Friday, October 8, 2010

Phoenix Rising Outfit, D!va Group Gift and other cute things!

Phoenix Rising & D!VA outfitBustier, ruffled skirt, bracelet and bag are all from -Phoenix Rising- Breezie's Kiss (Khaki) 25L in the current closing shop sale. Skin is Mynerva - my all time go-to skin: Vanilla Plain Jane V2 w/eyeliner blonde brows, gift, blogged before. I made the shape. BTW, will do complimentary shapes for new players, makeover shapes for oldbies for a reasonable fee. IM me in world.

D!VA hairFREE D!va Chiaki (Cat's Eye) more than 7000 group member celebration, hat hair with options - you can change or remove the hat and rose as well as resizing it and it comes in 3 colours with 2 different fringe options! Just join the group and touch the vendor which is on the upper floor. They also have previous group gifts - both hair and poses, 6 LB's and 3 new discounted hairs, all gorgeous with several options at 50L each. Her usual hairs are only 100L for one colour and several options. A caution on the hair demos: all demos seem to come with a pose so it can be a bit tricky seeing the hair properly. I've always had great success with her hairs though! I'm also wearing a set of free eyes from Farouche LB: Aerial 052 Mix neon brights.

Kalnins Flirt SandalsNew Kalnins Flirt colour change sandals with 12 colours and masses of combinations. Their stuff is so nicely crafted! These are on sale at 50% off for a few more hours: 385L. Free zebra stockings from Paper Couture Fall 08 Gift pack.

Farouche Romanticism EyesFarouche Eyes Romantism jewel set of 5 colours in both round and oval shapes, also available free in LB at Farouche.

The Innsmouth location is a lovely creepy falling down grungy dirty place! Go there and be sure to use one of Torley Linden's Windlight presets (more Windlight settings to download as well here). I used [TOR] FOGGY Das Fog. There's also intermittent rain here. This location and setting was suggested to me by a friend! You know who you are! Thanks so much!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

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