Monday, July 19, 2010

"It was all Yellow" Gallery Opening @ L'Quen Oreben

L'Quen Oreben

Wearing Mynerva Vanilla skin, Harvest Queen (part of 2000L fat pack), Sin Skin eyes (10L, almost everything in the shop is still 10L), Magika Katie hair (previous sale 99L), [Mandala] Takayama earrings (um, 250L I think!), R.icielli Ballone top in gold (previously discounted at the Dressing Room).

Hi Everyone!

How are you?

Just confirmed my "It was all Yellow" gallery opening at L'Quen Oreben Art Museum:

Thursday, July 22, 2010
2-4pm SLT (9-11 GMT)

First there will be a few minutes to say hi, view, mingle and chill.

Second, prim and particle light (for roughly 1 1/2 hours)show like you have never seen before anywhere by Maidyuk ("Maidy") Axel. She is also a clothing designer and expert low prim builder and maid of all trades here.

All along we will be privileged to hear the popular stylings of DJ and SL fashion blogger ( ) SiseleyBella Riggles. She'll be taking requests. She seems to have everything and plenty of Canadian content too, lol. Sis likes to go over time on occasion so be prepared to stick around and dance!

Almost everything in the gallery that I made, lol, is for sale, including walls, floor and ceiling. Most of my art uses fractal paintings. There are also some sculpties in here. The five in the middle of the floor include the outside texture.

Everything is 300L and under, mostly 200L and copy/mod/no transfer. Framing and other customization is available for a small fee.

There is a free painting on the Tibetan chest - Torso redone in yellow, a free full perm mask from Linden Lands, a free hollow bracelet I made (full perms for fun), on special are a yellow ceramic box with the full perms texture inside (100L)and a fractal ring I made (100L). Lauren the one-prim cat is NFS!

You'll also find my Lotusland Gallery Group joiner here on the Tibetan chest.

Thanks so much for reading all the way down to here and really hope to see you this coming Thursday. I'll also send out reminders on the day and probably during the party too, hehe.

Leonie Szczepanski
IM me anytime if you require info.

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