Friday, June 25, 2010


Mystitool (free) smile, Truth Chalice hair, PC Ocean eyes, Lara Lucy skin (pale, smokey, red), Boom bikini

Sam from the giant communications company was here at last this afternoon and yes, my system is now steaming ahead at ADSL TURBO speed! So please, never again tell me (this means YOU Second Life) that the lag is due to my internet connection! HAH!

I am back on, up and running at least for a while this afternoon and then maybe later tonight for all those of you who noticed I was missing for the last 3 days!

SOOOOO glad to be back even if my bff Ruby will be gone for 3 months! ARGGGG!!!

Ruby, Sis (from the blog SL Toolbox Chicks and Onyx DJ fame) and myself unison dancing long after all the guests went home - this was Ruby's last night of dancing! AW! I'm so sorry I couldn't get a pic with Sis's face - will try again soon! Wearing just a conglomeration of things! Notice Sis and I are holding Smirnova Icee coolers. I made them, free, full perms! IM me inworld or here if you want one!

Moi in one of the new Tik Tok skins found at the Black and Blue, Boom eggplant hair from the Dressing Room Blue and I forget where the other stuff is from. Standing in my beloved Kook sim!

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