Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NO Way, More Cool Stuff June 21-28, 2010

Well they say it’s thanks to the 21 new SL7 birthday sims that SL has been so messed up for the last week! I’ve hardly been able to do a thing! So it’s not just my connection or the size of my inventory. Here are a few things I’ve come across recently.

Laqroki Skins
Free avatar: female eyes, hairs, skins and shape (older design, I think because not like her current skins)
Six free low-prim female and one male hairs as well as black and white outfits for both right here
The Fling II is only 5 prims I believe, perfect for shopping and laggy places!

Table with free white and colourful bracelets and earrings
Also full wall of freebies – tattoos, jewellery and mouthies
Everything else cheap, as low as 10-20L

White Amory
New Victorian long gown every Sunday as group gift here

Very cute peach babydoll top as free group gift here

Good Shit Hunt
object is a blue and aqua soda bottle shaped scultpie and quite easy to see using wire frame view (ctrl>shift>R)

Just stand right here and see the bottle in front of you for a cool free skin!
There is also a free group gift skin on the easel here (both are light tones)

::Umedama Holic::
Lovely mauve/blue eyes – look for one of the objects in the glowing fountain behind the hunt sign

Dark toned skins here (look carefully in the corner here)

Cute pink plaid shirt here free as hunt gift – just look for a BIG RED ARROW

Pig Shop Mainstore
Cute unisex open sweater in Rubics cube here
Good Shit Hunt: Plain off-white unisex shirt here

Three free skins here

Unusually styled aqua ruffle dress here

Aqua and yellow bikini here

Flippers and goggles in several colours

Poetic Colours
Summer wheat eyes here
Nearby to your left is the purple free eye

(end Good Shit Hunt) – I advise that you google “Good Shit Hunt Second Life” for more blogs and information

Berries Inc
Free grey and brown summer beach tote here

Free orange bikini as group gift here
(Ed Note, June 29, 2010 went to check this again today and nothing but water here! - however there is another Sensuelle here - details coming up soon!)
Other lingerie sets only 150-250L

G Field
New location
They have the famous floral babydoll top for a free opening gift here in olive green! Get it!

D!VA Hair
New opening – bunch of free gifts, bags and poses here
Three hair LB’s here in a kind of pinkish tone, 4 more on the opposite wall
Other hairs still only 100L, lots of new ones!

KANIVAL [sic] Leona Rozen (Quality varies)
(I have got her stuff before – then was Noir Lolita)
There are a bunch of 1L dresses and things here
as well as some tattoos, sunglasses and accessories on the other side here
then some bikinis, dresses and jeans for 1L and group gifts here

Dollarbie orange and yellow swim sets for guys and girls! Cute patterned accents
Discount Area
Men and women’s swimsuits in red – LC’s

Fashion is Love Hunt
Cute little red bodysuit in transparent and solid
Look for the ironing board

Thats all folks!


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