Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black & Blue Again June 15, 2010

Black and Blue Fair
Make sure to make it to the bathroom here which is full of free and discounted items all under 50L and most about 10L!

Another floral romper in short and long pants has been released as a group gift here

The Dressing Room Blue
How did I miss this? There’s another Dressing Room and everything here is 70L or under too! Worth it to go for the 4 pack hair by boon for only 70L! This includes the rose hair in a deep aubergine-brown tone.

Safe Hub
Cool teleport device that can send you many well-known places

Black leather dress as free group gift right here (among the regular merch). Wear group tag and hit touch after right clicking on the dress
Other cheap and cool stuff here – have a look!

Sole Sisters!
Wood heeled sandle with leather upper – so cute – only 1L! here
White snakeskin and diamond Alexandra white club boots here 1L

Look for more white dollarbies and other little things in the store. There’s also a discount room where fatpacks of shoes are 100L

Big sale, everything 100L or less. Hairs for as little as 25L!

*YS&YS* YourSkin & YourShape
Beautiful new light Evelyn skin as group gift here - free

Gold belt and skirt in subo – sweet!

New Trails
Plants and stuff
Free bonsai oak tree here

Purveyors of Accidental Love
Join group and check notices for this adorable off shoulder red cardigan sweater from Pig

SLC Couture
Cute pink babydoll dress as group gift here (box on extremely interesting table – check it!)

TrendStyle Mainstore
Short-sleeved fuchia babydoll top here as free gift.

Has Been - Vintage & Alternative Inspired Fashion
Upstairs – discount room, LB’s and mobvend
Big Fat pack combos for 60-99L and a purple corset set in the subo here

1L Hello Kitty panties and tank
1L White sequined dress

Free set with pink top, yellow and green leggings to the right of the door
Free red gingham top and shorts on the table

:Visionaria on KOOK
In April I blogged about the glorious tan coloured dress of roses here inside a sunshiny sky cottage. It’s still there! Free!

Then today I was looking there to see if anything had changed and I noticed a little tony tper that says “under the tree” and tpd. There is a free music box under the tree at water level!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the tper to go back up! Here is the slurl, the lovely dress is still on the table – look for the two photos stuck together

Picture here
Just a lovely looking little place, great for photos! Cool sounds and music

Big whack of 50L skins here (well there were yesterday!)

magi take shop
Huge wall of great group gifts here free. Includes loads of purple and green clothes, hats bags, shoes, glasses, for both men and women

Join group and receive a nice little cow patterned bag from notices
Otherwise pay 75L
I couldn’t find the group joiner so I just edited something and went to the owner’s profile and joined from there. There are also LB’s and dollarbies down here.
There is a tper to the free and super cheap discount area as well.

Buddha in silver necklace 1L here

.:: S@BBiA ::.
Join group and collect these diamond pants, stripey skirt dress, red dress, black mary-janes and some cool socks, all free

Apple May Designs (AMD)
Free skin in subo – 8 variations in total and these are amazing!
Room full of cute stuff for avatars 30 days and under only!

A fully free and dollar store of designer stuff! (Quality varies)

Saddam Triskaidekaphobia (= fear of the number 13)
Go to this guy’s page on Xstreet, and change the sorted for price to “low to high”,
and you’ll find some pages of free stuff – such as a jukebox, furniture, loads of vehicles including cars, scooters and planes!

NaMiya's Fancy Goods (Low prim fairy, small angel goods shop)
Last minute tip from Maidy!
Lucky boards and camping chairs for fairies/faeries! Whoo hoo!

Please remember everyone is free to start chat, post notices and post freebies!

Lotusland location being revamped again! Info soon!


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