Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My Gallery Opening Party and Rezday! Everyone welcome!

(Hair Miamai Invicta Gold Tail Black @ the Hair Fair.)
Hi All My Friends,

How are you doing?

Please come to:

Lotusland Gallery Shop Opening,
Rays of Hope Opening
My Second Rezday Party
Thursday September 9, 2010 4-6pm SLT
The Hope Village Square

(Also to be blogged on my blog at Lotusland Notes V.2 and listed in events if all goes well! )

My little shop on my home sim is opening and I thought I may as well throw in my rezday party too.

The theme of the party for your wardrobe fun is "Rays of Hope" and this you can interpret as you like. There will be a judged contest during which you must be dancing and wearing an outfit representing this theme. Go wild! The winner will receive any painting of their choice that I have up on the grid including in my home above the gallery.

There will be a feature of my paintings: fifteen new fractal images all stemming from the same fractal parameters. (Google 'fractal' for more information! Lol.) There'll be some gifts and some specials so you many see something you like. I'm happy to answer any questions you have after the party as during the party I will be mass tping and having chat conferences and a million ims. Hehe.

Maidyuk ("Maidy") Axel will be presenting her incredible light show of prims and pixels and maybe if I'm lucky, some of my textures will turn up in her stylings and around the dance area.

DJ SiselyBella Wriggles of previous party fame is going to play ambient music for Maidy's show and later take requests of all kinds.

If we are super lucky Sis will get in the zone and play beyond the party hours!

Thanks again to Ivy Lane, Jadyn Firehawk, Zip Zlatkis and Timm Short for making this all possible and giving me hope. Corny perhaps but I mean it!

Leonie Szczepanski ("Shapansky")

PS Please feel free to pass this invitation to your groups and friends. Blog it too if you like!

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