Monday, August 2, 2010

Uh oh! More Inventory Adds!

Crushed Velvet
Group of 10 interesting free things to wear: birthday present, hamburger, mime, garbage can, kissing booth, teacup, colour change boa, barrel, Twister Game, strategic dots!

In Her Shoes and Vignette
New tall boots for men and women – free
Masses of other shoes here free including unisex lo-rise sneakers (runners) in a ton of colours
Free hair here – both genders (ok a couple for guys!)
Free houses, posters, old fashioned school desks

Neko Sim Hunt
Look for little tulips to find the goodies all over the sim

Dark Mouse Jewellery and Accessories is moving
There is a group gift (free to join) on the counter, a large discount room 25-50L
And to the left of the building on the cemet wall are all the former pick gifts for 1L each.

::: I CE COCO :::
Keeps getting better!
Skins – dollarbie skin on the counter
Another one here with teeth
There are two tank tops as a fake freebie (hm) of 5L on this table as well
12 LB’s that change every 5 minutes and all skins!

LC with male and female limited edition many-toned skins, changes so fast you can hardly keep up! Get in there now cuz this is short-lived event and the action is fierce!

][AWRAM-VIIE][ clothing shop and outlet .:*WAvE.:*
Two new LB’s – black subtly flowered shirt and tie and a dress made of roses
Some little freebies and dollarbies above the LB’s
New free tops and tights upstairs
Loads of other cute bargains in both locations

Grim Brothers
No Strings Attached Hunt – a pile of really cool dolly things, You’re looking for a small turquoise box with a little doll in it. It’s not a sculpty.
Official blog with pictures: Filthy Things

Haystack Hunt – while 60’s floral dress with garters – kawaii!
You’re looking for a small green hay stack (lump) with a relatively large silver darning needle sticking out of it

Red raincoat, lariat necklaces, 2 skirt outfits, jewellery and stuff free

That's all for tonight folks!


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