Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mirabella Mall reopening and GANKED and many other cool things! June 12, 2010

GANKED has some new jewellery for free and discounted in the new Mirabella Discount Area.
(discount area)
(Ganked) and still has a lucky chair and a present of a yellow set of jewellery here.

T18 Templates & Dummy Wear
Shop full of pretty cute stuff for guys and girls. Don’t believe the prices on the vendors. Every outfit is 10L!

G&T Creations
Group gift belt for females and 1L gift behind counter, also soccer gift on counter
Found the shoes here – guy’s and girl’s flip flops, join group

Jaimie Earst Fashion
Bunch MM’s tons o’luckies, cute clothes

Free gestures in group notices – here to join. Can also put in picks and get other gesture prizes. Land info sign says that if you put it in picks you’ll get 20L/day but I saw no evidence of this.

LionSkins by Leezu Baxter
Free skin here on the counter. It say group members only but I’m only in the subo and got it!

LB’s contain cute little dresses and a yellow and blue track jacket

YunA’s Hair
Three sweet boards tho the hair is apparently different from what’s on the outside! Only a 5 minute wait! There is also a shooting star hair prize in here but you have to walk toward the yellow light particles, then frantically copy and paste "/7 catch" (without the quotation marks) in local like 20 times and then finally you might get it!

This find I located on where Silver Milneaux, a simply lovely avatar had posted it. Oddly I couldn’t get to the place from the slurl tho, seems YunA has moved or something…anyway, Silver was so kind as to tp me to the place and I got two L’s on the boards also immediately! Yay!
All the other hairs range in price from 50-80L!
Ed Note: I put these lovely hairs on and discovered that they didn’t fit and that I couldn’t resize them to fit. Wondering what was going on, I contacted the maker who told me that essentially there was nothing she could do about it. English was not their first language so I felt it was a communication problem. Yes, it was. Mine! I found there was a notecard with one of the hairs I bought that said the best head size was 30! My av’s is big, well over 7 feet (2.28 meters) most of the time and my headsize was 63! Poor thing was shocked and I was disappointed. Final solution? I made a brand new avatar shape and especially changed the head to size 30. The hair fits beautifully and now I’m so glad I got it. In fact I may even have to go back and buy more! Lol!
Morals: perhaps think about reading product notecards even when it seems a waste of time and maybe it was time for a new look! My av is now 5’11” (1.77 meters). Well for the time being!
So I sent an apology notecard to the designer along with some of my paintings!

Free group gifts and dollarbie here – leggings, socks and stuff! Check this cute shop!

Library – check it out dude!
Yes this is the system folder below your other main folder “Inventory”. Just in case you haven’t looked at the new SL sign up page, you’ll find the contents for all the new avatars (well since May or so I think, maybe earlier) in your library. There is some designer stuff here: check out the creator’s name by right clicking and clicking properties (on the item in inventory) (useful function for finding out more about your stuff especially when you didn’t keep a landmark) and you’ll see well-known names like hair designer Truth Hawkes. Some of the items in the Library section don’t work like usual ones. Like they may not go on when you double click to wear and may not even show as being worn sometimes. However they are copy and mod and no need to transfer cuz everyone has them! This kind of pre-fab stuff quickly acquires a stigma much like Ruth has (in fact did you know that there is an SL religion called The Eternal Cult of Ruth!?!??!) and people don’t bother looking in there. I have discovered quite a few really nice pairs of boots among other things, including this black super-domme super pointy stiletto boot that I just can’t get enough of! These are the Female Student boots (5 pieces).

To get to this part of your library, click on the Library folder, then Clothing, Initial Outfits and there you’ll find all 12 (6 female and 6 male) of the brand new avatars complete! Unfortunately as these folders stand, you can’t right click and wear. However you can use the “Make Outfit” function found in all viewers under appearance! Also when you wear the item, another copy is automatically put into your regular inventory. It’s a bit weird and confusing.

RezIpsa Loc
Dollarbies here – tank for girls, jeans for girls and T for both

Shoe Fly Shoes
Group gift of grey leather sandals here. Also this shop always gives out free gift cards, usually worth at least 150L. You can use one per pair of shoes and get a great discount!

Equilibrium Design
Guy and girl gifts here as well as some cool clothes in MM’s

Crystal Gadgets
Home of the free Builder’s Skybox which rezzes a great big skybox for private building and photography, the Frame Wizard to put frames on any prim, the Relative Mover which is handy for moving builds longer distances, and the Texture Atlas that optimizes the loading of textures onto multiple prims! Now this could really be whoo hoo!

Crayon Design
Freebie wall here includes adorable tintable sequinned dress
There are some hunt gifts in here but I couldn’t find them!

Help People Island
A great place for beginners or if you just need a review. Seems to be all sorts of things going on here. At this spot you’ll find a big white present with a red box that contains a bunch of free gestures.
Looks like self-taught classes here..including tutorials on GIMP and making flexi skirts

Group gifts of poses and two green straw bags
Whole ROOM full of freebies here including shoes, jewellery, clothes for guys and girls and 6 sets of poses! Yes all free! Really cool suitcases and bags too!

Curious Kitties
Group gift of dark grey pants and a skirt here

June Bug Hunt
Paris Metro
Find the June Bug #024 here – inside a lovely flowery summer dress

And at the main shop, sit in the flower here and see the bug below for another cute outfit!

June Bug Hunt
Look up in the tree – see bug, free skin!

Two cute swim suits here, free

Free squatting pose ball and free Study Hard desk set with poses here

free and dollar shirts, skirt, necklace

L&H Clothing Collection
4 LB’s with dresses and T’s
Lime and pink original outfit – camp for 20 minutes and get it free while checking those boards!

Get out there and find that now!


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