Friday, October 29, 2010

What a Clean Angel! 40L

"40 for d' Week Blog"

What Kind of Angel? Clean! I made this set of horns, wings and halo to contrast with the free dirty set that's still available in the previous post.

What Kind of Angel? Clean! 40L
(Copy/Mod 40L)

Lotusland Gallery Shop

Also wearing:
Skin: Mynerva Plain Jane V2 (blonde brows)700L
Shape: I made it - im or nc me inworld if you would like a custom shape for a reasonable price!
Hair: Truth Leighton - swedish 250L
Eyes: {Frick} Autumn's Fell Eyes Witch Hat #4 1L
Eyelashes: Cheap Makeup Gatcha Spider Lashes 40L per try (note that unlike many other gatcha items, these are no transfer so you may end up with more than one copy of the same item!)
Shirt: Connors Patterned Shirt Kaori subo free gift still available in subo history #3
Location: Dragon Rose Bay and Dragon Rose Isle - incredible Gothic RP sim
Thanks and happy hunting!
AO: Oracul E Lady 300L

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Thursday, October 28, 2010

REMINDER: Distressed, Bothered and Bewildered Show Opening

Distressed Sign
ALL WELCOME!!! TODAY!!! 4-6pm SLT!!!
Come to Dany French Touch!

Lotusland What Kind of Angel - Dirty - 0L
Here's your perfect for Halloween or just any old time set of dirty horns, wings and halo! Free version still available. (Clean version coming for 40L for D' Week Saturday! (Also still available.)

Looking forward to seeing you all in just a few short hours!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wasted Pumpkin Skirt: 40L for D' Week Special!

Hey I made this grungy, distressed, 4 prim, copy, mod skirt and you can have it for only 40L as a "40L for D' Week" Special!

LS Wasted Pumpkin Skirt

Find it here in my Lotusland Gallery Shop.

(Oh and BTW, I won 2500L in a costume contest while wearing it!)

More information about "40 for D Week" at SB Wears.

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Distressed, Bothered and Bewildered Show Opening

Yes, looks like things are finally shaping up for my next show. Dany Bimbogami kindly offered me some prims to put up my paintings in her shop!
Everyone is welcome! There will be a freebie! Check out Dany Bimbogamy's shop too!

Dany French Touch Blog

We'll meet inside the shop for a viewing of my new grungy stuff, then tp or walk out to the bayou for the lightshow!

Distressed Sign long
Be sure to wear your grungiest clothes and the judge will pick you to win a free painting of your choice at this show.

Maidyuk Axel, Extraordinaire
YAY!!! Maidy will be doing her amazing lightshow for us! We will dance with her on the bayou dance floor! Set your Windlight to Midnight for the best view.

Goldberg Variations at Dany French Touch
As a special treat, I will play the Goldberg Variations on Dany's harpsicord for you! Just kidding, everyone will be able to try it!

Skin: Mynerva Vanilla Plain Jane V2, red brow - 700L
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Futaba" (Carrot) former LB limited color (many other lovely free hairs here now!)
Eyes: *Farouche* Dolly Orange2 Gift Eyes - free now
Brooch at neck: $GaNKeD$ Flora bracelets & head petals gold (modified), former gift
Sweater: !!KKBB!! Donna Sweater - Orange - 1L
Skirt: !STC Pumpkin Butt Costume Gift - free group gift now
Bracelet: Fleur 49 Hollow Sphere, be me - free at Lotusland Gallery Shop
Harpsicord: The Curious Prim at Mythopoeia - 560L
Location: Dany French Touch

Monday, October 18, 2010

40 for D Week

Hey All,

How's it going, eh?

I just met a designer called Shele Blackheart of SB Wear. She asked me to join her group which I had not yet heard of (big surprise - who can keep up with all the new SL fashion developments!?!?!) - 40 for D Week! Her blog is here. She has nice shop with lots of cool things and a special offer called BOGO (=buy one get one free), a new system in SL. The group has reached nearly 600 members with more designers and shoppers joining every day. Yes, so Saturdays are all designer specials for 40L only!

So I had to hustle for my first entry - it's a sculptie stole with one of my fractal/texture designs. I'll leave it up for at least one week as I didn't put it up until late Saturday.


Rays of Hope stole D by me from Lotusland Gallery Shop.
Skin: Mynerva Plain Jane V2 Vanilla blond brows, one tone pack with 20 variations and lashes, meant to be used with the new tattoo layers, 700L
Lips: Glamorize Pretty Pout Lips, Hazelnut (from fat pack of 20 colors 20L)
Eyes: negaposi Silent eyes - DEW prim eyes 30L
Hair: Analog Dog ash ash - in free ball near entry point, FREE
Tank: Jane intrinsic tank, reds, cherry FREE - along with a ton of other free colors

Location Lotusland Gallery Shop, painting RaysofHope0003. Be sure to check the table for some other free and cheap things.

Thanks so much and have fun shopping!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"We're All Living in America" a way

My friend Stephanos Soderstrom (who is famous for being a good voicer) in Second Life suggested I listen to this and I did! Wow!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Friday, October 8, 2010

Phoenix Rising Outfit, D!va Group Gift and other cute things!

Phoenix Rising & D!VA outfitBustier, ruffled skirt, bracelet and bag are all from -Phoenix Rising- Breezie's Kiss (Khaki) 25L in the current closing shop sale. Skin is Mynerva - my all time go-to skin: Vanilla Plain Jane V2 w/eyeliner blonde brows, gift, blogged before. I made the shape. BTW, will do complimentary shapes for new players, makeover shapes for oldbies for a reasonable fee. IM me in world.

D!VA hairFREE D!va Chiaki (Cat's Eye) more than 7000 group member celebration, hat hair with options - you can change or remove the hat and rose as well as resizing it and it comes in 3 colours with 2 different fringe options! Just join the group and touch the vendor which is on the upper floor. They also have previous group gifts - both hair and poses, 6 LB's and 3 new discounted hairs, all gorgeous with several options at 50L each. Her usual hairs are only 100L for one colour and several options. A caution on the hair demos: all demos seem to come with a pose so it can be a bit tricky seeing the hair properly. I've always had great success with her hairs though! I'm also wearing a set of free eyes from Farouche LB: Aerial 052 Mix neon brights.

Kalnins Flirt SandalsNew Kalnins Flirt colour change sandals with 12 colours and masses of combinations. Their stuff is so nicely crafted! These are on sale at 50% off for a few more hours: 385L. Free zebra stockings from Paper Couture Fall 08 Gift pack.

Farouche Romanticism EyesFarouche Eyes Romantism jewel set of 5 colours in both round and oval shapes, also available free in LB at Farouche.

The Innsmouth location is a lovely creepy falling down grungy dirty place! Go there and be sure to use one of Torley Linden's Windlight presets (more Windlight settings to download as well here). I used [TOR] FOGGY Das Fog. There's also intermittent rain here. This location and setting was suggested to me by a friend! You know who you are! Thanks so much!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Check out PHOENIX RISING, Everything now 1L or 25L!!!!

OK it's incredibly laggy in here with a ton of other shoppers but SO worth it! If you love detailed and well-made versatile clothing (including everyday casuals, office wear, party stuff, gowns and menswear; other designers' items not on sale) in lots of practical and interesting colours and designs, get your butt down to Phoenix Rising. Discount items are 1L, regular items are 25L. I even got the dress - in 2 colours! - that stayed listed at 200L during the earlier part of the sale, despite many notecards (maybe too many?) to the owner and manager.

ANYWAY!!! I'm super sorry that the owner has decided to leave SL and REAL always takes precedence, lol. Just sad that we are losing another incredible 3D designer...

Take advantage now!!! Hehe!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

PS - An odd coincidence: I just saw Jessica Lyon of Phoenix Viewer fame shopping here too! Guess even devs have to keep up with their wardrobes! hehe! LS

Friday, October 1, 2010


Leopard Adored is leaving SL and his entire FYC Crew stock is FREE!!! There are tons of different handy things, including cables and DJ animation. Ignore the sticker prices and buy buy buy! Get down there now and get it! Lifetime supply!


Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2