Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gowns, Hair and More...

The White Armory medieval (and other) style gowns and armor, rp stuff
A new white and mauve gown as group gift here as well as a free no copy “firecaster” HUD

The White Armory and Paris Metro gowns sell for 800L and up

Paris Metro 5th Ave location
Honey Bee Hunt
Gorgeous “Be Wild Dress” (gown), animal print in hot pink and black

Paris Metro Art Gallery
Stunning black “Oui l’amour Gown” with gloves in black

D!va Hair
Has four new group hairs I must have missed, very cute, and four more on the LB’s – only 5 minutes wait! Other hairs are only 100L per colour and generally come with two types of fringe (bangs)
Sayaka hair discount 50L

Zero Style
A sweet Japanese hair shop, new to me
There are two basic short hair styles on the table at the front and a long blonde wavy one on the LC
Styles for both genders range in price from 150L-300L

Uw.St (Uncleweb Studio ) Hair
Two lovely hairstyles here for free – one is a brown shaggy do and the other a simple bob, two variations in each one

Hair Solutions
Just to the left of the entrance is a wall of dollar hair!

Glance Skins
Find the sunglasses on the floor here (part of Hunt Sunglasses Fashionista for which I haven’t found the info yet) and get a free skin – really nice one too!

Three great lucky boards with belt colour change jean shorts in great detail, arm warmers/cuffs and leather bag

Ibanez Eyes & Skins
Six pairs of free shiny eyes (includes regular pair and well as two prim eyes, allowing you to have odd-eyes (a subtle effect in this case), which is totally groovy!) here, nice colour selection, normally 99L/pr
LC has 7 random pairs of eyes every 2 minutes, wandered in and hit the L! yay!
Regular and other coloured skins 799L (outside and to the right of the entry)
Large pack of prim eyes in bright colours on MM board as well, just to the left of the LC

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (!!KKBB!!)
Four LB’s with cute dresses and some great strappy shoes in red
Everything in the shop is 10L only – she has some cool stuff here

In addition, I just finished my new show at Color World. It’s called Greens, I’m sure you can guess why! Just a few paintings, why not check it out!

Oh! And BTW, thrilled with my new video card Nvida GForce 7600 GT with built in third party cooler and my new CPU cooler. Making a huge difference in how I see sl! Yay!

Happy hunting and let me know what you find!


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