Friday, July 9, 2010

Tiny Bird Hair SALE

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How's it going, eh?

Just got my computer back after nearly 3 days so this is a little delayed. (Posted to My Secret Guilt Free Addiction July 7, 2010) As of the 7th, these deals were still on. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Tiny Bird Hair
Giant Sale! All single hairs (6 pack) are marked down to 100L and fatpacks are marked down to 400L (that’s 56 colours!). Clothes are also on sale for around 75L/piece. There’s some great stuff here so get down soon!
Note that the D.A.N.C.E.R. hair is still free at the front (a long straight hair in 56 colours) and there’s a 1L tattoo there too

The Sea Hole
Subo grey ‘who ate ?’ dress
Skin in group notices
Good Shit Hunt
Soda bottle contains green clutch purse and colourful bangles


Magic Burst
Mana Gardenia skin, shape and outfit 10L

One of Lelutka’s designers opened her own shop
A cool brown dress set includes handbag and Lola skin in their subscribo
The skin is gorgeous, medium pink lip, light or dark brows, hairbase or none

Strawberry Hunt until July10
7 strawberries on the sim
3 at Heavenly Designs
1 at Convoitise Gothic Outfits
4 at Convoitise
1 at Convoitise Skins Collection
1 at Kraftika
Free and cheap shelf here

High necked mauve mini in lucky chair and pink poofy dress in MM

what next
The Shopaholic Chair – tall aqua director’s chair
July group gift

sf design
July group gift free
Men’s blue and White Print Sarong and the Ramses Blue Sandals

Lushish Catz Women Clothing and Menswear
Free and 10L clothing items here

Alphabet Soup Bazaar (over on July 10th or 11th, I believe)
Free themed T’s for both genders in the soup can marked “SWAG”

Free men’s red T, orange gingham bikini for women

Free poof dress, 3 female and 1 male shape

Dulce Secrets
Skins priced 75L for male skin and 175L for female

alphabet soup beachbum outfit 22L (for the full set)

Before Sleep
Unisex brown, blue, green and red flip-flops 1L each
Board Shorts 50L
Guy’s and girl’s summer outfits 1L each
1L full summer avatar kit incuding sweet yellow bikini
1L female skin and shape

1L unisex multicoloured runners (sneakers, chucks)

Kitty Kupcakes
Free shop and something, other little cheapies: tree, Russian doll, apothecary kit, bird pillow

Two 1L pairs of girl’s pants, girl’s tank and guy’s T

Multiple Personality Design (MPD)
Free white and pink long gowns, loads of cool stuff for guys and girls all less than 6L each

1L black ankle boots, other shoes for guy and girl – all under 50L

There are 8 free men’s top and jeans outfits here (4th floor in Men's Ensemble section)

SOTD (Slave of the Dreams)
Vintage cigarette in colour change holder 50L

Dany French Touch
New Gregor Suit for men and Mona dress for women only 1L each and these are lovely detailed creations. She also has two new 150L outfits (Job- dark grey pants, blue shirt and tie) and Alis (lovely mermaid gown in black with mauve sash) for both genders

[ATOMIC] Skin_
Skins Faith Patriotic group gift – join fee of 250L
Three tones, red lip, blue eyeshadow, dark brow

PurpleMoon Creations
Has a super dark purple mermaid gown for group members

Free T-shirts and two other freebies here
Most other T’s 35L

BLH = Beach Loving Hunt, looking for a blue sun (black and blue ball)
Hint: Sparkles all over me
Light Gray Aviator shades

Free hi-top Chucks in 14 colours – unisex
Free lo-tops in 8 colours
Dark brown workboots

Warehouse full of free stuff, most of it for guys

Midsummer MALE for the MSD Hunt
get a hint in chat by clicking the hint giver box

so what?
++ Gangster's suit on XStreet

Cilian’gel Boutique
Beach Loving Hunt (dark blue ball)
Men’s and Women’s pink and black swimwear
Free purple halter dress at the front
10L witch’s outfit with loads of pieces, also at the front
Another purple outfit free on the counter

Free “Got Hearts” heels
Free “Got Nightmare” shoes

Have fun, let me know via email (on the side panel) if you have something you'd like to post - tips or good pics of free and cheap items you have found. Also feel free to post to the group in world!

Thanks again,


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