Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NONAHOO Designs and other fancy stuff (plus my new home!)


This lovely new shop (originally opened April 2009) reopened on a brand new sim. Nona (Nonahmi Hoobinoo) came to visit my gallery last summer and later I met his partner Reise Claremont and visited their shop. Nona has made some great tops (for both genders) and a new free gift pink dress, two cool MM’s – an orange tie dyed tank and black jeans only 35/35! - and Reise has made a ton of gorgeous jeans. They welcomed me over last night and it’s just a matter of time before their excellent designs become well known! So I have a few pics to show you and hope you’ll visit their new location soon! Please tell your friends too, hehe …

Nona, Reise and Tater (their sweet bulldog from Zooby) in their new shop, wearing their stuff

Nona with some of his gorgeous sweaters

Reise in front of her lovely jeans designs

On the MM's

Wearing the free pink dress found next to the MM's (along with tinted Magika hair from the recent Black and Blue Event and jewels, a former Ganked gift, Mynerva skin

Xion in the green T 110L

The white halter top (85L), worn with discount Magika hair and Omai Blank free gifts (still available)

Black summer outfit as dollarbies, USA group gift, LB with cute one piece and tenbies here

*ordinary design* shoes for men and women
Reopened – get fantastic orange and white hi-top sport shoes for free after 24-48 hours in your picks – oops, just read that Sl is once again handling search and picks differently so apparently pick gifts no longer work as before - dang
Though not cheap (start at 500L), I highly recommend the quality of this footwear, so realistic, worth a look. They used to have great lucky boards and freebies so you never know!

Long white dress, bag and sandals free as group gift here (new shop – Japan style)
Freebies here: backpack, pool ring, belt, tattoo and shoulder pet
Houses on Lucky Boards
Lots of really cute well-made clothes for 100-120L; amazingly adorable cuffed half jeans with open belt – lil teddy bear on that!, and leggings with variations (both genders) – 120L

Prim & Pixel Paradise
Hit folder to get subo gifts

Pixel Dolls
The free Violet tops are still out as well as 4 free violet dresses

Mynerva skins
These are the most amazing skins I’ve seen in a while – very realistic detail, old ones are 300L, new sets 700L, fat packs 2000L. Please go and try on the demos at least! Also there is the Fashion is Love Hunt gift – check the sofa for 2 free skins and eyes!

That’s all for today and thanks for reading!

PS I am so happy to let you know that I have been given a new home at The Hope Village! My house was made by the now famous artist Winter Nightfire who was recently featured on the premiere of Treet TV’s new show Metaverse Arts. The Hope Village is an Sl org that helps house those who are on disability pensions in RL. Please get in touch with me via IM if you are looking for a place and feel you might qualify and I’ll refer you to the contact person! YAY!


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