Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dany French Touch and other cool stuff

Dany French Touch Featured

Located on a Louisiana bayou (New Toulouse Bayou), Dany Bimbogami’s shop is a wonder of distressed wood, gorgeous flowers and starry particles. I felt I was really in the antebellum Southern United States. This is a designer that deserves way more attention!

I started doing the Platinum Hunt on August 7 as I really wanted that Magika Diamond hair and um, one other thing which wasn’t ready to buy (where was that? Lol) and who should I spy but Dany herself. I took the opportunity to introduce myself and compliment her work. I passed her my sample pack of paintings ‘Silken’ (if you haven’t received this folder, please im me in world) and she promptly said she would hang them in her shop! I nearly died! Then before I knew it, she had passed me two dresses: Alis, a long black gown with amazing purple transparent sash (incredibly made on the skirt layer) and poofy sleeves, 150L) and Mona – brown with a shiny bodice and fluffy skirt, 1L) and promised to send me all her dollarbies! What a thrill! So I told her I had to blog her and this proved to be one of my more ambitious efforts, lol.

You’ve got to check out her shop even if you’ve been there before! She has a big whack of stunning dresses and gowns (from free – 150L maximum) and groovy looking outfits for guys. Much of her work leans toward a romantic, period look and would be great for RP. The guy’s stuff is to die. All her designs are unusual, imaginative, sweetly painted and include lots of pieces.

The Muriel gown (reminiscent of Marie Antoinette style) and the Denez suit for guys are free in the LC (10 minutes) and worth waiting for. Xion managed to get on the chair before me. Nice! Well, of course he doesn’t have as many things as I do so I sorta let him!

I’ve taken some pics and will post those today.

Platinum Hunt
You are looking for a dark ring box with a pearl in it, sometimes very tiny. The creators were asked to hide things with only medium difficulty however even with all my tricks I found some of them quite difficult and had to join the group for help, lol. Creators were also asked to put the items no more than 40 meters away from the landing point and on the same level as the landing point though I did find a number of items were not compliant with these rules and had to search far beyond the parameters. I’m just not the type of hunter that’s in it for the challenge! I do love and appreciate the hunts and, because hunts were started as a way of bringing traffic and sales to the participating shops (of course it’s a mutual benefit though!) and especially as the items in this one are 10L (which is billed as being the next step in the evolution of hunts, lol, which I thought rather pretentious and seems to have encouraged more 10L hunts which can be problematic for those of us on a low income) I often wish that things didn’t take hours to find. But that’s just me!

The hunt started August 8 and runs until August 31. Some of the best designers and organizers in SL have been included and the group is quite helpful. I strongly encourage you to google the hunt. Baby Monkey and other sites have hints. The hunt items have been well blogged and I suggest picking and choosing what you like from the blogs and only going to those shops to keep your time and expenses down (this is my advice for all hunts nowadays as there has been too much time spent (on my part) hunting for things that I find aren’t suited to my style and quality standards and end up deleted. This may sound callous or even ungrateful to some but that’s the beauty of SL (and that’s not my implication) – you can often do things independently. The main thing here is to have fun (without anyone getting hurt of course – well, unless they want to get hurt! LOL!)

If you do decide to go the traditional route, the starting point is Ispachi .

This hunt is definitely worth it and there are a lot of very cool items to be found including some large fat packs of hair and skins.

AMILLI cool stuff
Buckle Boots brown (or reddish) patent, free group gift here

Green dotted tote bag 1L
Cute poses and animations 1-25L

Bare Rose (::: B@R ::\
Finally found the free and 1L section at B@re Rose! There is a free chain mail set, cuddle chair, clothes, SF outfits, fans (uchiha), FREE AO’s for male and female, weapons, hairs, skins, boots, wings, shadows for clothing makers, SL2.0 Beta items (fine for Emerald Beta too), jewellery and many other things!

Really cute animals especially cats for reasonable animal prices! (range from 200 something to 600 something). I hope to buy one someday!

Cool little things such a mouthies, tons of shoes for 75L/pair, LB’s with more shoes and typical little Japanese summer beach shoes in white for 1L. Note that you will likely land in a field, walk to a bright blue door in a purple brick building and go down the stairs for the LB’s and such and down another floor to get to the shoes

Blog: Kat Johnston
A most cute store – has practically everything you can imagine and more: cheapie wall includes Glitter-Pop Earring in green (wearing them above in purple, the only thing that I couldn’t find in the store now) for 2L!, Sick Day Skin 50L, Instant Winter window 15L and cupcake skybox 1L! You’ll find more skins, lots of flat shoes, skyboxes, more skins, faun (well ok succubae) shoes and outfits, hair, monocles, textures, a pea pod couch, Sanu Story Quest Library, Seven Seas Fishing for cool pastel fish and sushi ice-cream cones, Nom Nom Cupcake gifts, random prize giver and a huge ton of mouthies live maybe you’ve never seen before! Oh, it’s also in the Needle in a Haystack Hunt

HOC Industries
Great shoes, glasses, hair, other accessories and clothing. Furniture too. for both genders. Colour change shoes for as little as 30L!

#Before Sleep#
Large free and 1L selection her including the cutest bikini/skirt sets and other cute girl’s clothing, nice guy’s jeans and T’s (for around 40-50L), participating in quite a few hunts, gatchas, also textures, poses, furniture and art

Is having a 50% off sale for all, not just members (250L to join). These skins are delicious and definitely worth the current 500L price tag. The men’s skins are super too, really cute. After finding Mynerva though, and Dutch Touch really WAS my favourite before, I confess that no other skin, even the really pricy ones can measure up to her (Rhapsody Wilde’s) detail, realism and perfection! So kill me. I really hope that other skin creators will take note of her work and consider raising their standards and setting more affordable prices since they are no longer state of the art.

Have fun!


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