Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barely Able to Catch Up!

So many new and cool free deals and bargains on the grid!

Free Group Gift
Adorable black designer mini-dress from

Still has many white things for free on ground floor. Fat packs of 5 are only 150L. There is some cute basic and well made stuff here!


The little big Nam3less-Hunt
Search for brown conch shells with eyes
Somapop Diapop (2) (under the floor here, use wire frame)

SALE: Skins 10L, hair 50L… past group gifts 1L
hair, skybox, black dress, skin and shape: group gifts free

Fashionably Dead
Cool unusual and cute skins here for 500L
Jellies (jelly sandals) 2 pairs for 150L, loads of colours
Lots of sweet clothes too

*LP* design
Buncha free group gifts here
Lime Green set Group Gift

Buncha free gifts at the from including some nice retro “Gramma” stuff

cioccolata @ Albero Gatcha Festival
Whole ton of cute gatchas, mostly 30L/try

Summer of Love Fair
Hit the huge question marks for plenty of great summer freebies, look around at the great bargains - especially along the upper walls I found some things under 50L and a 1L pose

Free leggings and dollarbies outfits, cute dresses on LB
Seven free group gifts
Other clothing as low as 10L-50L

Really cute, highly detailed tan and black dress with stockings to be found here
There are 11 tiny white sculptie pairs of wings hidden all over this shop which is gigantic, all inside a mega prim. I found 10 sets of wings and the dress appears complete except for possibly a garter belt thingie. I used wire frame for nearly this whole hunt and had a pretty tricky time finding them all!

Thanks for reading and that’s all for tonight folks!


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