Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barely Able to Catch Up!

So many new and cool free deals and bargains on the grid!

Free Group Gift
Adorable black designer mini-dress from

Still has many white things for free on ground floor. Fat packs of 5 are only 150L. There is some cute basic and well made stuff here!


The little big Nam3less-Hunt
Search for brown conch shells with eyes
Somapop Diapop (2) (under the floor here, use wire frame)

SALE: Skins 10L, hair 50L… past group gifts 1L
hair, skybox, black dress, skin and shape: group gifts free

Fashionably Dead
Cool unusual and cute skins here for 500L
Jellies (jelly sandals) 2 pairs for 150L, loads of colours
Lots of sweet clothes too

*LP* design
Buncha free group gifts here
Lime Green set Group Gift

Buncha free gifts at the from including some nice retro “Gramma” stuff

cioccolata @ Albero Gatcha Festival
Whole ton of cute gatchas, mostly 30L/try

Summer of Love Fair
Hit the huge question marks for plenty of great summer freebies, look around at the great bargains - especially along the upper walls I found some things under 50L and a 1L pose

Free leggings and dollarbies outfits, cute dresses on LB
Seven free group gifts
Other clothing as low as 10L-50L

Really cute, highly detailed tan and black dress with stockings to be found here
There are 11 tiny white sculptie pairs of wings hidden all over this shop which is gigantic, all inside a mega prim. I found 10 sets of wings and the dress appears complete except for possibly a garter belt thingie. I used wire frame for nearly this whole hunt and had a pretty tricky time finding them all!

Thanks for reading and that’s all for tonight folks!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Chance to See "It Was All Yellow" @ L'Quen Oreben July 31, 2010

It was all Yellow!

OK, folks, tp on over there and get your FREE HOT painting by me as well as a cool Linden Japan mask. Lots to see and do on that sim as well so may as well visit!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Blog Added, It's by Laerke Levenque

Second Life by Laerke Levenque - Freebies, Bargains & Stuff

Check out her lovely looks!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

China and It was a Blur sims

Hey All,

How ya doing?

Here are some pics I took today of some cool places - with some freebies of course!

Try these places for your own photos..........



It was a Blur - art and fashion installation and lots of cool freebies!

Shape by me
AO, Girl Star by Oracul
Skin, Plain Jane Dolly Dots Butterscotch, blonde by Mynerva 700L
Hair, MAGIKA, Katie (Blonde: Platinum), recent sale 99L
Eyes, Poetic Colors, shallow water, sale a while ago, 100L
Sunglasses, /artilleri/, Greta white, 120L or 500L for 10 colours, also available in matte yellow at the Car Wash for 10L
Nails, ..::MAI::.. Gift White Nails (not sure if still available), free (MiraSonia Demina)
Cigarette, Realistic, [Fox Labs], smokin' and free on XStreetSL
Top, !Omai, White BLANK tank, still free, along with a bunch of other white clothes
Men's Shirt, ::[ Mr.Poet ]::, off shoulder white, 150L I think, may have been on sale
Leggings, *COCO*, torn white, group gift, free to join, just came out recently
Sandals, N-core, PRELUDE XtremeHeel white with colour change options on the nails and skin (great matcher), group gift, still available!
Earrings, $GANKED$, Shyayn silver and diamond, free gift set
Rings, Zaara, black with diamonds Trusha and aqua abalone and pearl Raga from previous 50% off sale 125L each

Have fun out there! There are tons more freebies and excellent deals to be had!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Who Would Have Known!?!?!? Try this little thingie with your real picture or an avatar!

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Stammbaum online - Ahnenforschung stammbaum

Found this on The Fashion Feed of SL somewhere! LS

Friday, July 23, 2010

It Was All Yellow Show, L'Quen Oreben OPENING PARTY PICS

The opening party was a great success tho as host, I totally forgot about taking picture of the main event which was Maidy's light show. Dang. Well next time! We had a super time thanks to L'Quen Oreben Art Gallery owners and staff, SiselyBella Riggles and Maidyuk Axel of course! You will see us together again at the Best in Purple Gallery opening mid-August 2010.

Also a great big thanks to the more than 50 people who attended at least for a short time between 2pm-12am SLT. I made up a surprise contest for Best Dancer in Yellow and the judge Javon chose lacii as the winner of her choice of any of my paintings in the gallery! No, I assure you that I did not help Judge Javon in any way or have any part in the decision! Lol!

Due to all the art and textures and building lately, I've only been doing a minimum of freebie hunting and shopping, lol, yet somehow my inventory climbed up more than 2000 in the last couple of weeks! How does that happen?

Unison dancing at the after party (marathon total=10 hours, a record over last time by 3 hours! With thanks to DJ Sis): me, Sis and Arcus

DJ Sis, with arms wide open (playing for my next opening too!)

The mysteriously cute Arcus - looks like his usual one-eyed ghost-head didn't rez properly for a moment!

Wytchy, dancing and flying

Sabryne - still dancing after all this time!

Bri, the die-hard and David

Moi, it was all yellow

Last of the crew - taken by Wytchy

Thanks again to all!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"It was all Yellow" Gallery opening was Blogged!

SiselyBella of the famous "The SL Toolbox Chicks" fashion blog has blogged my party! Yay! What a doll! I haven't got syndicated yet so only a few privileged people know about this blog or my group My Secret Guilt Free Addiction! Lol!

Anyway, all the details for the 'It was all Yellow' gallery opening are below on the last post. Please feel free to im me or note me if any questions!

And please do join us for fun! Yay!


Monday, July 19, 2010

"It was all Yellow" Gallery Opening @ L'Quen Oreben

L'Quen Oreben

Wearing Mynerva Vanilla skin, Harvest Queen (part of 2000L fat pack), Sin Skin eyes (10L, almost everything in the shop is still 10L), Magika Katie hair (previous sale 99L), [Mandala] Takayama earrings (um, 250L I think!), R.icielli Ballone top in gold (previously discounted at the Dressing Room).

Hi Everyone!

How are you?

Just confirmed my "It was all Yellow" gallery opening at L'Quen Oreben Art Museum:

Thursday, July 22, 2010
2-4pm SLT (9-11 GMT)

First there will be a few minutes to say hi, view, mingle and chill.

Second, prim and particle light (for roughly 1 1/2 hours)show like you have never seen before anywhere by Maidyuk ("Maidy") Axel. She is also a clothing designer and expert low prim builder and maid of all trades here.

All along we will be privileged to hear the popular stylings of DJ and SL fashion blogger ( ) SiseleyBella Riggles. She'll be taking requests. She seems to have everything and plenty of Canadian content too, lol. Sis likes to go over time on occasion so be prepared to stick around and dance!

Almost everything in the gallery that I made, lol, is for sale, including walls, floor and ceiling. Most of my art uses fractal paintings. There are also some sculpties in here. The five in the middle of the floor include the outside texture.

Everything is 300L and under, mostly 200L and copy/mod/no transfer. Framing and other customization is available for a small fee.

There is a free painting on the Tibetan chest - Torso redone in yellow, a free full perm mask from Linden Lands, a free hollow bracelet I made (full perms for fun), on special are a yellow ceramic box with the full perms texture inside (100L)and a fractal ring I made (100L). Lauren the one-prim cat is NFS!

You'll also find my Lotusland Gallery Group joiner here on the Tibetan chest.

Thanks so much for reading all the way down to here and really hope to see you this coming Thursday. I'll also send out reminders on the day and probably during the party too, hehe.

Leonie Szczepanski
IM me anytime if you require info.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NONAHOO Designs and other fancy stuff (plus my new home!)


This lovely new shop (originally opened April 2009) reopened on a brand new sim. Nona (Nonahmi Hoobinoo) came to visit my gallery last summer and later I met his partner Reise Claremont and visited their shop. Nona has made some great tops (for both genders) and a new free gift pink dress, two cool MM’s – an orange tie dyed tank and black jeans only 35/35! - and Reise has made a ton of gorgeous jeans. They welcomed me over last night and it’s just a matter of time before their excellent designs become well known! So I have a few pics to show you and hope you’ll visit their new location soon! Please tell your friends too, hehe …

Nona, Reise and Tater (their sweet bulldog from Zooby) in their new shop, wearing their stuff

Nona with some of his gorgeous sweaters

Reise in front of her lovely jeans designs

On the MM's

Wearing the free pink dress found next to the MM's (along with tinted Magika hair from the recent Black and Blue Event and jewels, a former Ganked gift, Mynerva skin

Xion in the green T 110L

The white halter top (85L), worn with discount Magika hair and Omai Blank free gifts (still available)

Black summer outfit as dollarbies, USA group gift, LB with cute one piece and tenbies here

*ordinary design* shoes for men and women
Reopened – get fantastic orange and white hi-top sport shoes for free after 24-48 hours in your picks – oops, just read that Sl is once again handling search and picks differently so apparently pick gifts no longer work as before - dang
Though not cheap (start at 500L), I highly recommend the quality of this footwear, so realistic, worth a look. They used to have great lucky boards and freebies so you never know!

Long white dress, bag and sandals free as group gift here (new shop – Japan style)
Freebies here: backpack, pool ring, belt, tattoo and shoulder pet
Houses on Lucky Boards
Lots of really cute well-made clothes for 100-120L; amazingly adorable cuffed half jeans with open belt – lil teddy bear on that!, and leggings with variations (both genders) – 120L

Prim & Pixel Paradise
Hit folder to get subo gifts

Pixel Dolls
The free Violet tops are still out as well as 4 free violet dresses

Mynerva skins
These are the most amazing skins I’ve seen in a while – very realistic detail, old ones are 300L, new sets 700L, fat packs 2000L. Please go and try on the demos at least! Also there is the Fashion is Love Hunt gift – check the sofa for 2 free skins and eyes!

That’s all for today and thanks for reading!

PS I am so happy to let you know that I have been given a new home at The Hope Village! My house was made by the now famous artist Winter Nightfire who was recently featured on the premiere of Treet TV’s new show Metaverse Arts. The Hope Village is an Sl org that helps house those who are on disability pensions in RL. Please get in touch with me via IM if you are looking for a place and feel you might qualify and I’ll refer you to the contact person! YAY!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Newbie Style Challenge

See this blog Juicy Bomb for the details of the challenge which was essentially to make an avatar for under 20L with items still available or that were available until recently.

Xion is wearing his own shape (made from scratch), Peppermint Blue Male Skin LightTan (free from Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue - male gift), summer wheat eyes free via Good Shit Hunt, Poetic Colors (today may be the last day to grab the soda bottle here), PE Mykal Kohl hair from Savoir Hair (free), Red Door polo shirt for guy (tintable and free on XStreet), Got Flower Power? black and pink board shorts free from Cilian'gel and free pink Chucks from Maschienenwerk

I'm wearing my usual shape (made from scratch), the free group gift skin Lucy from Lara skins, Medium Blue eyes 10L from Sin Skins sale, free Here Comes Trouble hair from Savoir Hair, Elemiah free aqua blue dress Lya, Ganked Shyayn bracelet (free July group gift)and the new colour change flip flops free from In Her Shoes

If you send me a pic of you doing the challenge, I'll post it here! (Though the actual one I posted was over yesterday.)

Have fun,


Friday, July 9, 2010

Tiny Bird Hair SALE

Hey Everyone,

How's it going, eh?

Just got my computer back after nearly 3 days so this is a little delayed. (Posted to My Secret Guilt Free Addiction July 7, 2010) As of the 7th, these deals were still on. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Tiny Bird Hair
Giant Sale! All single hairs (6 pack) are marked down to 100L and fatpacks are marked down to 400L (that’s 56 colours!). Clothes are also on sale for around 75L/piece. There’s some great stuff here so get down soon!
Note that the D.A.N.C.E.R. hair is still free at the front (a long straight hair in 56 colours) and there’s a 1L tattoo there too

The Sea Hole
Subo grey ‘who ate ?’ dress
Skin in group notices
Good Shit Hunt
Soda bottle contains green clutch purse and colourful bangles


Magic Burst
Mana Gardenia skin, shape and outfit 10L

One of Lelutka’s designers opened her own shop
A cool brown dress set includes handbag and Lola skin in their subscribo
The skin is gorgeous, medium pink lip, light or dark brows, hairbase or none

Strawberry Hunt until July10
7 strawberries on the sim
3 at Heavenly Designs
1 at Convoitise Gothic Outfits
4 at Convoitise
1 at Convoitise Skins Collection
1 at Kraftika
Free and cheap shelf here

High necked mauve mini in lucky chair and pink poofy dress in MM

what next
The Shopaholic Chair – tall aqua director’s chair
July group gift

sf design
July group gift free
Men’s blue and White Print Sarong and the Ramses Blue Sandals

Lushish Catz Women Clothing and Menswear
Free and 10L clothing items here

Alphabet Soup Bazaar (over on July 10th or 11th, I believe)
Free themed T’s for both genders in the soup can marked “SWAG”

Free men’s red T, orange gingham bikini for women

Free poof dress, 3 female and 1 male shape

Dulce Secrets
Skins priced 75L for male skin and 175L for female

alphabet soup beachbum outfit 22L (for the full set)

Before Sleep
Unisex brown, blue, green and red flip-flops 1L each
Board Shorts 50L
Guy’s and girl’s summer outfits 1L each
1L full summer avatar kit incuding sweet yellow bikini
1L female skin and shape

1L unisex multicoloured runners (sneakers, chucks)

Kitty Kupcakes
Free shop and something, other little cheapies: tree, Russian doll, apothecary kit, bird pillow

Two 1L pairs of girl’s pants, girl’s tank and guy’s T

Multiple Personality Design (MPD)
Free white and pink long gowns, loads of cool stuff for guys and girls all less than 6L each

1L black ankle boots, other shoes for guy and girl – all under 50L

There are 8 free men’s top and jeans outfits here (4th floor in Men's Ensemble section)

SOTD (Slave of the Dreams)
Vintage cigarette in colour change holder 50L

Dany French Touch
New Gregor Suit for men and Mona dress for women only 1L each and these are lovely detailed creations. She also has two new 150L outfits (Job- dark grey pants, blue shirt and tie) and Alis (lovely mermaid gown in black with mauve sash) for both genders

[ATOMIC] Skin_
Skins Faith Patriotic group gift – join fee of 250L
Three tones, red lip, blue eyeshadow, dark brow

PurpleMoon Creations
Has a super dark purple mermaid gown for group members

Free T-shirts and two other freebies here
Most other T’s 35L

BLH = Beach Loving Hunt, looking for a blue sun (black and blue ball)
Hint: Sparkles all over me
Light Gray Aviator shades

Free hi-top Chucks in 14 colours – unisex
Free lo-tops in 8 colours
Dark brown workboots

Warehouse full of free stuff, most of it for guys

Midsummer MALE for the MSD Hunt
get a hint in chat by clicking the hint giver box

so what?
++ Gangster's suit on XStreet

Cilian’gel Boutique
Beach Loving Hunt (dark blue ball)
Men’s and Women’s pink and black swimwear
Free purple halter dress at the front
10L witch’s outfit with loads of pieces, also at the front
Another purple outfit free on the counter

Free “Got Hearts” heels
Free “Got Nightmare” shoes

Have fun, let me know via email (on the side panel) if you have something you'd like to post - tips or good pics of free and cheap items you have found. Also feel free to post to the group in world!

Thanks again,


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Free USA texture for Independence Day!

Well folks, yesterday was pretty maddening cuz I lost my land AGAIN! All due to a stupid misunderstanding that I will not repeat in this second lifetime! LOL!

Good news is, I got a free trial for a new program and will be making new textures like mad for the next month or so. Let me know if you have any requests!

I'd like to be in SL of course, however seems the two programs take up more than all my memory so things are sloooooow! If you im me, that's good cuz messages will go to my email. Notecards aren't so good because my messages get capped.

In honour of Amercans everywhere, I'm sending you a free full perms texture to play with - in red, white and blue. It will stay in the notices (My Secret Guilt Free Addiction Group) for 2 days and of course people are free to join, get the texture and leave if they have no room for another group.

As well, it will be available at this location in world for 1L for the next 2 days. If you want more variations, let me know and I can make them for upload cost of 10L per texture or send via Skype or Yahoo free.

Have fun and take care!


Friday, July 2, 2010


.........was actually yesterday and I kinda missed it HOWEVER...

My favourite DJ Siselybella Riggles of Onyx fame, notecarded me today and they're having a big Canada Day party tonight!

Here's the text from her notecard:

Onyx Canadian Night!

Hi there! I am a fellow Canadian eh - a maritimer currently living in Ontario.
In honor of the Canada Day celebrations this weekend, I am Djing a Canada Day Party tonight!
There will be a contest for Best in Red & White with a prize of 1000L to the winner.
The event features all Canadian Artists from the past and present. I will be playing my favorites plus any of your requests from your favorite Canadian bands or singers.
I hope you can join me in celebrating Canadian Music!

What - Canadian Night
Where - Onyx Club
When - TONIGHT Friday, July 2nd, 2010 from 8-10pm slt
Event Theme - Best in Red & White
Prize - 1000L

Cheers guys!
Siselybella Riggles
(Feel free to IM me if you have any questions at all!)

It Was All Yellow Show, L'Quen Oreben Art Museum OPEN!!!

It Was All Yellow Show, L'Quen Oreben Art Museum
Opening Party to be announced soon! Will include light show and DJ.
Check the Tibetan chest for goodies!

July 1, 2010

Hi Folks,

How are you doing? Enjoying your Second Life? Me too!

Thanks to Sabryne Rhode and her colleagues, I am enjoying this lovely benefit of the L'Quen Oreben Art Museum, Nevermore.

I specialise in fractal artwork which I've been making for the past 12 years. Essentially a fractal (google for masses more info) is a formula which describes natural objects. Some examples are spirals, seashells, leaves, flowers, trees and cityscapes. I use fractal graphic generators to create my images and usually display them as paintings and on other things as well.

Making colourful and interesting pictures is most important to me. Sometimes I choose names that are pertinent to me at the moment but usually they are fairly random! It's up to the individual viewer to decide what they envision there.

All the paintings and objects are copiable and modifiable so that you can size them to fit your place. Remember to make a copy before you start modifying. If you change the texture on your only copy, you will lose the original.

All of the paintings are 200L and the sculpties in the middle of the room are 100L and include the outside texture. If you would like any customization, there will be a charge of 100L.

There is a Tibetan chest (was free from Yak & Yeti but no longer available as far as I know) in the corner with a free updated yellow version of Torso00a, free fleur bracelet (full perms), free Sungod's Courtyard box which includes the full perm texture on the outside, a free mask found in one of the Linden homes sims by Crazy Mole and a silver ring with fractal texture (GeorgiaStraits1232) by me for 100L.

Currently I am working on one other gallery - you'll find all the updated information on my profile picks as it happens.

Thanks so much and please enjoy the exhibit.

Leonie Szczepanski ["Shapansky"]


Wearing the free Sofia Dark skin from the Good Shit Hunt, Savage long dreadlocked hair from Exile, Exile lazer lashes (came with Laya hair 250L), free Pig shirt from the GHS and Mandala Takayama gold earrings (275L I think).

Emerald Area Search Function

If you are an Emerald Viewer user (and really why would you choose any other viewer?) you’ll find a recently added a feature called Area Search to be found on your top tool bar under the Emerald menu tab. Simply click on Area Search and a window will pop open. Enter your search terms (several options) in here and click search. If the object you are searching for is within even 1000’s of meters and you have entered correct search terms, it will show up on the list.

Then double click the item in the Area Search window and a red rectangle will appear on your mini-map and a red arrow and beam will appear on your screen. If this is not a one tp point area, you’ll be able to double click on the red thing on your mini-map, the large map will open, click on Teleport and you’ll be tp’d directly to it! If there is only one tp point, you’ll need to follow the arrow and beam to find the item. This amazing search function will often work better than any object finder I have tried! If you don’t really like a challenge or enduring lag and just want to find the items you want to get/buy, this will save you a lot of time!

Molto Bene!
Super cute houses and skyboxes here, not necessarily low-prim but very detailed. I love the Seaside Bungalow, 89 prims, 20x12 footprint, C M NT, only 275L and was I tempted to buy it! There is also a lovely selection of low-prim 50L skyboxes here in several variatioins

AT Designs
Scenery skyboxes
My friend Maidy tipped me off about this incredible 36 window scene wooden skybox found only on Xstreetsl here!
See in world demos at their special demo location here

Two LB’s with her new fully colour change Glasses No.50, a square cats eye type design with flower decorations
They’re also participating in the Vision Hunt (July 1-31, 2010)and there are a pair of cool glasses and a pirate hat to find for 10L each.

Prim & Pixel
Codie Rouge in Midnight Black outfit in subo – join as there will be more gifts to come
Stunning off white and gold steampunk outfit with 49 pieces as picks gift here
As usual, you have to add the pick and go back 24-48 hours to get the item

22769 Casual Couture (for men and women)
Alphabet Soup Hunt is July 4 -10, 2010 and there will be a cute unisex beach bum outfit complete with beach backpack here
Men’s casual outfit group gift here
Free unisex USA tanktop
Other cheapies in the lobby here
Brown knickerbockers trousers in MM /30 here
Pretty little tropical sim

Willow Main
Two free and one dollarbie gifts on the table here (colour change dress, black top with bow and technicolour eyes
New high-waisted grey jean skirt free here also fierce yellow and pink eyes two for 25L or one for 13L just to the left

Mad as a Hatter Hunt

Paris Metro
Seems I had the wrong store location yesterday (corrected)
Finally found the Sea Star Gown in a Sculptie dark green hat on a stand here
Totally secret gift location – im me in world!

Sim inspired by Tim Burton and stuff – very cool, had seen an older version in some hunt and never found it again, the place is well worth exploring and a cool place for photos
There is a free pack of gestures on the table here
MM’s with girl gangsta outfit in black /100, bone hands marionette /70
Loads of great goth stuff for reasonable prices

Black Maria hair
Everything in shop is free – scads of Mohawk and punky type hair

MINA hair
Without looking I joined this group for 250L, ok it’s like $1.25 but talk about thinking first! There were a few hairs in the group joiner…testing…
Black and white print bikini here 1L
1L tan coloured adorable bag on the left of 4
Wild zebra print halter top 1L

That’s all for now folks!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mad as a Hatter Hunt in Second Life ...........

.................starts tomorrow and I received this note from Paris Metro:

“I want to let you know a new hunt is starting in Paris Metro Main Store... it is the Mad as a Hatter Hunt. It officially begins July 1. Here is a hint... it’s on the top floor, the fourth floor, yes a bit of climbing but it will be worth it. A beautiful brand new gown awaits you.
Many warm regards! Paris Zsun”

So we’ll have to go and check it then!
(Ed. Note: Oddly this post was picked up by another blog - probably automatically - All things French (in Oz)!

Paris Metro Gallery
A number of artists are showing here and three of them made these free art gowns and they are something! They are made of actual paintings. Get down there before it’s all over!
Flowing red gown
Dark golden gown with bare tummy
Grey blue swirly gown

[the.oBscene] Temple & Mall
Four wacky painted free skins on the counter here
And 4 new 50L hairs here

Free denim bootie shorts, white lace babydoll top and white lace stockings here in subo

Glam Affair
At last the lag was bearable enough and I found the Good Shit Hunt bottle here
There is an amazingly gorgeous dark-toned skin with golden eyes in it!

Free olive coloured bikini here
Turn around and there is a free tattoo in the table. Apparently there is also something in the subo but I was too silly to figure it out! Maybe I borked it! Will have to try back laterz.

Indyra Originals Main
Lovely set of pear necklace and earrings here free
Black and white lace lingerie in gift box here, free

I just love these shiny highwaisted skirts in black, beige (gold), white, hot pink, yellow and aqua. Alll come with a black ribbon bow – only 180L each!

!BANG Main
Six free “Just for Fun” poses here

1L for three poses “Don’t Freak Out” here
Other poses like 40L each

Sin Skins
Amazing deal – all skins, eyes, nails and lashes 10L!!! There are a ton of colours, tones, make-ups and masks

...and next door, just for purple lovers, at…

There are 8 free packages of violet coloured tops with all the variations possible on every single layer! However check the names of each carefully - seems some of them are the same!

That's all for now folks - oh yeah, I have two new exhibits opening soon and a party coming up around the 5-6th! Info to follow, y'all welcome!