Saturday, June 5, 2010

OH NO, more shopping!

Found some cool stuff for you folks! Check it!

Zahir tattoos and stuff
Buy this free book “Zahir” on the floor here then rez and sit on it to reduce lag! No copy so makes a great gift for friends too or just send them this slurl!

The Dressing Room new location
Get TULI Gina skin here for only 65L!
other cool stuff as well for 70L and under (far as I know)

Posh Hair
Sale: 4 pack 50L, 16 colours 150L can’t beat that really! Lol

Mango, Mango! Mainstore
Skin shop
Skins along this wall and to your left all under 69L and as low as 5L.
This includes a nice variety of skin tones, make-up and even blue and black lip colours
There are also some to the left of this wall on the side. All other skins appears to be 250L and a good deal at that price.

.:*December*:. new location
Cool glasses on three LB’s here

Builder’s Brewery
Looks like a fine place to learn! Checked it out for the first time today and hope to take some free classes here…schedule at slurl
Hm…there is supposed to be some free stuff in here somewhere!

.::ODB::. aka Ol'Dirty Bastards
Buncha different free things in the central area here including demon outfits for male and female and another female demon skin
Upstairs: feral wolf and fox avatars (touch vendor for free or pay 30L!)

:::::: Collect* main store
Renewal opening gift – cute baggy flowered shorts free

Ironik Kitties MAIN STORE! =.=
Gorgeous red lipped skin with dark eye make in subo history here

Actually saw the creator of this latex line at a gallery by Cat Boccacio that I went to today! Then I found the XXX Hunt gift of a lovely light red latex body suit in two styles right here:
1L and cheap things here like bikinis

Also leave message regarding your store experience and get free gift!

Not Buttons
I went back here when I found out there were more skins to be had in hunt gifts: Dark Katz (cat head), Get a Clue Hunt (big blue question mark) and the Macabre Hunt (big red apple, which [aside to KN] btw is an interesting heavily made up skin with a marble texture)…I will leave you to find these as they are pretty easy!

Black and Blue Fair 2010
Draws attention to the issues of mental illness (not charity)
There are tons and tons of cute things in here and not all of them black and blue! It was very laggy of course and I couldn’t really get around to give you the exact lm’s but you’ll find some free and cheap things here as well as prices of all ranges. There is a lovely blue lace lingerie set for free (look for small blue package on the floor) and well as Magika hairs for 10L. There are also some amazing skins including 2 Tik Tok’s for 120L each (I'm in love!)and a large assortment of blue, black and other colour skins in different price ranges. Altogether too much to choose from but highly recommended! Try to check out all three rooms – I cammed.

Join group and go to counter in shop here for free pandas and earrings

FM Shoes
Amazing flower power boots free in subo here

Hudson Clothing
Green outfits “To the Beach” for men and women free in group joiner just beyond the models

Good luck with these my friends!


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