Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ivy Lane - Speech at the Second Life Convention in Boston

My Friend Ivy Lane!

Hey All,

How's it going?

Check out my friend and patron (Provocative Arts Gallery and Provocative Designs ), Ivy Lane's speech (just click on the title of this article for the link or here ) made during the SL Convention in Boston just a couple of weeks ago. Ivy along with her partner Phil Metalhead (whom I also express great thanks to) are the owners of Provocative Arts where my show Best in Purple is housed.

Twenty percent of the sales in that gallery go to benefit the Pixel To Pixel Foundation in Second Life which provides a stipend of 500L/week (which is a lot in SL terms!) to those from any country applying to the organization who are receiving a disability in Real Life. The head of this group is Jadyn Firehawk, if you require information or would like to make an application or contribution.

This agency runs entirely on donations. Here's an article from the Harrisburg Second Life Examiner about her and the org . Ivy Lane acts as an assistant to Jadyn in this project. Pixel To Pixel Foundation is a sister to the group The Hope Village which provides free housing, also for people with a disability in RL. Speaking for myself here - this is greatly appreciated by starving artists like me! Thanks to Ivy, I am where I am in Second Life today due to the fortune of meeting her. My exhibit Best in Purple in her gallery is dedicated to her. There are many other folks benefitting from this program who would not be able to have this kind of life in SL.

It's about semiotics:

"se·mi·ot·ics also se·mei·ot·ics (sm-tks, sm-, sm-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The theory and study of signs and symbols, especially as elements of language or other systems of communication, and comprising semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics."

The Free Dictionary

AND Second Life!!!

Wow, what a great and unifying way to look at Second Life!

Leonie Szczepanski

Tellaq & Dany3

Tellaq & Dany3, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Dany French Touch Pendragon Suit 1L
HOC Apparel Formal Dress Shoe black only 20L
HOC Aviator Style Glasses Platinum Hunt 10L
Tellaq Francis Skin Tone 3 Style 5 (promo item)
Xion-own shape
Location Empress & Hierophant

Check out this cool video from Tellaq Skins! Then tp on over there and get some! Tupac singing That's Just the Way it is...well call me overly sentimental but I thought it was transformational!

Tellaq & Dany2

Tellaq & Dany2, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Dany French Touch Pendragon Suit 1L
HOC Apparel Formal Dress Shoe black only 20L
HOC Aviator Style Glasses Platinum Hunt 10L
Tellaq Francis Skin Tone 3 Style 5 (promo item)
Xion-own shape
Location Empress & Hierophant

Tellaq & Dany

Tellaq & Dany, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Dany French Touch Pendragon Suit 1L
HOC Apparel Formal Dress Shoe black only 20L
HOC Aviator Style Glasses Platinum Hunt 10L
Tellaq Francis Skin Tone 3 Style 5 (promo item)
Xion-own shape
Location Empress & Hierophant

Imani Coat1

Imani Coat1, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Imani Amelie Coat Outfit White 5L
Imani Iziz Sunglasses Black 5L
GANKED Something Old Necklace (free)
Heart Softens THAX Ash ( free gift)
Mynerva Pure Envy Blonde Brows (part of pack, approx 700L)
Me Leonie Shape
Location Imani

Imani Coat2

Imani Coat2, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Imani Amelie Coat Outfit White 5L
Imani Iziz Sunglasses Black (5L)
RRS Domina Zebra Toes Boots free
Heart Softens THAX Ash ( free gift)
Mynerva Pure Envy Blonde Brows (part of pack, approx 700L)
Me: Leonie Shape
Location Imani

Fishy Strawberry dress2

Fishy Strawberry dress2, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Fishy Strawberry Tube Top Parade Dust - part of set 60L
(The Dressing Room)
*T.Whore Scandalous Bikini Zebra Bitch (bikini bottoms) free
FineSmith bracelets August group gift free
PRIMALOT 'Glam Rock Queen' aqua ring and diamond earrings free group gift
PIG Argyle Sock M. Suspender Flannery 85L
J's Western Boots Takumi Hunt free
magi take tote 10L
Nouveau Miranda Amazonia Hair black free
Rockberry Kalista Platinum Hunt dark set of colours 10L
Me: Leonie Shape
Location Las Islas

Fishy Strawberry dress1

Fishy Strawberry dress1, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Fishy Strawberry Tube Top Parade Dust - part of set 60L
(The Dressing Room)
*T.Whore Scandalous Bikini Zebra Bitch (bikini bottoms) free
FineSmith bracelets August group gift free
Heart Softens THAX hair Black (free gift)
Rockberry Kalista Platinum Hunt dark set of colours 10L
Me: Leonie Shape
Location Las Islas

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OK Folks Here's the Canadian Political Content - Whistler Old Growth Forest to be CUT!!!!

Remember the scenes of Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada during the 2010 Winter Olympics? Well, soon you will never have the opportunity to see them again.

Let me take this opportunity to again CONDEMN Gordon Campbell the leader of British Columbia, Canada for destroying the natural beauty of our province not to mention killing as much of it as possible while in power these last almost 8 years. What is he thinking!!!!!?!?!? I would also like to vilify the so-called mayor of Whistler, Ken Melamed for this holocaust of trees to be visited there.

Yes, I am a tree hugger and I have no shame about it! This is going to destroy the resort area and kill animals too.

Please take a moment to email the mayor of Whistler: MayorsOffice@ and the premier at Tell them you will not go to whistler and will tell your friends not to go until they promise not to cut down the trees.

Thank you,

AND now back to Second Life...

Leonie Szczepanski

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Best in Purple at Provocative Arts

please see listing below for details!

4-6pm slt

Thanks, LS

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best in Purple Fractal Gallery Opening @ Provocative Arts Gallery

"Best in Purple" Fractal Gallery Show
Provocative Arts Gallery

Opening Party

Thursday August 19, 2010
4:00-6:00pm SLT (PST)
*Location: Fractal show "Best in Purple", Provocative Arts Gallery

-View my gallery and others, mingle

-Lightshow Artist: Maidyuk ("Maidy") Axel
(if you haven't seen this yet, you've got to come!)
*Location: large amphitheater behind the Provocative Arts Gallery (tper's provided)

-Disc Jockey: SiselyBella Riggles (of "It was all Yellow" fame - she played10 hours straight on that one! Lol. Can't be guaranteed of course, hehe.) She'll be playing an ambient selection during Maidy's show and then will take requests.

-Contest: Best in Purple, must be wearing some purple of any variety and dancing during the show and must be there at the time of judging. Winner receives a free painting of their choice from this gallery, 20% donation to P2P and PA.

-Free and special: see below.
August 17, 2010

Hi Folks,

How are you doing?

This show is dedicated to Ivy Lane who is the owner of the gallery with her SO Phil Metalhead. I am where I am in SL thanks to Ivy! Thanks so much Ivy. BTW Ivy spoke at the SL Convention in Boston this past weekend and a recording should be available soon! She met the other Phil (lol), Philip Linden at the conference!

This is a charity show (loads of other exhibits in the gallery as well) to benefit the Pixel to Pixel Foundation (Jadyn Firehawk)...
Interview with Jadyn Firehawk in the Harrisburg Second Life Examiner:

...which provides a stipend to those in SL who are on RL disability pensions (any country) and to the Provocative Arts Gallery (Ivy Land and Phil Metalhead) which provides profit sharing spaces to artists who have disabilities in RL. Twenty percent of each sale is divided between the two organizations.

Moi, Fractals and Specials

I specialise in fractal artwork which I've been making for the past 12 years. Essentially a fractal (google for masses more info) is a formula which describes natural objects. Some examples are spirals, seashells, leaves, flowers, trees and cityscapes. I use fractal graphic generators to create my images and usually display them as paintings and on other things as well.

Making colourful and interesting pictures is most important to me. Sometimes I choose names that are pertinent to me at the moment but usually they are fairly random! It's up to the individual viewer to decide what they envision there.

All the paintings and objects are copyable and modifiable so that you can size them to fit your place. Remember to make a copy before you start modifying. If you change the texture on your only copy, you will lose the original.

There are two gifts - Torso in purple and Fleur vase in purple (full perms) and two specials - sculptie chairs with my textures on them @ 50L/each.

Thanks so much and please enjoy the exhibit.

Leonie Szczepanski ["Shapansky"]

PS I also make textures and other little things as well as free shapes for all (1) especially new players. Can do custom orders as well.

PPS Regarding organization and invitations:

I'll send out another reminder just before the show. I will also send to my groups so please excuse double postings.

In addition, I will open a conference chat just before and possibly during the show - don't mean to spam you, I just want to be sure that all are aware. And those dang mass tp's!!! Don't you just hate them? Lol! I will do my best not to tp you more than once unless requested and will also try to exclude those who are already there! However, accidents happen and SL's systems aren't perfect. People pop off and on SL quickly. So please bear with me and know that I'm not trying to cause any problems. There are many people who request special reminders which I also try and fulfill if I'm not overwhelmed in im boxes! It's rather tricky to do it all individually not to mention impossibly time consuming. I apologies for any mix up's in advance! These are just the standard ways of announcing events in SL today - ! Hehe! I apologies if I can't get back to you quickly or miss your message - im or notecard me again!

I'm to have a shop opening in September for my rezday party September 9, 2010, so please keep that in mind too!

Also in SL Events Listings

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat Your Greens!!!

Come to my Birthday and Opening!!!

Eat Your Greens
Color World Gallery

This should be a good one folks!
The lightshow alone will make it worth it!
Free happy birthday/unbirthday gift: three green seamless, full perms organic green textures by me.
Contest: wear green (even a little, any shade or tone) and win your choice of any painting I have up in SL right now!
Have FUN!


Leonie Szczepanski

Saturday, August 14, 2010

YAY!!! My Birthday Party is Finally a GO and YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!! EVERYONE WELCOME!!!!

YAY!!! My Birthday Party is Finally a GO and YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!!

Time: Sunday, August 15th, 2010 4:00-6:00pm SLT

Occasion: My Real Birthday and “Eat Your Greens” Gallery Show Opening

Locations: Color World , gallery room on the far left front as you face the building
Stop and see my fractal art, mingle!
Color World, Roof Top, Light Show (like you may never have seen
elsewhere), by Maidyuk (aka “Maidy”) Axel of previous party fame

Music and Dancing: Yes there will be a dance ball on the roof and bring your own chims
and dances too if you like, DJ Xarin Lectar playing for Maidy, then hip hop
and requests after

Contest: Theme – Eat Your Greens! Winner must be dancing and wearing at least some
green of any shade, tone or hue!!! Prize will be winner’s choice of any of
my paintings that are up in Second Life right now (locations on side panel
of this blog Lotusland Notes V.2
or check my profile picks) and fame of course! I could even blog
you if you want! Get famous! Lol!

Will be loads of fun for all! Maidy’s show is mesmerizing and will make you want to dance fo sho!

See you all there!

Thanks so much,

Leonie Szczepanski

PS Another party for opening at Best in Purple coming up soon – Thursday August 19th, SiselyBella Riggles will be back to DJ again! YAY! TBA!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Closing sale at Footworks, shoes and clothes, all stuff only 2L!


here's your lm folks! if you end up landing outside, either cam in (tho you can't seem to tp in) or get someone to tp you, thanks!


Added note: Identity is also closing...prices range from around 20-50L

PS These tips provided by Fanceey!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WHOO HOO!!! Syndicated at Last!!! by Chic Critique

Hey Guys,

Was just looking at my guest list as I like to know where folks are from as well as where on the net they have come from. Imagine my surprise (after any number of months/weeks/applications for syndication) when I found someone coming from Chic Critique Blog! I went there and sure enough, there was my stuff! Yay!

If you think my blog should be syndicated on any of the other Second Life related blogs/feeds, please contact them and let them know. Both creators, clients and moi will benefits from wider listings!

Thanks so much Chic Critique and all my friends and readers.

Leonie Szczepanski

Khush Reopening Main Store now at Hollywood Gestures

Khush New Main Store

Cool (now LARGE) store, you can tell the creator is Canadian from the name!, now to be found next to Fir&Mna, epic and several other little shops.

Giallo Hunt at Hollywood Gestures
Right now Khush has 8 easy to find (just my style!) star-shaped hunt items to find around the shop. Hints: 5 pinks star sculpties, 2 dark blue, one behind you as you land. One not in Khush.

Do it now! I just did it and there was like no one here so no lag!


PS There is a Platinum Hunt item lurking here (on a shelf somewhere) too.

Morcade dress, Leonie in Dany French Touch shop

Dany French Touch Morcade dress 1L
Skin Mynerva Caramel Mellow Yellow
Hair D!VA Haruka Rhodolite, free group gift still available
Shoes Plausible Body (PB) Open Toed Pumps color change, free

Dany French Touch Shop

Dany French Touch Shop, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Dany French Touch shop in virtual Louisiana

Leonie & Xion @ Dany French Touch

Xion and me in the shop, in front of my Silken series (free, im me if you would like to have them)

Alis Gown by Danny French Touch

Alis Gown by Danny French Touch, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Dany French Touch Alis Gown 150L
Skin Mynerva Butterscotch Plumkiss (not free), single skins 700L
Hair fri. Tatum Happy Blond 200L
Hair flower Magika, former gift
Earrings Mandala 247L

Xion wearing January group gift from Dany French Touch

Dany's January group gift for men 1L
Skin Tellaq Francis (not free)
Hair Shiloh AL Dreads Back (not free, 180L I think)
T-shirt Maschienenwerk free (tinted)

Shoes HOC Industries Casual Loafer color change AND modifiable! Yay!

Dany French Touch Morcade dress

Dany French Touch Morcade dress, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Dany French Touch Morcade Dress, 1L
D!VA Haruka hair group gift

Muriel & Denez LC

Muriel & Denez LC, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

On the lucky chair (10 minutes), Muriel gown and Denez suit, both regularly 150L

Dany French Touch and other cool stuff

Dany French Touch Featured

Located on a Louisiana bayou (New Toulouse Bayou), Dany Bimbogami’s shop is a wonder of distressed wood, gorgeous flowers and starry particles. I felt I was really in the antebellum Southern United States. This is a designer that deserves way more attention!

I started doing the Platinum Hunt on August 7 as I really wanted that Magika Diamond hair and um, one other thing which wasn’t ready to buy (where was that? Lol) and who should I spy but Dany herself. I took the opportunity to introduce myself and compliment her work. I passed her my sample pack of paintings ‘Silken’ (if you haven’t received this folder, please im me in world) and she promptly said she would hang them in her shop! I nearly died! Then before I knew it, she had passed me two dresses: Alis, a long black gown with amazing purple transparent sash (incredibly made on the skirt layer) and poofy sleeves, 150L) and Mona – brown with a shiny bodice and fluffy skirt, 1L) and promised to send me all her dollarbies! What a thrill! So I told her I had to blog her and this proved to be one of my more ambitious efforts, lol.

You’ve got to check out her shop even if you’ve been there before! She has a big whack of stunning dresses and gowns (from free – 150L maximum) and groovy looking outfits for guys. Much of her work leans toward a romantic, period look and would be great for RP. The guy’s stuff is to die. All her designs are unusual, imaginative, sweetly painted and include lots of pieces.

The Muriel gown (reminiscent of Marie Antoinette style) and the Denez suit for guys are free in the LC (10 minutes) and worth waiting for. Xion managed to get on the chair before me. Nice! Well, of course he doesn’t have as many things as I do so I sorta let him!

I’ve taken some pics and will post those today.

Platinum Hunt
You are looking for a dark ring box with a pearl in it, sometimes very tiny. The creators were asked to hide things with only medium difficulty however even with all my tricks I found some of them quite difficult and had to join the group for help, lol. Creators were also asked to put the items no more than 40 meters away from the landing point and on the same level as the landing point though I did find a number of items were not compliant with these rules and had to search far beyond the parameters. I’m just not the type of hunter that’s in it for the challenge! I do love and appreciate the hunts and, because hunts were started as a way of bringing traffic and sales to the participating shops (of course it’s a mutual benefit though!) and especially as the items in this one are 10L (which is billed as being the next step in the evolution of hunts, lol, which I thought rather pretentious and seems to have encouraged more 10L hunts which can be problematic for those of us on a low income) I often wish that things didn’t take hours to find. But that’s just me!

The hunt started August 8 and runs until August 31. Some of the best designers and organizers in SL have been included and the group is quite helpful. I strongly encourage you to google the hunt. Baby Monkey and other sites have hints. The hunt items have been well blogged and I suggest picking and choosing what you like from the blogs and only going to those shops to keep your time and expenses down (this is my advice for all hunts nowadays as there has been too much time spent (on my part) hunting for things that I find aren’t suited to my style and quality standards and end up deleted. This may sound callous or even ungrateful to some but that’s the beauty of SL (and that’s not my implication) – you can often do things independently. The main thing here is to have fun (without anyone getting hurt of course – well, unless they want to get hurt! LOL!)

If you do decide to go the traditional route, the starting point is Ispachi .

This hunt is definitely worth it and there are a lot of very cool items to be found including some large fat packs of hair and skins.

AMILLI cool stuff
Buckle Boots brown (or reddish) patent, free group gift here

Green dotted tote bag 1L
Cute poses and animations 1-25L

Bare Rose (::: B@R ::\
Finally found the free and 1L section at B@re Rose! There is a free chain mail set, cuddle chair, clothes, SF outfits, fans (uchiha), FREE AO’s for male and female, weapons, hairs, skins, boots, wings, shadows for clothing makers, SL2.0 Beta items (fine for Emerald Beta too), jewellery and many other things!

Really cute animals especially cats for reasonable animal prices! (range from 200 something to 600 something). I hope to buy one someday!

Cool little things such a mouthies, tons of shoes for 75L/pair, LB’s with more shoes and typical little Japanese summer beach shoes in white for 1L. Note that you will likely land in a field, walk to a bright blue door in a purple brick building and go down the stairs for the LB’s and such and down another floor to get to the shoes

Blog: Kat Johnston
A most cute store – has practically everything you can imagine and more: cheapie wall includes Glitter-Pop Earring in green (wearing them above in purple, the only thing that I couldn’t find in the store now) for 2L!, Sick Day Skin 50L, Instant Winter window 15L and cupcake skybox 1L! You’ll find more skins, lots of flat shoes, skyboxes, more skins, faun (well ok succubae) shoes and outfits, hair, monocles, textures, a pea pod couch, Sanu Story Quest Library, Seven Seas Fishing for cool pastel fish and sushi ice-cream cones, Nom Nom Cupcake gifts, random prize giver and a huge ton of mouthies live maybe you’ve never seen before! Oh, it’s also in the Needle in a Haystack Hunt

HOC Industries
Great shoes, glasses, hair, other accessories and clothing. Furniture too. for both genders. Colour change shoes for as little as 30L!

#Before Sleep#
Large free and 1L selection her including the cutest bikini/skirt sets and other cute girl’s clothing, nice guy’s jeans and T’s (for around 40-50L), participating in quite a few hunts, gatchas, also textures, poses, furniture and art

Is having a 50% off sale for all, not just members (250L to join). These skins are delicious and definitely worth the current 500L price tag. The men’s skins are super too, really cute. After finding Mynerva though, and Dutch Touch really WAS my favourite before, I confess that no other skin, even the really pricy ones can measure up to her (Rhapsody Wilde’s) detail, realism and perfection! So kill me. I really hope that other skin creators will take note of her work and consider raising their standards and setting more affordable prices since they are no longer state of the art.

Have fun!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Featuring TELLAQ Skins for Guys

Featuring TELLAQ Skins for Guys

Yesterday while trolling for the new skin Ronald on the LC, Xion had the fortune to meet the creator and owner of his favourite skins, Tellaq Guardian. He told Tellaq about me and the blog and Tellaq suggested he give Xion two skins for the price of one for the purposes of the blog! Xion has already worn the Max skin previously on the blog. Xion and I are so lucky sometimes!

Tellaq makes the most amazing skins in a number of ethnicities, particularly Afro/Black ones and also Caucasian and Asian looks. The skins range in price from FREE (often a new one on the LC or MM) to 700L for one to around 2500L for a huge set. He also makes gritty/real skins for women, just across the courtyard and there is a LC there as well.

Xion picked the Ronald, Francis and Vincent skins to show off to you. Guys, the deal includes an avatar shape in addition to the skin! I strongly suggest that you demo some skins today. There are even skins for Depp and Brad! There are some jeans on the MM and always a special or too. And Tellaq is prolific too! He comes out with new skins regularly.

Check it out folks!


Tellaq in Francis

Tellaq in Francis, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Here's Tellaq's banner/profile photo. He's wearing the Francis skin

Xion_Francis Skin

Xion_Francis Skin, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

This is the Francis skin (not free), Exile Vetro eyes, former gift, Imagine (freebies) hair Crazy Spike free, Boom AFK T, free

Xion_Vincent Skin

Xion_Vincent Skin, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Xion wearing the Vincent skin (not free), Exile Vetro eyes (former gift), dD Kele Hair, 1L at the Savoir Hair shop (all free or dollar hairs for men and women) silver earring - gift from sf design (not sure if still available), Boom AFK T-shirt free and standing in front of my painting Goldwing&BrownCircleTorn018 (200L available privately, im me)

Xion_Ronald Skin

Xion_Ronald Skin, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

How about this fantastic Ronald skin!!??! It's free in the Lucky Chair at Tellaq, Vetro eyes again, A.G. Dreadlocks 1L at Savoir Hair, T-shirt free from Maschienenwerk

PINK on Bugtussle

PINK on Bugtussle
A whole shop of cute lingerie and pajamas, all pink, all 10L!!! Plus little furniture sets!
Help keep it open and shop here please!

Cos Cob Bay
OldBastardMotorBoat free

sf designs
Free guy’s blue plaid shorts with belt
Free clothing gift for both genders in the black bag

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
10L heels and a LC

Lapointe & Bastchild
Huge shop full of goth and other clothes for men and women – includes boots for men, jewellery for both and more!

Burroughs Jewelry
Four lucky chairs with novelty and other jewellery, free colour change stone necklace

Orage Creations
Georgina Skin for 10L (front entrance just past skin corridor), watch that little box for cleavage, thought it was part of the package and oops! Too late, it was 100L and I’m not even that keen on the major cleavage look. Walk up the stairs to see the rest of the shop and discover a non-phantom wall/entryway. No double click tp in here so I had to cam in and find a place to sit. There are some gorgeous gowns in here with prices higher than my usual range, lol. Go to walk into another section and discover that I have to squeeze through two giant non-phantom photo boards right in the middle of the staircase….other skins here are 1250L, kinda lost my motivation……

Alchemy Immortalis at LE.LOOK
Ruby and silver earrings (everyday, something new for one day only)
While there, check out the other adorable stuff. A sucker for huge earrings, I bought ANOTHER pair of Mandalas!

Thanks for reading and that’s it for the moment! Would love to see your finds and ideas. Please do contact me if you have something for the blog Lotusland Notes V.2 or want me to post your LOTD (Look of the day!). Can’t promise to post all but will do my best!


Friday, August 6, 2010


MindBlender, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Contact MindBlender Unplugged for custom designs at Kustom Ink (below)

crazylegs tattoo

crazylegs tattoo, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Africa, with tattoo

Africa, with tattoo, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

-Tribal tattoo "crazylegs" by MindBlender Unplugged Kustom Ink)
-Shape by me (im me if you need help)
-Skin Mynerva Butterscotch Misti Plumkiss Blond Brows (part of blogger's pack, thanks to Rhapz!)
-Hair D!VA Haruka Rhodolite group gift available now
-Outfit Phoenix Rising Brace Magenta 100L on sale now
-Faberge Egg necklace Dionysia Design, former gift
-Sunnies artilleri Greta purple part of fat pack 500L
-Boots Kalnins Fall boot former hunt gift
-AO Oracul Chibi free gift from a couple months ago

In Linden Japan Sim (Shareta Osumai)

Phoenix Rising Sale, Kustom Ink and other fancy stuff!

Well due to some kind of computer problem, lol, I lost the last draft of the new free stuff I had found so you’ll have to make do with this! Hehe.

There is so much great stuff on the grid these days…well…I wish I could cover all of it!

Phoenix Rising SALE
Unfortunately this great shop is closing. Everything (except the stuff in the store from other designers) is on sale of 100L. Be sure to check carefully as the large pack outfits are 100L as well as the separates that make up each part of the large pack. So I suggest getting all the large packs you can! LOL. This sale will be on at least until after August 8, 2010 as they will be participating in The Platinum Hunt. There are so many couture style outfits to choose from here, it may boggle your mind. There is everything from lingerie to gowns and a heck of a lot in between. It’s a huge shop and as far as we know, closing forever so do take advantage now!

Kustom Ink
Tonight I met the creator of the tattoos at Kustom Ink for men and women. MindBender Unplugged gave me two to try and they are hot! One is a wild tribal style design for the legs, the other some lovely Japanese characters for the one leg. Both suit both genders. He has a cool shop at Goodlife Beach Mall. MindBlender also does amazing custom work of course!

(pics to follow)

Free beige lace look crop top with ties at breasts
Pink Admiral Gown free

Summer of Love
Drawing attention to mental and emotional health issues
This is on until August 8, 2010 only. There are a huge bunch of question marks containing free goodies still to be found here. There are also a great deal of bargains and cool stuff all around. Many great designers. Check it now!

Gorgeous burgundy Auni gown free here in pink box
The whole main store is 50% off until August 8, 2010
There is a wall to the right of where you enter and it’s filled with freebies, cheapies, LB and MM

YAY! Sn@tch
Has been rebuilt and it’s great if a little confusing at first! Lots of new stuff!
And a huge whole free section with new outfits, shoes, skins and more
To the left of this room (which is downstairs to the right of the entry and is underwater), is a room full of discounted items around 50L and less. CHECK IT!! WOW! Ivey herself helped me find this spot! Hehe!

Gritty Kitty
New find for me!
Full of cool reasonably priced emo/goth type clothes, loads of hair only 100L, also novelties such as hanging strings of star lights (180L), furniture and other little things
There is a wall of free T-shirts and hat hair here as well

Tiny Bird Hair
Today, Friday, August 5, 2010, large fat packs of hair in the four basic colours are available for 50L each. There is also a 1L couple’s tattoo with heart and X, cute

Alchemy Immortalis Exclusively at LE.LOOK!
Intricate silver and ruby necklace for FREE, until 4:00 pm SLT on Friday, August 6, 2010 only. Every day for the next week a new piece from this collection will be set up here for free
There are two other delicious necklaces, one entirely of gold ivy leaves and one a wreath on a chain in gold are on sale for 99L each

Has three group gifts available here, gold and black Cybermancer Boots, a grey and black set of lingerie as well as a green top with black shorts and green ankle boots
Wall of punky freebies to the right of the group gifts, riot vends and 3 lucky chairs with lingerie and outfits on them to the right of the gift wall
Free coffees in the espresso machine on the info area wall in the same “Riot Room”

50% off sale making many items 75-100L. Really beautifully designed clothing for this excellent deal. Take a look!
Also some nice dresses as a thank you gift for joining the subo. If you are already a member, just unsubscribe then subscribe again and they will be delivered to you

Has a new look and several more dollarbies. These are basic kawaii style clothes in lots of options. Almost every item has one colour for 1L and the rest for 30L. There is also a new PINK furniture section with prices around 100-120L

Lana skin: pale tone, light pink lip, 50L for Friday only

Has a new group room for discounts around 100-150L. There’s also a fat pack of former group gifts (big brown and black group of boxes) and look for the dress and bathing suit vendors along the floor for another 6 free gifts!

That’s all for tonight all!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Uh oh! More Inventory Adds!

Crushed Velvet
Group of 10 interesting free things to wear: birthday present, hamburger, mime, garbage can, kissing booth, teacup, colour change boa, barrel, Twister Game, strategic dots!

In Her Shoes and Vignette
New tall boots for men and women – free
Masses of other shoes here free including unisex lo-rise sneakers (runners) in a ton of colours
Free hair here – both genders (ok a couple for guys!)
Free houses, posters, old fashioned school desks

Neko Sim Hunt
Look for little tulips to find the goodies all over the sim

Dark Mouse Jewellery and Accessories is moving
There is a group gift (free to join) on the counter, a large discount room 25-50L
And to the left of the building on the cemet wall are all the former pick gifts for 1L each.

::: I CE COCO :::
Keeps getting better!
Skins – dollarbie skin on the counter
Another one here with teeth
There are two tank tops as a fake freebie (hm) of 5L on this table as well
12 LB’s that change every 5 minutes and all skins!

LC with male and female limited edition many-toned skins, changes so fast you can hardly keep up! Get in there now cuz this is short-lived event and the action is fierce!

][AWRAM-VIIE][ clothing shop and outlet .:*WAvE.:*
Two new LB’s – black subtly flowered shirt and tie and a dress made of roses
Some little freebies and dollarbies above the LB’s
New free tops and tights upstairs
Loads of other cute bargains in both locations

Grim Brothers
No Strings Attached Hunt – a pile of really cool dolly things, You’re looking for a small turquoise box with a little doll in it. It’s not a sculpty.
Official blog with pictures: Filthy Things

Haystack Hunt – while 60’s floral dress with garters – kawaii!
You’re looking for a small green hay stack (lump) with a relatively large silver darning needle sticking out of it

Red raincoat, lariat necklaces, 2 skirt outfits, jewellery and stuff free

That's all for tonight folks!


Sunday, August 1, 2010


aDiva_002, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Showing the whole outfit - so sweet for summer parties, Kalnins Dante colour change sandals (I adore these!), half-price sale 385L. Join Kalnins to receive notices on their short time half-price specials on new releases.


aDiva_004, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

Showing artilleri Greta sunglasses in black (part of fat pack 500L, 120L for one pair), free Paris Metro Heavy Metal Bracelets (former gift).


aDiva_007, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

New aDiva Couture Agatha outfit with see-through and non-see through items, belt and incredibly detailed necklace with delightful back dangler 355L, new Mynerva Butterscotch MistiMellow Red Brows (large set with numerous options) 700L, Ibanez Freebie Prim Eyes in Emerald and Baby Blue (notice subtle difference) (thanks to blogger Victoria MacFanatic for this tip as I had not really tried prim eyes until yesterday), D!va Hair Futaba in Carrot from Lucky Board, generic freebie silver hoops to found in almost all noobie jewellery packs, standing in my new house in front of my painting Goldwing&BrownCircleTorn046. Shape by me, poses by SL or Oracul Girl Xstar AO (300L).

Almost all shops blogged below!

Thanks for looking!


Gowns, Hair and More...

The White Armory medieval (and other) style gowns and armor, rp stuff
A new white and mauve gown as group gift here as well as a free no copy “firecaster” HUD

The White Armory and Paris Metro gowns sell for 800L and up

Paris Metro 5th Ave location
Honey Bee Hunt
Gorgeous “Be Wild Dress” (gown), animal print in hot pink and black

Paris Metro Art Gallery
Stunning black “Oui l’amour Gown” with gloves in black

D!va Hair
Has four new group hairs I must have missed, very cute, and four more on the LB’s – only 5 minutes wait! Other hairs are only 100L per colour and generally come with two types of fringe (bangs)
Sayaka hair discount 50L

Zero Style
A sweet Japanese hair shop, new to me
There are two basic short hair styles on the table at the front and a long blonde wavy one on the LC
Styles for both genders range in price from 150L-300L

Uw.St (Uncleweb Studio ) Hair
Two lovely hairstyles here for free – one is a brown shaggy do and the other a simple bob, two variations in each one

Hair Solutions
Just to the left of the entrance is a wall of dollar hair!

Glance Skins
Find the sunglasses on the floor here (part of Hunt Sunglasses Fashionista for which I haven’t found the info yet) and get a free skin – really nice one too!

Three great lucky boards with belt colour change jean shorts in great detail, arm warmers/cuffs and leather bag

Ibanez Eyes & Skins
Six pairs of free shiny eyes (includes regular pair and well as two prim eyes, allowing you to have odd-eyes (a subtle effect in this case), which is totally groovy!) here, nice colour selection, normally 99L/pr
LC has 7 random pairs of eyes every 2 minutes, wandered in and hit the L! yay!
Regular and other coloured skins 799L (outside and to the right of the entry)
Large pack of prim eyes in bright colours on MM board as well, just to the left of the LC

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (!!KKBB!!)
Four LB’s with cute dresses and some great strappy shoes in red
Everything in the shop is 10L only – she has some cool stuff here

In addition, I just finished my new show at Color World. It’s called Greens, I’m sure you can guess why! Just a few paintings, why not check it out!

Oh! And BTW, thrilled with my new video card Nvida GForce 7600 GT with built in third party cooler and my new CPU cooler. Making a huge difference in how I see sl! Yay!

Happy hunting and let me know what you find!