Sunday, August 1, 2010


aDiva_007, originally uploaded by Leonie22.

New aDiva Couture Agatha outfit with see-through and non-see through items, belt and incredibly detailed necklace with delightful back dangler 355L, new Mynerva Butterscotch MistiMellow Red Brows (large set with numerous options) 700L, Ibanez Freebie Prim Eyes in Emerald and Baby Blue (notice subtle difference) (thanks to blogger Victoria MacFanatic for this tip as I had not really tried prim eyes until yesterday), D!va Hair Futaba in Carrot from Lucky Board, generic freebie silver hoops to found in almost all noobie jewellery packs, standing in my new house in front of my painting Goldwing&BrownCircleTorn046. Shape by me, poses by SL or Oracul Girl Xstar AO (300L).

Almost all shops blogged below!

Thanks for looking!


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