Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yet More Supreme Stuff MSGFA June 8, 2010

My Friend Chuisle Alecto of Bess is having a moving sale. Four big boxes of stuff for 10L each including clothes, eyes and manicures. There are also some nice glasses on the wall for 5L each.

Danger Bike Works
Free motorcycle on MM and it is NICE!

Adorable gacha items here for 20L, the Classic Rose ring is still here as well as two LB’s with a shelf and a sofa set. There are lots of cute clothing item, accessories, houses and furniture (some Japanese style) also available here for reasonable prices.

NEW China Tang sim
Lovely old fashioned Chinese build

Cute little black and pink dress here in subscribo (#1 in history)

Stunning black leather stiletto boots with red dragon deco – FREE
Most of her boots are at least 700L but she has a wall of novelty boots and past freebies for 99L/pair.

Vinyl Café at Dominion
Little shop with lots of cool freebs including shoes and boots and stockings
VC group gift of tiny high waisted skirts here

Join the FEMDOM group and get a gift of some really shiny pants and stuff here
Dominion: cool sim!

Ameni M Hana - Skins, Clothes, etc...
Assortment of free and group gift items here including bikinis, pareos, colourful new jacket!
Another pink pareo to your left on the floor
Lucky boards upstairs have cute little dresses in them

[glow] studio
Three dollarbies: wings, flowery pants (blogged before to MSGFA group) and a shape here
Lucky chair right here too – with gloves, face décor etc

Heart Sick skin
Two beauties free here, and a shape

+DV8+ Main Store
Riot Room: Whole wack of clothing and other group gifts in here as well as three lucky boards with the most amazing boots pewter (almost black) or moss (also black!) you’ve ever seen: Velvet Union Boots – Pewter
They are so fantastic there was a guy, a dark grey woman with a mask and a cute dog, as well as Bast, all waiting to get lucky on these boots! BTW, there is the same pair of boots in green amongst the freebs too!

PurpleMoon Creations
Fantastic Purple gown as free group gift here

Having fun on SL?


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