Sunday, June 20, 2010

Everything From Shoes to Hair and Back

Gorgeous black and red leather pumps here free!

ChiChickie! Headquarters
My friend Chiana Meredith has a free gift in a green box here as well as a bunch of free hairs in the subo. Seems like every message in the history has a free group gift hair!

.+*Heart Softens*+
Two gorgeous group gift hairs here, one on this wall and one on the opposite wall where there are also 8 LB’s for hair, all hairs 60L for one colour. I got the Ecel in ash
Four more hat hairs (same as at Mainstore)
LB’s at the Tsukiji location, gacha hairs 30L/try

Lara Skin
Adorable free group gift skin with fuchia lip, gold eyelid and tiny beauty mark
Join group and go to shop to get it

The Dressing Room
New Opening – all new designers!
Everything 70L or under

New Tanya preview skin gift here as well as the older Kalista
You need to join the group which is 250L (well worth it for all the free skins you get – around once a month) to get the Tanya but not to get the Kalista or the new Gem Eyes!

J Coug
Washington State University
Lovely free uni merch! All free: track suits for both, Cougar logo skins for guys, even a foam finger!

*Luxurious World*
Camp 30 minutes for a red striped bikini and pareo (sarong)
Find the peace symbol in the Groovy Love hunt with a lovely puffy blue-green dress inside! Also some logo wear, free
There is a bunch of 6 1L boxes on the other side of this wall. They didn’t have pics on them so I was reluctant to try but you never know. Other items in this store marked as low as 5-15-100L and prices in between, regular price slightly higher. Men’s things upstairs

Cheese sim
Wacky and wild shops with every kind of avatar and oddity you can imagine and much you can’t! Great use of simple solid textures. Photo op! All inside a 768x768x768 mega sphere. There is one free avatar here, found it in a box a couple of places around. Lots of other stuff over 100L tho!

** Pink Posh **
My friend Lois Millgrove’s shop is growing like crazy! She still has the LC for the Burlesque Corset set in several colours including black and teal. She’s also added some wide belts, ripped tights, gothic skins and more corsets so have a look!

LB for azure babydoll top

In her shoes
New colour change flowered flip flops FREE CUTE

Lingerie Boutique
Animal chemise 10L and group gift black lace lingerie set 10L

Mother Goose
Skins and stuff
Beautiful modern Japanese-made skins, many suit all looks. Regular skins are priced lower than the average and she has a ton of 1L and cheap skins and clothes and well and 8! fast sin herkin LB’s here

Hunt well folks! Post any new stuff you find!


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