Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cool Motorcycles at Darkfold

Wow the horrors on SL today! Every kind of error you can imagine and more – I have never seen it this bad even when I was a pure noob!

Darkfold Designs Bike & Neko Store
There are 4 MM’s and a LC all with free motorcycles in them and they ROCK!!!
You may need to join group to hit these – due to lag, I’m not sure!

Sinuous Shapes
Big Sale – pretty much everything (skins, shapes, clothes) 50L and under

The Black Market
Freebies and dollarbies of various kinds, mostly clothes, here in the boats

A number of clothes and other freebies here announced today – supreme lag when I was there!

Magika Hair
50% off sale – so that means all hairs are 99L, even the new releases!
(Question: why is this lovely hair (including demos of course) scripted for texture changes whereas there are no scripts allowed in the store?)

Enky’s Dollar $tore and Freebies
Everything you can imagine for your avatar
Lots of designer stuff including shoes from Enkythings

Sensuelle (correction)
Rory Rives’s flea market here (opening June 30, 2010) – mobs of cute dresses and gowns marked down to 50L and less
In shop: opening deals on emerald shoes 5L, plus free orange and aqua green bikinis and black and red swim trunks for men here

.nami dasshu.
Good Shit Hunt
Adorable black and brown cocktail dress with nice big belt!

Free Penang rust coloured bikini on the table here
Good Shit Hunt – aqua bottle – look up a little
Gorgeous turquoise cocktail dress

Show Me on the Doll
Good Shit Hunt – gorgeous black cocktail gown (midi and mini) with peeptoe shoebooties included! (Caution: why are the most stupendous things made to fit a size that is somewhere below 0 (zero) with no musculature whatsoever? And no mod or resize script?

Good Shit Hunt
Turquoise slashed one-piece swimsuit here includes hat and flip flops

Free black stilettos, black lace up boots with colour change socks, little black dress here (first two gifts blogged before)

Floydian Territories
Free and dollar items here – cute clothes, jewellery and other items

Shape Me
Free male and female shapes and eyes!
MM with black bikini
4 packs of 8 eyes each free

Cool blue high waisted shorts with belt as free group gift here

Club Epic
Lag free techno dance club

Alchemy Immortalis
If you aren’t getting their free gifts, please join DSN (Designers Showcase Network, blogged before), they have the most amazing stuff. Go into this shop today and take a simple survey (takes a few seconds) and you’ll get this gorgeous dark gold ring with blue moonstone

Sent a pack of groovy red hairs to the group this week – this hair is called Lovely and is a cool frowsy updo that comes in tons of colours for only 200L/5 pack, comes with diamond head band
– also have out a new free gift: Mistress jeans and belt (black and gold package on the floor by the couch)
MM with diamond and platinum set SHYAYN
(so don’t buy them for 250L unless you’re rich)
Don’t forget the new gift in the LC – wide blue gown with fuchia roses!
Excellent discount deals to be had here as well
Yes I love this shop!

Have a great day!


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