Having fun on SL?


Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Free Stuff MSGFA June 6-8, 2010

Exile Zoe hair, Tik Tok Sabrina skin (below), Poetic Colors Caribbean Reef Eyes (sale over now), 5th&Oxford halter, skirt and stockings (mentioned below), Concrete Flowers free bag (below), GField Short Lace-up Boots, Hello Dave Cigarettes with facial expressions 10L at the Black and Bleu Fair (below), Fleur fractal bracelet by me

Here’s some cool things to find on the grid today!

1L straw fanny pack with goldfish here

sf design Ladies clothing
free red cargo pants and top here

50% off many things – it seems kinda mixed as to what has been marked down and there aren’t any signs so you pretty much have to look around
I did find the gorgeous HUGE rings on sale for 110L each and bought two! Steal!
This is such a beautiful build and sim, even has elephants. I strongly recommend that you go at least for the sight

! H-Art Club/LS Designs
Room with freebies and dollarbies
There is a Secret Keeper Hunt gift here too, looking for a book with a nice gothy building in it. However the gift doesn’t work right now. I have noted the people involved and hope to hear sometime soon. Will let you know cuz it’s a cool thing!

The White Armory(c) TM
Excellent period skirt and blouse free group gift here

Strawberry Festival
Lots of little carts with strawberry and other themed items – appear to be under 200L (except for the houses)
There are two free Lark tops here and some strawberry fairy lights as well, a strawberry hot air balloon for 75L

Adorable 1L plum halter dress here
Cute tube dress in pinky red floral still available free in subscribo behind you

.::GATTI::.Skin Shape Fashion
Free group gift skin here

Acid & Mala Creations Main Store
Sweet little polka dotted skirts free as group gift. The mini dress like it is only 100L, great colours!

Ton of great free jewellery here

Glam Affair Discount Section
Everything 10L including skins! Great stuff!

*::Ume Mode::* accessories
Aqua jewellery set free group gift

Vinyl Café
Group gift in red bag on the table here – group joiner outside
(this also contains a bed and a super skybox!)
Also loads of cute clothes mostly for 25L each

Cute purple “print” dress in gift box here for zero!

Willow at Horst
Black and white cocktail dress here for free
Big sale – clothes, hair poses, until June 12, 2010
There are a lot of cute hairs for only 75L!

April’s group gift skin is still free here and it’s cute!

Have fun!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blossom Skin from I CE COCO

Here is the Blossom 1L skin I mentioned below, the Together Inc outfit, old Primalot NCI Hunt gift Victoriana jewellery, Jenna Hair from Exile 250L with pink background fractal by me

OH NO, more shopping!

Found some cool stuff for you folks! Check it!

Zahir tattoos and stuff
Buy this free book “Zahir” on the floor here then rez and sit on it to reduce lag! No copy so makes a great gift for friends too or just send them this slurl!

The Dressing Room new location
Get TULI Gina skin here for only 65L!
other cool stuff as well for 70L and under (far as I know)

Posh Hair
Sale: 4 pack 50L, 16 colours 150L can’t beat that really! Lol

Mango, Mango! Mainstore
Skin shop
Skins along this wall and to your left all under 69L and as low as 5L.
This includes a nice variety of skin tones, make-up and even blue and black lip colours
There are also some to the left of this wall on the side. All other skins appears to be 250L and a good deal at that price.

.:*December*:. new location
Cool glasses on three LB’s here

Builder’s Brewery
Looks like a fine place to learn! Checked it out for the first time today and hope to take some free classes here…schedule at slurl
Hm…there is supposed to be some free stuff in here somewhere!

.::ODB::. aka Ol'Dirty Bastards
Buncha different free things in the central area here including demon outfits for male and female and another female demon skin
Upstairs: feral wolf and fox avatars (touch vendor for free or pay 30L!)

:::::: Collect* main store
Renewal opening gift – cute baggy flowered shorts free

Ironik Kitties MAIN STORE! =.=
Gorgeous red lipped skin with dark eye make in subo history here

Actually saw the creator of this latex line at a gallery by Cat Boccacio that I went to today! Then I found the XXX Hunt gift of a lovely light red latex body suit in two styles right here:
1L and cheap things here like bikinis

Also leave message regarding your store experience and get free gift!

Not Buttons
I went back here when I found out there were more skins to be had in hunt gifts: Dark Katz (cat head), Get a Clue Hunt (big blue question mark) and the Macabre Hunt (big red apple, which [aside to KN] btw is an interesting heavily made up skin with a marble texture)…I will leave you to find these as they are pretty easy!

Black and Blue Fair 2010
Draws attention to the issues of mental illness (not charity)
There are tons and tons of cute things in here and not all of them black and blue! It was very laggy of course and I couldn’t really get around to give you the exact lm’s but you’ll find some free and cheap things here as well as prices of all ranges. There is a lovely blue lace lingerie set for free (look for small blue package on the floor) and well as Magika hairs for 10L. There are also some amazing skins including 2 Tik Tok’s for 120L each (I'm in love!)and a large assortment of blue, black and other colour skins in different price ranges. Altogether too much to choose from but highly recommended! Try to check out all three rooms – I cammed.

Join group and go to counter in shop here for free pandas and earrings

FM Shoes
Amazing flower power boots free in subo here

Hudson Clothing
Green outfits “To the Beach” for men and women free in group joiner just beyond the models

Good luck with these my friends!


Part of the Cool Installations at IDIA Laboratories

Wearing the top from the Elements dress posted below, the new boon rose hair and shoes and belt from an old YS&YS group gift...gotta check out this amazing minimalist sim - there are several levels to see - looks like where I grew up in Saskatchewan! [One of the Baltic republics, lol!)
Wearing the new Cupcakes skin (no longer available) with the hair Kibt from Mirai.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free! Or not?

Second Style Island
50% off sale and a few free things here and there

1L each slinky red dress and two skins in window

Adorable furnished skybox free


*~TM~* This Moment Main Store
Pink satin formal gown, free

Nouveau Miranda
New location and still have free hair pack Amazonia

Poetic Colors
50% OFF SALE! Hurry only 3 days! All eyes 100L ! Yay!
Also new free eye Cosmic Dreams! A gorgeous purple and blue

Beautiful green corset in a mauve bag on the counter (which has been blogged before), and new light green lace corset on the wall here, both free!
Also MMs with lovely pink slip dress and mauve corset top.

MAGIKA Hair <3
New Rebecca Hair with fedora free in subo history here:

Paris Metro - 5th Avenue
Stunning aqua gown "Elements" free at front door

NoT BUTTON'S skins
Has cute group skin, join group then go to shop here:

New bronze skin Elle – two versions with two skins each – 60L/pack, has a nice sweet look!

[chuculet] shop @ Taunt Mall
Free and cheap stuff including a fab new tote, only 5L!

Identity (has weird punctuation that I can’t seem to use here!)
Cute black body suit in subo, you should get invite when you arrive, say yes, then gift will follow

Nine limited edition Rainbow skins in many tones including grey, black and violet as well as more standard tones only 1L (I'm sorry to say but I checked back here this evening and these skins were already one but there are some very nice ones in the courtyard for only 50L each!)

::: I CE COCO :::
New Blossom skin in group notices – free to join.
Adriana skin still available for 1L in store

Glasses NALA MainStore [glasses,sunglassee]
Group gift: big free colour change glasses here

There is a nice 60L colour change sandal on the first floor and a discount area here:
Two group gifts for free as well – male and female jeans and top – cute

*G FIeld* Main Store
New pink fluffy top in subo here

Have a great time all!


My Friend Coral

Coral was over visiting last night. She's one of the first people I met on SL - we met at New Citizens Inc (free SL university). We've had fun ever since! BTW, Coral has a group dedicated to saving the world's coral reefs. Please IM me if you would like to join! (Note she's wearing the shell earrings I made and send to the group recently - let me know if you didn't get them or you can find them free at Lotusland in the Sky. Look for the gold seashell. Also I made the fractal background.)

New ID

Wearing the new Fierce Design track suit gift (store blogged June 3, 2010), .:*December*:. Glasses No.42 GropGift [sic](April), CUPCAKES Daydream Cameo Darkness (former group gift, I believe), [ 69 ] MOA 01 - Light Platinum Blonde, and Fleur bracelet pink by me! Feel free to im if you would like the bracelet as it's not in world at the moment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Cool SL stuff June 2, 2010

A hunting I have been and just doesn’t seem to be anything that great out there that’s free!
Here a few little things I managed to dig out tho!

Scads of MM’s and LB’s with some pretty good stuff in them including some wild new biker boots. These didn’t lock today as far I could tell so everyone needs to get on down!

+HONEY+eot Devil
Upstairs is a room full of free and 5L things! Check for quality – varies.
Downstairs there are some things that are 50% off meaning mostly 50L-75L and other reasonably priced clothes.

G&N Quality Design
Free blue top and pants

Nice free unisex Rough Hewn T in the vendor above your head – the one on the far right.
There is an outfit for 10L at the counter behind you.

Adam n Eve
New golden and silver skins – no never mind! Lol! (They are 1000L ea!)
But there are some golden eyes here for only 5L!

*~*Illusions*~* Masks and Unique Accessories
At last the lovely Aurelie colour change pendant I got at Jewelry Fair 2009 (free) is for sale for 90L only! It’s gorgeous and worth it as you can change both the stone colour and the metal. I wear it often!
Interesting wooden box containing itself, masks and jewellery on the table here.
There’s also a lucky board with a flower in a vase!

Hope this helps!