Monday, September 27, 2010

Tiny Voodoo Avatar

Tiny Voodoo Avatar
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Check out this adorable little thing!

From the Twisted Hunt, spinning orange and black box, here is a burlap voodoo full avatar and with only 196 ARC!!! (Not that that apparently means anything about anything! Lol! ARC: & It's almost as great as the box shaped avatar to be found at the beginning of the hunt, which I posted here.

Watch out, this shop which will not be named here cuz I'm chicken, has no less than 13 decoys! Sheesh! I did hear the rumour that up to 12 decoys are allowed in this hunt but that is unconfirmed! Even so...WTF?

And with that note, I would like you to refer to this amazing post by Perion Leominster of SLEX and the CITY blog fame!

In this she speaks about some of her (and my friends'and mine) pet peeves about hunts! She had the courage to post about what I only rant about - but not on my blog! Lol!

So I will blame her for being my inspiration! Hehe
and add this note as well:

Bloggers and Creators

I honour, respect and thank you for your efforts and lovely things! I know how long it can take!

Number ONE principle: K.I.S.S,!!! People have only so much time to find and get your stuff! Most people want the simplest possible instructions if things are not self-explanatory (never assume that people will somehow KNOW what you are talking about.) LAG is a huge factor for many avatars - there are many articles about LAG and how to build to prevent it available thru SL and on the net. Consider the sim where you build - let's face it, mainland sims and also certain islands can be notorious for lag. I don't say cater to it at the loss of other things, though please do remember it. If LAG is a factor, nothing rezzes, PEOPLE ARE LIKELY TO JUST GIVE UP AND LEAVE THE AREA! This is one reason SL Marketplace (formerly XStreet) is so popular - and to me that is just the anti-thesis of SL. I WANT to see the shop!!!

Please check your SLURLS before you post. I have spent hours looking for items that I want to own and possibly blog, only to find that the SLURL leads nowhere near the blogged item, is nowhere to be found, least of all in that store. Then I usually search for the shop name in SL search and we all know how well that works! LOL! Of course there are more methods to try and find items but I wonder why the seller and blogger make it difficult for one to get/buy the thing. This is like anti-capitalistic and non-SL!!! He he! Make it big and right in front of your shop or in an obvious area! It's fine to do that with hunt items as well, many shops do it and I am then much more likely to spend additional time there, looking at the other creations available there. Really I'd rather stay out of Wireframe and Area Search and see the lovelies to be seen there.

Please also note that I often have to use Area Search, WireFrame and sometimes even a scripted object finder if other methods fail and I don't see or rez the item. I will use these freely available methods if am unable to easily find the item (as I like to be able to choose how I spend my time on SL)in hunts or for any other purpose as I am totally pressed for time. I have the fastest, most SL compliant computer I can afford and I'm sure other shoppers do too.

If I like something - which I frequently do! - and was able to obtain it quickly I will go back again and again to that shop! And not only will I happily and thankfully take a well-crafted freebie or cheapie, I will spend actual linden at the place too AND send my friends and blog readers there, all for free and without any expectation of free items, review items and so on.

Please, when offering a free or special gift - remember that you're promoting the shop, and stand to GAIN income rather than losing it. Yes, that last gorgeous skin I found in a hunt caused me to send 6 new buyers plus myself back to that shop more than once! Yay!

Please quote the exact and full name of the object and the store as well as the exact SLURL so that others can benefit from your work and information. I realise it's difficult to answer all blog comments but please do help out by letting others know what you do and by answering even the stupid questions (of which there is no such thing!) Lol! Please let us know if the object can only be obtained by certain people and how much it costs to join - if anything.

Also helpful is the link to the group, the creator's name (and blog if any) and the exact cost. It's quite frustrating to see something on a blog, TP over, find the object and then find that it is either not free (as you may have implied in your blog), not the price you quoted or no longer available - or hideously out of site financially! And yes, it is helpful to quote the current price of the item!

As for SL groups - I find that 25 is not enough. I can't stay in most groups for long. Personally, IMHO, I find it counter-productive to charge people to join shop based groups. More people will buy from the shop if they are under no obligation. It's a tough call for shop owners however, even with my shop, I stay away from any tricks to try and keep people in my groups - hehe, shameless plug cuz this is my blog: Lotusland Gallery and My Secret Guilt Free Addiction - are free to join and leave freely as you choose. I intend to set up a subscriber when I have more prims available in a larger shop. In My Secret Guilt Free Addiction group - anyone is free to join and create messages regarding FREE and SUPER CHEAP SL things. Everyone is free to open chat as well so please do feel free to join and I will soon set it up so that you can go almost directly to the join page from this blog - SOON! HAHA! Meanwhile hit my profile or Search to join them.

Thanks so much! (Please read my tone as polite, not sarcastic! Lol! Seriously!)

And now back to the lovely posts! Yay!


PS Please do feel free to comment pleasantly here and do let me know if I have made any errors or oversights! TY! Happy SL!

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