Thursday, September 2, 2010

aDiva Asian Blossom Dress, 69 hair 02

aDiva Asian Blossom dress 275L
69 Model Hair 01 auburn 250L, (note this hair contains lying down position that seems impossible to get rid of, so yes I'm lying down!)
$GaNKeD$ Suri Necklace in Rose
(former free gift)
*YourShape* freebie wood bracelet
Mynerva Butterscotch MistiMellow red brows (not free, generally, new skin packs are 700, though there are some specials on now)
Me: my own shape (free)
Kue Tiny Orange Tigur (free from subo - there is a lot in here!) hand held pet - just blinks
Background "RaysofHope0003" by me

Lotusland Notes V.2

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