Friday, June 4, 2010

Free! Or not?

Second Style Island
50% off sale and a few free things here and there

1L each slinky red dress and two skins in window

Adorable furnished skybox free


*~TM~* This Moment Main Store
Pink satin formal gown, free

Nouveau Miranda
New location and still have free hair pack Amazonia

Poetic Colors
50% OFF SALE! Hurry only 3 days! All eyes 100L ! Yay!
Also new free eye Cosmic Dreams! A gorgeous purple and blue

Beautiful green corset in a mauve bag on the counter (which has been blogged before), and new light green lace corset on the wall here, both free!
Also MMs with lovely pink slip dress and mauve corset top.

MAGIKA Hair <3
New Rebecca Hair with fedora free in subo history here:

Paris Metro - 5th Avenue
Stunning aqua gown "Elements" free at front door

NoT BUTTON'S skins
Has cute group skin, join group then go to shop here:

New bronze skin Elle – two versions with two skins each – 60L/pack, has a nice sweet look!

[chuculet] shop @ Taunt Mall
Free and cheap stuff including a fab new tote, only 5L!

Identity (has weird punctuation that I can’t seem to use here!)
Cute black body suit in subo, you should get invite when you arrive, say yes, then gift will follow

Nine limited edition Rainbow skins in many tones including grey, black and violet as well as more standard tones only 1L (I'm sorry to say but I checked back here this evening and these skins were already one but there are some very nice ones in the courtyard for only 50L each!)

::: I CE COCO :::
New Blossom skin in group notices – free to join.
Adriana skin still available for 1L in store

Glasses NALA MainStore [glasses,sunglassee]
Group gift: big free colour change glasses here

There is a nice 60L colour change sandal on the first floor and a discount area here:
Two group gifts for free as well – male and female jeans and top – cute

*G FIeld* Main Store
New pink fluffy top in subo here

Have a great time all!


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