Saturday, August 7, 2010

PINK on Bugtussle

PINK on Bugtussle
A whole shop of cute lingerie and pajamas, all pink, all 10L!!! Plus little furniture sets!
Help keep it open and shop here please!

Cos Cob Bay
OldBastardMotorBoat free

sf designs
Free guy’s blue plaid shorts with belt
Free clothing gift for both genders in the black bag

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
10L heels and a LC

Lapointe & Bastchild
Huge shop full of goth and other clothes for men and women – includes boots for men, jewellery for both and more!

Burroughs Jewelry
Four lucky chairs with novelty and other jewellery, free colour change stone necklace

Orage Creations
Georgina Skin for 10L (front entrance just past skin corridor), watch that little box for cleavage, thought it was part of the package and oops! Too late, it was 100L and I’m not even that keen on the major cleavage look. Walk up the stairs to see the rest of the shop and discover a non-phantom wall/entryway. No double click tp in here so I had to cam in and find a place to sit. There are some gorgeous gowns in here with prices higher than my usual range, lol. Go to walk into another section and discover that I have to squeeze through two giant non-phantom photo boards right in the middle of the staircase….other skins here are 1250L, kinda lost my motivation……

Alchemy Immortalis at LE.LOOK
Ruby and silver earrings (everyday, something new for one day only)
While there, check out the other adorable stuff. A sucker for huge earrings, I bought ANOTHER pair of Mandalas!

Thanks for reading and that’s it for the moment! Would love to see your finds and ideas. Please do contact me if you have something for the blog Lotusland Notes V.2 or want me to post your LOTD (Look of the day!). Can’t promise to post all but will do my best!


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