Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mad as a Hatter Hunt in Second Life ...........

.................starts tomorrow and I received this note from Paris Metro:

“I want to let you know a new hunt is starting in Paris Metro Main Store... it is the Mad as a Hatter Hunt. It officially begins July 1. Here is a hint... it’s on the top floor, the fourth floor, yes a bit of climbing but it will be worth it. A beautiful brand new gown awaits you.
Many warm regards! Paris Zsun”

So we’ll have to go and check it then!
(Ed. Note: Oddly this post was picked up by another blog - probably automatically - All things French (in Oz)!

Paris Metro Gallery
A number of artists are showing here and three of them made these free art gowns and they are something! They are made of actual paintings. Get down there before it’s all over!
Flowing red gown
Dark golden gown with bare tummy
Grey blue swirly gown

[the.oBscene] Temple & Mall
Four wacky painted free skins on the counter here
And 4 new 50L hairs here

Free denim bootie shorts, white lace babydoll top and white lace stockings here in subo

Glam Affair
At last the lag was bearable enough and I found the Good Shit Hunt bottle here
There is an amazingly gorgeous dark-toned skin with golden eyes in it!

Free olive coloured bikini here
Turn around and there is a free tattoo in the table. Apparently there is also something in the subo but I was too silly to figure it out! Maybe I borked it! Will have to try back laterz.

Indyra Originals Main
Lovely set of pear necklace and earrings here free
Black and white lace lingerie in gift box here, free

I just love these shiny highwaisted skirts in black, beige (gold), white, hot pink, yellow and aqua. Alll come with a black ribbon bow – only 180L each!

!BANG Main
Six free “Just for Fun” poses here

1L for three poses “Don’t Freak Out” here
Other poses like 40L each

Sin Skins
Amazing deal – all skins, eyes, nails and lashes 10L!!! There are a ton of colours, tones, make-ups and masks

...and next door, just for purple lovers, at…

There are 8 free packages of violet coloured tops with all the variations possible on every single layer! However check the names of each carefully - seems some of them are the same!

That's all for now folks - oh yeah, I have two new exhibits opening soon and a party coming up around the 5-6th! Info to follow, y'all welcome!


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