Monday, June 21, 2010

Tableau Summer Festival, Fashion is Love Hunt and Many Other Things!

Lag not bad unless you have a dual core with 2 gigs RAM or less, lol, I advise using reduce lag tactics! That includes me!
Nice set up of carts in the street here and very cute sim!
There are deals to be had and freebies as well…
You’ll just have to go and walk around the whole thing! Lol!

-(fashionably dead) lemon and white print tank free
-Yummy has adorable sun-shaped drum for 10L – get several as they are no copy and make great gifts for your friends – you can then make music together! (BTW, I have a great conga drum and HUD that I got at the Burning Life Taiko Drummers performance a little while ago. IM me if you would like a copy too!)
-Clawtooth has a flat straight yellow blonde hair for 1L – her style is a bit like lamb
100% of the proceeds on some items goes to The Center for Cultural Diversity
Also a variety of moustaches in 5 styles and 6 colours, even pink
-Tres Blah has a gold and white unisex sports T 1L
-Pig as usual has the loveliest things for free: a grey and brown unisex shirt and a set of bikinis in 6 colours! Wow!
-Nylon Outfitter has the cutest little gifty things for 1L each, again no copy so they make great presents for your buddies! Nice big tasseled badge for your shirt, ridem ladybug, this cool stick with a sunflower and leaves on it – a summer welcoming stick (we still don’t have summer this year in Vancouver so it’s nice to see these things!) – and a wacky spiky golden mask – save for your next masked ball!

Pacadi Jasha
Lovely new skins in 4 lighter tones – they include
- 2 different Eyebrows
- Prim Lashes
- Eyelenses
- Manicure
- Facelight
-Eyebrow Shapes
Though you don’t need the facelight if you have the proper windlight settings. I found the eyebrows a little close set for my taste but overall a very nice design with a lot of different makes and only 250L/set

Also some lovely lingerie, dresses and shoes for very reasonable prices. My only objection is that the demos are 1L each for all demos in store. I understand why designers do it but frankly I don’t like to pay to try on goods
I also super indulged my av and got the Armadillo Plateau shoes in Ocean. I saw these when they first came out in a multi-coloured texture for like 100’s and 100’s of linden. These new ones are in somewhat more solid tones (plus purple, green, black) but still with that great scaly texture! And only 195 now! They are a club-type boot, the sculptie for which must be for sale somewhere cuz I have seen variations on this shape and got some free ones at Sole Sisters the other day though they were only 1L, I was not as happy with the white/silver texture as with this one

Broken Doll new shop
Two t-shirts (one for guys or unsex) in black and a black tutu dress with red tights here free as well as a Yummy Cupcake prize which I did not get!

Still has free hairs for guys and girls near the door. Seems like every time I go, I see a new hair I love. Today I got the Laya for 250L. It’s a large dramatic updo with two rolls in the back and straight fringe. There are also a separate set of dready type braids to add along the bottom AND a great pair of eyelashes too! I say great because they are the first pair of eyelashes that I have tried that fit with only a tiny adjustment and they are gorgeous! My first chance to wear prim eyelashes (since I found out the eyelash adjustment in the Appearance Editor has been borked since whenever!). I suggest checking the exact contents before you buy as I haven’t seen a hair here that comes with eyelashes before. This Laya comes in all colours, the demo purple is especially nice! I got the light blondes and am soooo happy.

Now I have bought 4 new hairs just this weekend! ARG!!! I’m supposed to be deleting inventory! Yesterday I spent hours reinstalling Emerald when I couldn’t even open the viewer at all when I got online. Then there were 20,000 items less than usual (57,000 something) and it took forever to refetch my inventory. So everyone is telling me I have to delete! ARG!!! Maybe I will just put some of it in boxes!

And speaking of new eyelashes..
*LP* design, .:::GARAGE:::.
Has 10 styles for 45L each. I didn’t try them – let me know how big your head is and how they work for you! Lol!
It’s now 80L to join the group tho there are some lovely gifts for group here. There are also some sweet skins for free

Fashion is Love Hunt gifts

The hunt object is a gold sculptie with a big dark pink jewel in it. They call it a “piece of gum” though it doesn’t look like gum to me, more like a rounded square – quite thick but in varying sizes. Much credit for this info (cool pics!) goes to SiselyBella at SL Toolbox Chicks blog

-*LP* design
There are two dark pink dresses here, one tight mini and the other a chiffon babydoll with jeweled bodice
One gold and pink square of gum near the floor here
another one on the shelf above and in front of you
This is the first find I have made on the hunt – there have apparently been some withdrawals…so please have fun!

Fashion Freaks Hunt – top of pink lollie here behind phone (skins)

Fashion is Love Hunt
Two objects embedded in the shelf here beside the presents
Finally located the grand prizes of skins! It is high in the air and there was a security orb on that kept saying in chat that I had been kicked. However I didn’t get kicked and as able to get the two objects here:

-Sassy Kitty
Object on top of stair rail upstairs – two cute little dresses

Two skins in this prize behind the pillow behind the bunny

-Rock Me Amadeus
Panties in this one

-Love Soul
I found the prim nails and ring using wire frame (ctrl>shift>R) and bought it but couldn’t find it again! It’s on the ceiling somewhere!
and it took me forever too

Green pumps here
Also adorable bathroom shelf set as a profile pick – add to profile picks, come back in 2 days and get the gift. Caution it’s 30 prims but oh so cute!

Bikini here

-The Whore
Tiny blue and white mini here on the couch

In the corner on the side of the shelf is long pink skirt and bikini top

Lovely lilac and white bikini
Down on the floor under the table

Ripped jeans on the counter

-Before Sleep
Gift is on the 1L shelf behind the pink deer
There are freebies nearby as well, and lots of other reasonably priced things including clothes, skins and furnishings

Bodysuit here in red I believe

(Hints page)


GIA Sim Opening
-Mina hairfashion
Free red hair here

Summer bikini 1L

-Nefertiti Kimagawa
Click vendor for free black dress

-Bolero Collection
10L dress (red feathered pattern), free red bolero

-Purple Moon
Free pink dress

There may be more free gifts on this sim, let me know if you find them!


Modern Gypsy
Lovely dotted olive green sheer summer dress free here

Sn@tch Main Store
This is the free and cheap section – there are tons of new things as well as the old faves!
There is a free retro TV with some interesting stuff in it as well as a box of 1000 of her clothes

YAY! New shop opened and there is a 5 present hunt here. They are well hidden so you’ll have to use wire frame, cam a lot, use your object finder and Emerald Area Search (under the Emerald Menu at the top of the screen). There is also a Fashion is Love gift here (pink and silver ring). The gifts from Tik Tok include clothing and a free skin!

**mischievous cat** Main Shop
Several group gifts here – lovely watched and rings

Niven Collection
Get black dress outfit for free along with a number of 10L specials

new shop opening gift couple pose

Magika Hair
Don’t forget Magic Mondays at this great hair shop! TP in to get the lovely long straight and flowing hair with a couple or three bobby pins – Jenna! Today only (there is a new one every Monday) 7 shades of blonde, 20L!!!

That’s all for the moment folks! Have fun and tell us what YOU find. Feel free to post on the group My Secret Guilt Free Addiction! Yay!


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