Sunday, September 5, 2010


Somewhere off world I saw a reference to this amazing avatar made by Helix Constantine as an extra gift for the Twisted Hunt. This is the only thing in that hunt that I've got so far and I'm loving it! Your entire avatar ends up being encased (or shall I say enboxed?) in a box like the one you are hunting for in the Twisted Hunt - a magical looking, spinning orange box.

Wow, has this served me well today! Of course I took off absolutely everything, then put on this avatar and FANTASTIC. I have been oh and off of any number of hugely laggy sims (especially the Hair Fair, Designers United 4 and the Unicef Project Donate in side this adorable box and have had none of the problems I had last night when I was trying to explore them in just a stripped down usual av.

So please, read the blogs, tell your friends and groups - this beats a naked avatar any day - take off those prims kids and shop in happiness instead of cold molasses!

Oh the other hand, I wonder when the day will come that SL will be able to hold large sim wide events like these and we will walk fashionably dressed with tons of prims, freely as we do elsewhere in-world!

Meanwhile you can modify this box to your heart's content. I'm thinking of putting a nice picture of my avatar in a cool outfit on the outside of it! Lol!

Here are two pics of the somewhat modified avatar:

i tinted one of the boxes green
here I'm wearing the box with a lovely Italian soap box texture I made

Shop HAPPY!!!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

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