Thursday, August 26, 2010

OK Folks Here's the Canadian Political Content - Whistler Old Growth Forest to be CUT!!!!

Remember the scenes of Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada during the 2010 Winter Olympics? Well, soon you will never have the opportunity to see them again.

Let me take this opportunity to again CONDEMN Gordon Campbell the leader of British Columbia, Canada for destroying the natural beauty of our province not to mention killing as much of it as possible while in power these last almost 8 years. What is he thinking!!!!!?!?!? I would also like to vilify the so-called mayor of Whistler, Ken Melamed for this holocaust of trees to be visited there.

Yes, I am a tree hugger and I have no shame about it! This is going to destroy the resort area and kill animals too.

Please take a moment to email the mayor of Whistler: MayorsOffice@ and the premier at Tell them you will not go to whistler and will tell your friends not to go until they promise not to cut down the trees.

Thank you,

AND now back to Second Life...

Leonie Szczepanski

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