Saturday, August 7, 2010

Featuring TELLAQ Skins for Guys

Featuring TELLAQ Skins for Guys

Yesterday while trolling for the new skin Ronald on the LC, Xion had the fortune to meet the creator and owner of his favourite skins, Tellaq Guardian. He told Tellaq about me and the blog and Tellaq suggested he give Xion two skins for the price of one for the purposes of the blog! Xion has already worn the Max skin previously on the blog. Xion and I are so lucky sometimes!

Tellaq makes the most amazing skins in a number of ethnicities, particularly Afro/Black ones and also Caucasian and Asian looks. The skins range in price from FREE (often a new one on the LC or MM) to 700L for one to around 2500L for a huge set. He also makes gritty/real skins for women, just across the courtyard and there is a LC there as well.

Xion picked the Ronald, Francis and Vincent skins to show off to you. Guys, the deal includes an avatar shape in addition to the skin! I strongly suggest that you demo some skins today. There are even skins for Depp and Brad! There are some jeans on the MM and always a special or too. And Tellaq is prolific too! He comes out with new skins regularly.

Check it out folks!


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