Friday, August 6, 2010

Phoenix Rising Sale, Kustom Ink and other fancy stuff!

Well due to some kind of computer problem, lol, I lost the last draft of the new free stuff I had found so you’ll have to make do with this! Hehe.

There is so much great stuff on the grid these days…well…I wish I could cover all of it!

Phoenix Rising SALE
Unfortunately this great shop is closing. Everything (except the stuff in the store from other designers) is on sale of 100L. Be sure to check carefully as the large pack outfits are 100L as well as the separates that make up each part of the large pack. So I suggest getting all the large packs you can! LOL. This sale will be on at least until after August 8, 2010 as they will be participating in The Platinum Hunt. There are so many couture style outfits to choose from here, it may boggle your mind. There is everything from lingerie to gowns and a heck of a lot in between. It’s a huge shop and as far as we know, closing forever so do take advantage now!

Kustom Ink
Tonight I met the creator of the tattoos at Kustom Ink for men and women. MindBender Unplugged gave me two to try and they are hot! One is a wild tribal style design for the legs, the other some lovely Japanese characters for the one leg. Both suit both genders. He has a cool shop at Goodlife Beach Mall. MindBlender also does amazing custom work of course!

(pics to follow)

Free beige lace look crop top with ties at breasts
Pink Admiral Gown free

Summer of Love
Drawing attention to mental and emotional health issues
This is on until August 8, 2010 only. There are a huge bunch of question marks containing free goodies still to be found here. There are also a great deal of bargains and cool stuff all around. Many great designers. Check it now!

Gorgeous burgundy Auni gown free here in pink box
The whole main store is 50% off until August 8, 2010
There is a wall to the right of where you enter and it’s filled with freebies, cheapies, LB and MM

YAY! Sn@tch
Has been rebuilt and it’s great if a little confusing at first! Lots of new stuff!
And a huge whole free section with new outfits, shoes, skins and more
To the left of this room (which is downstairs to the right of the entry and is underwater), is a room full of discounted items around 50L and less. CHECK IT!! WOW! Ivey herself helped me find this spot! Hehe!

Gritty Kitty
New find for me!
Full of cool reasonably priced emo/goth type clothes, loads of hair only 100L, also novelties such as hanging strings of star lights (180L), furniture and other little things
There is a wall of free T-shirts and hat hair here as well

Tiny Bird Hair
Today, Friday, August 5, 2010, large fat packs of hair in the four basic colours are available for 50L each. There is also a 1L couple’s tattoo with heart and X, cute

Alchemy Immortalis Exclusively at LE.LOOK!
Intricate silver and ruby necklace for FREE, until 4:00 pm SLT on Friday, August 6, 2010 only. Every day for the next week a new piece from this collection will be set up here for free
There are two other delicious necklaces, one entirely of gold ivy leaves and one a wreath on a chain in gold are on sale for 99L each

Has three group gifts available here, gold and black Cybermancer Boots, a grey and black set of lingerie as well as a green top with black shorts and green ankle boots
Wall of punky freebies to the right of the group gifts, riot vends and 3 lucky chairs with lingerie and outfits on them to the right of the gift wall
Free coffees in the espresso machine on the info area wall in the same “Riot Room”

50% off sale making many items 75-100L. Really beautifully designed clothing for this excellent deal. Take a look!
Also some nice dresses as a thank you gift for joining the subo. If you are already a member, just unsubscribe then subscribe again and they will be delivered to you

Has a new look and several more dollarbies. These are basic kawaii style clothes in lots of options. Almost every item has one colour for 1L and the rest for 30L. There is also a new PINK furniture section with prices around 100-120L

Lana skin: pale tone, light pink lip, 50L for Friday only

Has a new group room for discounts around 100-150L. There’s also a fat pack of former group gifts (big brown and black group of boxes) and look for the dress and bathing suit vendors along the floor for another 6 free gifts!

That’s all for tonight all!


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