Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best in Purple Fractal Gallery Opening @ Provocative Arts Gallery

"Best in Purple" Fractal Gallery Show
Provocative Arts Gallery

Opening Party

Thursday August 19, 2010
4:00-6:00pm SLT (PST)
*Location: Fractal show "Best in Purple", Provocative Arts Gallery

-View my gallery and others, mingle

-Lightshow Artist: Maidyuk ("Maidy") Axel
(if you haven't seen this yet, you've got to come!)
*Location: large amphitheater behind the Provocative Arts Gallery (tper's provided)

-Disc Jockey: SiselyBella Riggles (of "It was all Yellow" fame - she played10 hours straight on that one! Lol. Can't be guaranteed of course, hehe.) She'll be playing an ambient selection during Maidy's show and then will take requests.

-Contest: Best in Purple, must be wearing some purple of any variety and dancing during the show and must be there at the time of judging. Winner receives a free painting of their choice from this gallery, 20% donation to P2P and PA.

-Free and special: see below.
August 17, 2010

Hi Folks,

How are you doing?

This show is dedicated to Ivy Lane who is the owner of the gallery with her SO Phil Metalhead. I am where I am in SL thanks to Ivy! Thanks so much Ivy. BTW Ivy spoke at the SL Convention in Boston this past weekend and a recording should be available soon! She met the other Phil (lol), Philip Linden at the conference!

This is a charity show (loads of other exhibits in the gallery as well) to benefit the Pixel to Pixel Foundation (Jadyn Firehawk)...
Interview with Jadyn Firehawk in the Harrisburg Second Life Examiner:

...which provides a stipend to those in SL who are on RL disability pensions (any country) and to the Provocative Arts Gallery (Ivy Land and Phil Metalhead) which provides profit sharing spaces to artists who have disabilities in RL. Twenty percent of each sale is divided between the two organizations.

Moi, Fractals and Specials

I specialise in fractal artwork which I've been making for the past 12 years. Essentially a fractal (google for masses more info) is a formula which describes natural objects. Some examples are spirals, seashells, leaves, flowers, trees and cityscapes. I use fractal graphic generators to create my images and usually display them as paintings and on other things as well.

Making colourful and interesting pictures is most important to me. Sometimes I choose names that are pertinent to me at the moment but usually they are fairly random! It's up to the individual viewer to decide what they envision there.

All the paintings and objects are copyable and modifiable so that you can size them to fit your place. Remember to make a copy before you start modifying. If you change the texture on your only copy, you will lose the original.

There are two gifts - Torso in purple and Fleur vase in purple (full perms) and two specials - sculptie chairs with my textures on them @ 50L/each.

Thanks so much and please enjoy the exhibit.

Leonie Szczepanski ["Shapansky"]

PS I also make textures and other little things as well as free shapes for all (1) especially new players. Can do custom orders as well.

PPS Regarding organization and invitations:

I'll send out another reminder just before the show. I will also send to my groups so please excuse double postings.

In addition, I will open a conference chat just before and possibly during the show - don't mean to spam you, I just want to be sure that all are aware. And those dang mass tp's!!! Don't you just hate them? Lol! I will do my best not to tp you more than once unless requested and will also try to exclude those who are already there! However, accidents happen and SL's systems aren't perfect. People pop off and on SL quickly. So please bear with me and know that I'm not trying to cause any problems. There are many people who request special reminders which I also try and fulfill if I'm not overwhelmed in im boxes! It's rather tricky to do it all individually not to mention impossibly time consuming. I apologies for any mix up's in advance! These are just the standard ways of announcing events in SL today - ! Hehe! I apologies if I can't get back to you quickly or miss your message - im or notecard me again!

I'm to have a shop opening in September for my rezday party September 9, 2010, so please keep that in mind too!

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