Friday, July 23, 2010

It Was All Yellow Show, L'Quen Oreben OPENING PARTY PICS

The opening party was a great success tho as host, I totally forgot about taking picture of the main event which was Maidy's light show. Dang. Well next time! We had a super time thanks to L'Quen Oreben Art Gallery owners and staff, SiselyBella Riggles and Maidyuk Axel of course! You will see us together again at the Best in Purple Gallery opening mid-August 2010.

Also a great big thanks to the more than 50 people who attended at least for a short time between 2pm-12am SLT. I made up a surprise contest for Best Dancer in Yellow and the judge Javon chose lacii as the winner of her choice of any of my paintings in the gallery! No, I assure you that I did not help Judge Javon in any way or have any part in the decision! Lol!

Due to all the art and textures and building lately, I've only been doing a minimum of freebie hunting and shopping, lol, yet somehow my inventory climbed up more than 2000 in the last couple of weeks! How does that happen?

Unison dancing at the after party (marathon total=10 hours, a record over last time by 3 hours! With thanks to DJ Sis): me, Sis and Arcus

DJ Sis, with arms wide open (playing for my next opening too!)

The mysteriously cute Arcus - looks like his usual one-eyed ghost-head didn't rez properly for a moment!

Wytchy, dancing and flying

Sabryne - still dancing after all this time!

Bri, the die-hard and David

Moi, it was all yellow

Last of the crew - taken by Wytchy

Thanks again to all!


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