Friday, July 2, 2010

It Was All Yellow Show, L'Quen Oreben Art Museum OPEN!!!

It Was All Yellow Show, L'Quen Oreben Art Museum
Opening Party to be announced soon! Will include light show and DJ.
Check the Tibetan chest for goodies!

July 1, 2010

Hi Folks,

How are you doing? Enjoying your Second Life? Me too!

Thanks to Sabryne Rhode and her colleagues, I am enjoying this lovely benefit of the L'Quen Oreben Art Museum, Nevermore.

I specialise in fractal artwork which I've been making for the past 12 years. Essentially a fractal (google for masses more info) is a formula which describes natural objects. Some examples are spirals, seashells, leaves, flowers, trees and cityscapes. I use fractal graphic generators to create my images and usually display them as paintings and on other things as well.

Making colourful and interesting pictures is most important to me. Sometimes I choose names that are pertinent to me at the moment but usually they are fairly random! It's up to the individual viewer to decide what they envision there.

All the paintings and objects are copiable and modifiable so that you can size them to fit your place. Remember to make a copy before you start modifying. If you change the texture on your only copy, you will lose the original.

All of the paintings are 200L and the sculpties in the middle of the room are 100L and include the outside texture. If you would like any customization, there will be a charge of 100L.

There is a Tibetan chest (was free from Yak & Yeti but no longer available as far as I know) in the corner with a free updated yellow version of Torso00a, free fleur bracelet (full perms), free Sungod's Courtyard box which includes the full perm texture on the outside, a free mask found in one of the Linden homes sims by Crazy Mole and a silver ring with fractal texture (GeorgiaStraits1232) by me for 100L.

Currently I am working on one other gallery - you'll find all the updated information on my profile picks as it happens.

Thanks so much and please enjoy the exhibit.

Leonie Szczepanski ["Shapansky"]


Wearing the free Sofia Dark skin from the Good Shit Hunt, Savage long dreadlocked hair from Exile, Exile lazer lashes (came with Laya hair 250L), free Pig shirt from the GHS and Mandala Takayama gold earrings (275L I think).

Emerald Area Search Function

If you are an Emerald Viewer user (and really why would you choose any other viewer?) you’ll find a recently added a feature called Area Search to be found on your top tool bar under the Emerald menu tab. Simply click on Area Search and a window will pop open. Enter your search terms (several options) in here and click search. If the object you are searching for is within even 1000’s of meters and you have entered correct search terms, it will show up on the list.

Then double click the item in the Area Search window and a red rectangle will appear on your mini-map and a red arrow and beam will appear on your screen. If this is not a one tp point area, you’ll be able to double click on the red thing on your mini-map, the large map will open, click on Teleport and you’ll be tp’d directly to it! If there is only one tp point, you’ll need to follow the arrow and beam to find the item. This amazing search function will often work better than any object finder I have tried! If you don’t really like a challenge or enduring lag and just want to find the items you want to get/buy, this will save you a lot of time!

Molto Bene!
Super cute houses and skyboxes here, not necessarily low-prim but very detailed. I love the Seaside Bungalow, 89 prims, 20x12 footprint, C M NT, only 275L and was I tempted to buy it! There is also a lovely selection of low-prim 50L skyboxes here in several variatioins

AT Designs
Scenery skyboxes
My friend Maidy tipped me off about this incredible 36 window scene wooden skybox found only on Xstreetsl here!
See in world demos at their special demo location here

Two LB’s with her new fully colour change Glasses No.50, a square cats eye type design with flower decorations
They’re also participating in the Vision Hunt (July 1-31, 2010)and there are a pair of cool glasses and a pirate hat to find for 10L each.

Prim & Pixel
Codie Rouge in Midnight Black outfit in subo – join as there will be more gifts to come
Stunning off white and gold steampunk outfit with 49 pieces as picks gift here
As usual, you have to add the pick and go back 24-48 hours to get the item

22769 Casual Couture (for men and women)
Alphabet Soup Hunt is July 4 -10, 2010 and there will be a cute unisex beach bum outfit complete with beach backpack here
Men’s casual outfit group gift here
Free unisex USA tanktop
Other cheapies in the lobby here
Brown knickerbockers trousers in MM /30 here
Pretty little tropical sim

Willow Main
Two free and one dollarbie gifts on the table here (colour change dress, black top with bow and technicolour eyes
New high-waisted grey jean skirt free here also fierce yellow and pink eyes two for 25L or one for 13L just to the left

Mad as a Hatter Hunt

Paris Metro
Seems I had the wrong store location yesterday (corrected)
Finally found the Sea Star Gown in a Sculptie dark green hat on a stand here
Totally secret gift location – im me in world!

Sim inspired by Tim Burton and stuff – very cool, had seen an older version in some hunt and never found it again, the place is well worth exploring and a cool place for photos
There is a free pack of gestures on the table here
MM’s with girl gangsta outfit in black /100, bone hands marionette /70
Loads of great goth stuff for reasonable prices

Black Maria hair
Everything in shop is free – scads of Mohawk and punky type hair

MINA hair
Without looking I joined this group for 250L, ok it’s like $1.25 but talk about thinking first! There were a few hairs in the group joiner…testing…
Black and white print bikini here 1L
1L tan coloured adorable bag on the left of 4
Wild zebra print halter top 1L

That’s all for now folks!


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