Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Industrially Wasted Gallery @ Urban Arts Gallery: ALREADY CLOSING November 11, 2010

Hey All My Friends,

How's it going? Enjoying your second life? Me too! Lol!

Just a couple of days ago I heard from the owners of the Urban Arts Gallery that they would be closing on November 11, 2010. I had missed the earlier notecard! ARG!

In any case, I had just barely finished putting up this new show and hadn't even had a chance to have the opening party - was planning that for December. Oh well, freebie come, freebie go! Now I'm concentrating on my new gallery on Harmony Island that will open November 20th! Yay!

Meanwhile you've got only a couple of days to check out my gallery as well as any of the other amazing ones that haven't yet removed their works. I highly recommend Urban Arts as one of the most ARTISTIC looking galleries in SL as well as showing some of the most incredible art works.

It's so sad to find that the owners can't keep running it due to the costs and amount of work. Both pitsch Parx and Rodriguez Munro will be making time for their other artistic ventures. Pitsch did all the textures and also has a show there. He's got a number of incredible shops showing his gorgeous art and interiors - really cool, unusual stuff, much of it texture change so you get many art pieces in one object. He's moving to another sim to rebuild his main shop which will be opening soon.

So hobble on down there to see 4 levels of art you'll want to buy!

Urban Arts Closing, 3
Picture 1

Urban Arts Closing, D!VA Hair 2
Picture 2

Urban Arts Closing, G Field Shoes 1
Picture 3

Details on Blog
Lotusland Notes V.2

Picture 1

Skin: Mynerva Butterscotch Plum Kiss, blonde eyebrows, pack of 16 700L
Shape: My own, made by me. Notecard me in world if you are interested in a custom shape.
Hair: D!va Chiaki (Cat's Eye), fat pack free group gift, shown without hat and rose options.
(Note: There are 6 LB's and several free group gifts of hair, as well as discounts here.)
Dress: Onyx Wear Off-Shoulder "Reloaded" - Pink
Gloves: Wave (driving gloves) red, tinted dark pink by me, fat pack 39L
(Note there is a huge free/dollarbie wall as well as group gifts here as well as LB's in the non-discount part of the store at ground level.)
Ring: Crystal Line  white dove ring bigger - huge free rotating diamond ring! (hard to see in this pic tho) free from Jewelry Fair, still available free in store
Background: Urban Arts, my fractal painting, CosmicallyIndustrial09 200L

Picture 2

Eyes: Farouche Romanticism, free fat packon LB
Choker: GANKED, Royalty Necklace Gold in Tie Dye, free from Jewelry Fair, not currently available, other gifts in store including....
Bracelet: GANKED Pink Mistress set on MM /75

Picture 3

Shoes: G Field, Bow Strap "Kate" special colour is former group gift, all other colours available for 190L
Socks: en svale, Free Knee Socks (pink) (also free blue and gold necklace in the jewelry section)

Hope to see you down there! IM or notecard me for assistance.

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

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