Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 La Femme Baroque petite fille Lavande

Here's the second in the line up of dresses at La Femme by Lois Milgrove: Baroque petite fille Lavande is daytime lingerie...

2a La Femme Baroque petite fille Lavande

2b La Femme Baroque petite fille Lavande

Dress: La Femme Baroque petite fille Lavande 200L
Skin: Mother Goose's Jamil Special 2 150L for two skins (at Euphoria)
Shape: by me (ask about custom shapes!)
Hair: Head Mistress End of Summer Brown 3 (15 colour pack 150L!)
Lips: Glamorize Pretty Pout Lips Purple Haze (20 colour pack 20L) (free things and other great deals here!)
Eyes: amato eyes hatsuhi (former freebie - still loads of frees and cheaps here!)
Eyebrows: Mother Goose's eyebrow_34 (was freebie, may be available with skins; many many other frees and cheaps, gatchas and LB's to be found here! Much of her stuff is no copy so makes great pressies!)
Shoes: TARA Superb High Heels purple/white (former MM, shop now closed or unlocatable)
Nails: REALE purple (former freebie)
Earrings: [MANDALA] buddha earring/purple 237L
Rings: Crystal line whitedove ring bigger (gift from previous Jewelry Fair)
paper couture Diamonds and Pearl Ring (tinted light violet)
Stance: Phoenix Viewer

Stay tuned for three more dresses from La Femme!

Leonie Szczepanski aka Zurakowski

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