Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Cool SL stuff June 2, 2010

A hunting I have been and just doesn’t seem to be anything that great out there that’s free!
Here a few little things I managed to dig out tho!

Scads of MM’s and LB’s with some pretty good stuff in them including some wild new biker boots. These didn’t lock today as far I could tell so everyone needs to get on down!

+HONEY+eot Devil
Upstairs is a room full of free and 5L things! Check for quality – varies.
Downstairs there are some things that are 50% off meaning mostly 50L-75L and other reasonably priced clothes.

G&N Quality Design
Free blue top and pants

Nice free unisex Rough Hewn T in the vendor above your head – the one on the far right.
There is an outfit for 10L at the counter behind you.

Adam n Eve
New golden and silver skins – no never mind! Lol! (They are 1000L ea!)
But there are some golden eyes here for only 5L!

*~*Illusions*~* Masks and Unique Accessories
At last the lovely Aurelie colour change pendant I got at Jewelry Fair 2009 (free) is for sale for 90L only! It’s gorgeous and worth it as you can change both the stone colour and the metal. I wear it often!
Interesting wooden box containing itself, masks and jewellery on the table here.
There’s also a lucky board with a flower in a vase!

Hope this helps!


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