Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lotusland XION African Male Shape (ONLY) 40L for D' Week Saturdays!

So my "make your own boyfriend" Xion ("Shawn") decided that he was too stressed from the modelling business. So we went to Las Islas and swanned around! I was relegated to taking pictures! Check out the 1937 Jaguar SS-100 we rented. Xion let me drive a little but not too fast. That's our gorgeous pink room on the left. We spent a lot of time exploring the waterfalls, beaches, jungles, our room and shopping of course! Next time we're renting our own beach cottage for only 250L/week!

Lotusland XION African Male Shape

Xion is wearing: Style Card below:
Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Shape: Lotusland XION African Male Shape by Leonie Szczepanski 40 L
Lotusland Gallery Shop

Skin: Tellaq Francis Skin Tone 3 700L

Hair: Shiloh Jun :::AL Dreads Back (called AL Braids on display) 190L

Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Freebie - Hazel -no longer a freebie, however Ibanez has many other amazing prim and mesh (system) eyes for only 99L for the 3 pieces as well as Alpha Layer to make your prim eyes fit even better

AO: ORACUL-Virtual Guy 300L

Shirt: Connors Aloha American Noise (set with white shorts) free on free wall here along with a bunch of other designer goodies for men

Pants: ! KMADD City Exclusive gift Shiki Pants Khaki (in set) free on free wall here along with a bunch of other designer goodies for men

Tank: 22769 plain white tank -formerly free, available now in 3 piece shorts set 180L

Shoes: ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_Cyan - free dual sizes AND resizeable, wall of free chucks in almost totally free men's shop

Location: Las Islas Mainshop - explore all 4 sims!

Please IM or NOTECARD me, Leonie Szczepanski for assistance.



Available now! I just rezzed it a lil early cuz I have so much to do!

Here's a cool song!

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